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At one of our goals is to share practical solutions and honest product reviews with you so that you can make more informed decisions on how you spend your time and what you spend your money on. On this you’ll find links to learn more about our most useful tips and favorite products – organized by category.

Mike, That Helpful Dad

Editor’s Note: I founded That Helpful Dad on YouTube back in 2011 because I got tired of not being able to find trustworthy product reviews online. So I started doing my own. My goal was to provide a resource that would help other families know what family products were good and what weren’t so hot. We’ve reviewed tons of products over the years and shared countless helpful tips. We’ll continue to do so because our mission remains the same – be a trusted adviser to our readers and friends – like YOU.

This page includes links to helpful articles and longer reviews on our sites as well links to other sites and (where applicable) Amazon Affiliate Program links so you can see the products on Amazon and read reviews there too – to learn more our relationship with Amazon please visit our Trust Guarantee Page. Please keep one thing in mind as you view this page…

Wisdom doesn’t have to be complicated to work and products don’t have to be expensive to be good. We believe in high ROI wisdom and good price to value as key ingredients to the things we recommend.

Best of Table of Contents

  • Best Career, Finance, & Productivity Tips
  • Best Cooking Products
  • Best Family Friendly Products – General/Miscellaneous
  • Best Health & Fitness Products
  • Best Resources for Bloggers and YouTubers
  • Best Tech Products & Apps
  • Best Tools and Helpful Household Items
  • Best TV and Entertainment Products
  • Best Wisdom that’s Changed My Life

Best Career, Finance, and Productivity Tips

Now that’s productivity!

Best Cooking Products

Note: This category includes links to reviews on our cooking website:

Best Family Friendly (Miscellaneous) Products

Best Health & Fitness Products

Best Tech Products & Apps

google wifi mesh
Google Wifi Rules

Best Tools and Helpful Household Items

Will these tools work? 🙂

Best Tools and Resources for Blogges and YouTubers

  • Best Domain Service Provider: Google Domains (they don’t nickel and dime you with hidden fees)
  • Best Best Email Service Provider – Mailchimp (don’t overthink it)
  • Best Gaming Computer Manufacturer – CyperPower PC (I built an awesome gaming pc with them for under $1k)
  • Best Microphone – Blue Snowball USB Mic (clear voice for a good price and super easy setup)
  • Best Laptop for Bloggers – Google Pixelbook (it is my goto laptop that’s replaced my mac)
  • Best PC Speakers – Edifier Bookshelf Speakers (small size but big power)
  • Best Picture Editing Tools – Canva (it’s free and great for website, social media, and YouTube image creation)
  • Best Stream Deck – Elgato Stream Deck (you’ll be amazed how useful this is)
  • Best Video Editing Software: Shotcut (it’s free)
  • Best Video Recording Sofware: OBS Project (it’s free too)
  • Best Webcam – Logitech C270 (why spend more when you don’t have to?)
  • Best Website Hosting Provider: WPMUDEV (after getting caught by the Bluehost+Sitelock scam I’ll never use cheap hosting again, WPMUDEV has been awesome for my sites and worth every penny).
  • Best Widescreen Monitor – ASUS ROG Strix 27″ Gaming Monitor (wow the size and the views are awesome – especially when you combo with an AMD Freestyle Video Card in your PC)

Best TV and Entertainment Products

YouTube TV

Best Wisdom that’s Changed My Life

Tony Robbins meditation on a beach in Fiji – not a bad gig, huh?

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