Daily Affirmations & Positive Quotes that have the POWER to Transform YOUR Reality

Do you currently use positive affirmations and daily quotes as part of your daily routine? This type of positive self-talk is very powerful and, if used consistently can transform your reality. In this article, we’ll explore affirmations for a variety of life-changing motifs including affirmations for money, love, family, kids, weight loss, healing, anger management, parenting, confidence, law of attraction, gratitude, health, abundance, and more. 

Ready? Lets go!

What is an Affirmation?

Dictionary.com has the formal definition of an affirmation as:

  1. “the act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed.
  2. the assertion that something exists or is true.
  3. something that is affirmed; a statement or proposition that is declared to be true.”

Personally I like definition #2 because I find it the most powerful version of the definition from the standpoint of someone who wants to use affirmations to make their life better. 

When looking at affirmations from that mindset, I think an even easier definition of affirmations is:

An affirmation is positive self-talk that you believe is true.

When you use affirmations in the form of positive self-talk and you allow yourself to believe in the good things you say about yourself, it’s a fact that these positive words have the power to change your life in wonderful ways. Don’t take my word for it, see what both psychologists and the medical community has to say on the topic of using positive self-talk.

The bottom line – affirmations in the form of positive self talk works. 

Affirmations Changed My Life

For the first 46 years of my life, I thought affirmations were kind of corny, but that changed in 2017 when I finally gave them a chance — and WOW, I can’t believe the results using affirmations and the law of attraction had in my life!

I went from generally having an overly critical, pessimistic view of the world to instead having a more positive outlook on life, my personal health, and financial abundance. I used affirmations to help ‘attract’ myself info the best shape I’ve been in since college, get a new job where I’m making more money than ever before, write a new book, start multiple new websites, and change my outlook on life. More importantly affirmations have helped me become a better husband and father, grow my spiritual connection to God, and just become a happier, more relaxed person. 

If affirmations have done all this for me, imagine what they can do for YOU too!

How to Use Daily Affirmations & Positive Quotes

As with all the wisdom I share, it’s not rocket science. The way I use daily affirmations and positive self-talk is pretty simple — yet the results create tremendous personal power.

How to use Affirmations – a Simple Three Step Process

  1. First I write the daily affirmations I want to focus on as part of my “SMART” Morning Routine. I write THREE affirmations or positive quotes each morning and I use them to specifically focus myself on key areas that I believe will help me ‘win’ the day.
  2. Next, I incorporate some simple Breath Meditation into the process with my affirmations — I sit quietly, use my breath meditation, and repeat each positive affirmation or daily quote three times. I try to visual each affirmation in my mind’s eye — my goal is to see myself living the affirmation. At the same time, I try to get my mind, body, and soul (yes, all three) to encode what it feels like deep within my personal DNA, because I know that when I do this, the affirmation has a greater chance to become a reality. This is essentially the process of using the affirmation as a law of attraction
  3. Finally, because I know I want to use affirmations every day, I keep every affirmation and quote on a google doc that is connected to all my mobile devices. Throughout the day, when I have downtime, I refer back to the doc, remind myself of the affirmations and quotes and repeat them to myself numerous times during the day. 

How to Use Affirmations – The Video

Ready for Some Affirmations?

This article is part of a series and in our other articles, I’ve streamlined the various affirmations and daily quotes I used into specific categories if you want to focus on just one type (money, health, love, etc). But for now, I’m going to give you some of the most popular affirmations I’ve been using daily to give you a flavor for affirmations overall. 

79 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

I’m going to share 79 affirmations I am currently using to improve my life. Use them as tools to transform your life too!

Why 79? Because one of the things you’ll learn about me if you follow my posts is that I only share wisdom that I personally verify works. In this case, these 79 affirmations are ones I have used myself most often this year. I want to share them with you so that you can benefit from them too!

79 Affirmations That Will Transform Your Life

(Note the all-caps is added to remind me of what word/phrases to focus extra attention on. Additionally, not all of these statements are true…yet. This is part of the transformation process I am actively performing in my own life. With time and consistent action, I KNOW every one of these will become my reality. Use them yourself and you’ll experience the same benefits).

1. I am vibrantly healthy, I smile a lot, and I am passionate about being ALIVE!

2. I am a great writer, people LOVE to read my books/writing, and they CRAVE more and more — people take action to find/read my work, and it brings them happiness

3. I live IN THE MOMENT — I suck the marrow out of life and ENJOY every drop.

4. I am a loving, supportive husband — I want to see my wife soar and I take ACTION to help her.

5. I am an awesome father — my children KNOW I love them, that I am there to fully support their hopes/dreams, and that I BELIEVE they can accomplish ANYTHING.

6. I am happy with my life — I don’t need lots of material possessions, I just want to enjoy each day and cherish the NOW moments that I’m living.

7. I am one with The Force and The Force is one with me (3).

8. My life is not complicated — I live it as it comes and find the beauty that is all around me.

9. I am a good conversationalist and enjoy talking with others.

10. People crave to read my writing and advice — they want more more more of my novels and my wisdom makes a difference in their lives.

11. I am a happy positive person who is vibrantly healthy, overflowing with love and gratitude, and a joy to be around.

12. My vitality and positive attitude rubs off on others and improves their lives — it’s not fake, it’s just the truth.

13. I am a pro at using my time wisely — being ultra-focused/productive for work tasks to minimize their time and spend more of my time on legacy goals.

14. I am vibrantly healthy, strong, and full of energy! (Here I think of 3-year old son JeeHo pumping his fist as a baby saying ‘let’s do this.’ It brings a smile to my face every time — that boy has a passion for life!)

My son JeeHo | All Rights Reserved

15. I AM devoting my life to living my legacy life goals and actively choosing to spend time on legacy goals over financial tasks.

16. I am a happy, positive person who actively enjoys life and lives each moment.

17. 2018 is the year of (insert family name) — we are here to Thrive!

18. I make rational decisions about the use of my time, money, and opportunities — using a clear eye vision to choose wisely to take advantage of only those options that support my legacy life goals.

19. I live in the moment — enjoying my life as I am living it — focused on the NOW and happily sharing my time/attention/essence with the ones I love.

20. I am an overcomer, I AM vibrantly healthy and strong, my body is going to defeat this illness and I will return to be healthier than ever.

21. My best years are ahead of me, I am entering them now, I am happy, content, and fully engaged in my life NOW.

22. I connect with people — people like me, they crave my writing and my wisdom sharing helps them — I improve their lives.

23. I am consciously aware of my life’s focus and I spend my time on MY Life’s Path — it brings me fulfillment.

24. I eliminate all tasks that don’t relate to my legacy life goals.

25. I have useful wisdom to share, people crave hearing from me and want more.

26. I am a wealth of practical information that helps people live a better/easier/right-focused life.

27. I am happy — I smile a lot and am content with life because I know my life is focused on my legacy purpose.

28. I am blessed with wonderful gifts from God and I enjoy life — eating, drinking, and having fun with family.

29. I am like water — I flow down the path of least resistance in life because that is the way of The Tao and I know good things await me on that path.

30. I look on the bright side of rain clouds and KNOW that God has a plan for me — even if I can’t see it yet, I know it’s there and if I just keep flowing in that direction all will be well.

31. I find the silver lining in rain clouds.

32. I am happy because I know my family loves me and they know I love them.

33. I am a master at relationship building. I establish trust quickly — people WANT to do business with me.

34. It’s clear I am a great team player with unique and valuable skills — people WANT me on their teams because they know they NEED me.

35. I love my family and I know they love me — that brings me fulfillment.

36. I am ready to devote myself to my legacy life goals and remove obstacles from my path.

37. I am a rational decision maker — I don’t make life decisions without listening to the advice of trusted people who love me.

38. I am not afraid to have fun in front of others — I am a light for my family.

39. I am a happy person because I KNOW my life matters — I matter to my family and I am helping them find personal fulfillment.

40. I like to get up early (before 6am) because I can accomplish a lot of meaningful legacy work during that time.

41. I am a best-selling writer, known for sharing helpful/practical wisdom tips with the world.

42. I am always looking for opportunities to share wisdom with others and when the opportunity presents itself I seize it as part of my legacy goals.

43. I am a solutions provider.

44. People want to buy from me because they believe in me.

45. The world is full of possibilities — I can achieve anything if I only TRY.

46. I find inspiration from mentors and replicate/improve what they do to achieve my own success — I’m great at improving what others have started and I recognize the value that improvement > reinvention.

47. I am genuinely happy to see others succeed when they provide value to lots of people. (I think about people like Elon Musk, Tim Ferris, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg, Tony Robbins).

48. I am able to take a break from financial tasks and not worry.

49. I am a problem solver — obstacles do not stop me from achieving success — they may be barriers for others but I consistently find ways around/over/thru/under/etc to reach my goals.

50. I am a positive person and I BELIEVE that all will work out as it should in order to achieve my legacy — I am open to all possibilities.

51. I’m great at eliminating non-critical tasks and focusing on legacy goals.

52. I am consciously aware of my legacy goals and I take action every day to complete them.

53. I do not procrastinate on important things — I get them done!

54. I am a production machine when it comes to important things.

55. I write my novels every day.

56. My novels are part of my legacy.

57. Writing comes easy to me.

58. I believe that cardio in the a.m. = success in the p.m.

59. I am a capable and confident self-made businessman, I believe in myself, I am happy with my life and confident in my future.

60. I am a finisher. I am a closer. I complete my goals and reach fulfillment.

61. I am not addicted to money gathering.

62. I know that spending time on legacy goals leads to life fulfillment.

63. I live with an attitude of gratitude — my gratitude is contagious.

64. When anger arises, I focus on being thankful vs letting frustration control me.

65. I can bring great value to people’s lives with wisdom counsel.

66. I am a wisdom seeker AND a wisdom sharer.

67. People desperately need my wisdom and guidance — I’m glad to help them.

68. I am a compelling negotiator. I am able to convince people to do what I want.

69. I am a relationship builder who creates win-win results.

70. I accept reality and don’t need to control everything.

71. I control anger, it doesn’t control me.

72. I am a best-selling writer and people WANT to read my writing.

73. I am becoming a better cook and people enjoy my food.

74. I am a good storyteller and people like listening to me.

75. I know Balance = Fulfillment.

76. I am an ENERGY GOD. I ooze vitality and ENERGY!

77. I am energized and vibrantly healthy with a 32 inch waist and toned muscles. (wouldn’t that be nice?)

78. I am financially free — money does not control me.

79. I only take actions that are focused on my life goals.

Mike’s Notes:

  1. I became introduced to them after listening to some ‘journey’ meditations on BalanceInMe.com — I kept seeing all these affirmation audios with titles like I am healthy, I am grateful, I choose, etc. I figured ‘what the heck, let’s give them a try.’
  2. I’ve used a lot more than just 79 this year so far, but that’s because I repeat a lot of them on different days. I removed the repeats from the list and the result was ‘79.’ It’s magic!
  3. Rogue One — because every good post deserves a Star Wars reference, right?
  4. Some other great sites for affirmations include: The Affirmations of Louise Hay, Develop Good Habits, and Mind Valley


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