Pharmaceutical Sales Call – Best Practice Ideas

Pharmaceutical Sales Call Video

In this video I’ll share an example of best practice ideas that you can use to create better interactions in your medical device and pharmaceutical sales calls that will result in more consistent sales.

Purpose of this video

  1. To Give you an example of a typical sales call in pharma/medical sales.
  2. To introduce people new to the industry of what a Rep-Dr Interaction is like.
  3. Help newer reps learn an example of a ‘real world sales method focused on ‘practical solutions.

Note: The Call Method used in this video is “PPAF” (Purpose, Proof, Action, Follow-up). Click here for an in-depth video about the PPAF Method.

Why Listen to Me?

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  1. I have over 25+ years of sales (Financial services, pharmaceutical sales, retail, real-estate, medical device sales) with 14 years in Pharma and Med Device Sales.
  2. Consistently beat my sales quotas year after year after year. I am currently on an 8-year run of 100%+ quota achievement with revenue and sales volume growth each year.
  3. Live and breathe sales in the real-world every day as a front-line (AKA customer-interacting) salesperson.
  4. The example I’m showing today is typical of what I do every day and you can do it too.

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Step 1 of Pharmaceutical Sales Call – The Purpose

Example from video: ““Hey Doc, the reason I’m here today is to discuss how you can use Product X to help Patient Y with Condition Z, is this something you’re interested in discussing?”

Key Points as discussed in the video…

  1. Clear Goal. Roadmap for Call
  2. Pro Tip: Gain agreement for this purpose of visit PRIOR to call
  3. The “Are You Interested?” Question is a form of Trial Close

Pharmaceutical Sales Presentation

Step 2 of Pharmaceutical Sales Call – The Proof

Example from video: “Did you see the article by Bob Evans in the March issue of the New England Journal of Medicine? Dr. Evans conducted a trial about patients with Condition Z and he found that patients who used Product X were able to reduce Condition Z by 35%. What’s your opinion on this research?”

Key Points as discussed in the video:

  1. Source examples: Clinical, Vis Aid, Mobile Device, etc.
  2. When presenting the proof remember to “Be Brief, Be Brilliant, and Be Gone.”
  3. The Proof must be clearly related to the Purpose, you must verbalize that and confirm the customer agrees, and if you do this then you can set up your Action close to follow
  4. Dr. Evans as a “Key Opinion Leader” – “Don’t take my word for it…”
  5. Proof Stumbling Blocks – do you have to be an ‘expert?’ 
  6.  The importance of a dialogue…
    • “What do you think about how this research was set up?”
    • “Are the patients in this trial similar to yours? Why/Why not?”
    • “What are you doing similar/different to Dr. Evans?”
    • “What kind of results are you getting when you use Product X with Patients who have Condition Z?”
    • This Q&A is critical. Discovering Hidden Objections.

Step 3 of Pharmaceutical Sales Call – The Action Close

Example from video: “So Doc, you’ve seen how Dr. Evans is using Product X to treat his patients with Condition Z and you said you’d love to get similar results for your patients too. If that’s true, then is it reasonable to ask you to use Product X with your patients who have Condition Z?”

Key Points discussed in video:

  1. Specific + Easy to Understand + Reasonable = Increase % of “YES”
  2. Specificity works. It’s not rocket science.
  3. Action tracks back to the Proof which tracks back to the Purpose.
  4. Variations on a Theme:
    • “Do you have any patients who have condition Z now? Can we try Product X on them and monitor the results?”
    • “When’s the next time you expect to see a patient with Condition Z? Would you be willing to try Product X to help them?”
    • “Let’s do this – how about the next time you get a patient with Condition Z, you try Product X? Then on my next visit, we can discuss your results and see if you’re getting the same great outcomes as Dr. Evans.”
    • “Keep in mind, I’m here to set you up for success so if you have any questions about the use of Product X, both myself and my medical team are available to help you so you’re never alone in the process.”
  5. Next Level
    • “What do you think about this? How about you trial Product X on your next few patients with Condition Z and we’ll monitor the results. Meanwhile, I also reach out to Dr. Evans and see if he has any availability to meet live with us – I can then work with your group admin to set up an interactive forum discussion on the topic using one of my company’s on-label case study presentations. Would that be of value to you and your team?”
      WHY this works so well…
      A. Continue the ‘key opinion leader’ sales tactic.
      B. Provides further encouragement and support for your customer to proceed down the path you are recommending.
      C. It’s a great value-add proposal.

Pharmaceutical Sales Best Practice

Step 4 of Pharmaceutical Sales Call – The Follow-Up

Example from video: “Ok, Doc, so you said you’d give Product X a trial with your next few patients who have Condition Z and you said you think you’ll have 3-5 patients you can try this approach within the next couple weeks, right? So how about I stop by in two weeks and we see how it’s going? What’s a good time for our next meeting? Would the 14th at 7 am before you see your first patient of the day work? If not, how about the 16th at 4 pm after you finish your hospital rounds?”

Key Points discussed in video…

  1. Importance of Follow-up for Long-Term Success
  2. Why Follow-up?
    • Don’t Drop the Ball.
    • Ensure your new customer has success.
    • Ensure they are a repeat buyer.
    • Then get them to tell their friends too – that’s a much easier path to more sales than always trying to develop new customers from scratch.
    • Your Next KOL? Researcher? Friend?

Pharmaceutical Sales Call Best Practice Summary

Sales Call Model: PPAF

Use this method consistently and…

  1. Watch the quality of your sales interactions increase.
  2. Build better relationships.
  3. Get more consistent sales results

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