Affirmations for Dads – Using the Power of Positive Self Talk to Become a Better Father

Affirmations for Dads

Affirmations for Dads
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I’ve known about affirmations for years, but (stupid me) I never really believed they were anything more than childish ‘I think… I can… I think, I can, I think I can!’ self-encouragement. It wasn’t until last year that I discovered that affirmations were something more…something truly powerful. I can honestly say that the Affirmations for Dads I’m going to share with you today have made me a better father – and I’m hopeful they can help you too.

If you’re not currently using affirmations as part of your daily routine, then this article is for you. If you’re already using them, then perhaps I can give you a few more ideas to expand your affirmations repertoire.

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Affirmations – What Are They?

I wrote a more detailed article about all the ins and outs of affirmations in general and you can read it here:

79 Affirmations that will Transform Your Reality

In the interest of time today, let’s just define affirmations as ‘positive self talk that has the power of change your life.’

Now if that sounds like a bit of overhype, don’t take my word for all this. Let me tell you about two triggers that created a change for me as far as affirmations are concerned.

The first was Tim Ferris’ book Tools of Titans. If you are not familiar with it, I suggest you read my review here:

Tim Ferris Tools of Titans Book Review

The second trigger was the website and specifically the many free affirmations audio and video meditations they offer. Here is one example:

After reading Tim’s book and then consistently listening to the affirmations on the BalanceInMe website I started to notice some positive changes in my outlook on life. That’s when it hit me…

Affirmations are more than just words. They are form of positive self-talk that carries the power of self-hypnosis with them.

Look, I’m no psychologist (actually my sister is!), and I can’t tell you any scientific research behind this. I’m just an Average Joe who discovered that affirmations made a difference in my life. In fact, the difference was so profound (my anger, frustration, and stress decreased, and my productivity, happiness, and focus increased) that I was able to learn how to be more present and live ‘in the moment’ more with my family. As a father in his mid-40’s who has 2 young (read high energy) boys, that’s kind of a big deal.

My hope is that by sharing these affirmations with you today, you will be able to create positive change in your life too.

Here’s my son Jax and I planting a tree – a fun, in-the-moment activity

10 Life-Changing Affirmations for Dads

  1. I am an awesome father.
  2. My children KNOW I love them and that I BELIEVE they can accomplish ANYTHING.
  3. My children love me and I actively support their dreams.
  4. I actively support my children’s goals and DO the things they want to do.
  5. My legacy life goal is to help my children achieve their dreams.
  6. I choose to spend time with my children and I seek out their company.
  7. I am actively engaged with my family and they KNOW I love them because I spend time with them and I am fully present when I am with them.
  8. I know that where I spend my time, there my heart is, so I choose to spend time with my family.
  9. I am a source of wisdom, love, and encouragement for my children.
  10. My children and I have a special connection of spirit that goes beyond just father-child, we are eternal spirits who will always be together.

This is just a small list of Affirmations for Dads. I’m sure you can come up with a lot more.

Now that you have the affirmations, you need to know how to use them too.

Here’s what I do…

How to Use Affirmations for Dads Effectively

A Simple Three Step Process

  1. First I write the affirmations as part of my “SMART” Morning Routine. I write THREE affirmations each morning and I use them to specifically focus myself on key areas that I believe will help me ‘win’ the day.
  2. Next, I incorporate some simple Breath Meditation into the process — I sit quietly, use my breath meditation, and repeat each of the Affirmations for Dads three times. I try to visual each affirmation in my mind’s eye — my goal is to see myself living the affirmation. At the same time, I try to get my mind, body, and soul (yes, all three) to encode what it feels like deep within my personal DNA, because I know that when I do this, the affirmation has a greater chance to become a reality.
  3. I also try to keep every one of my Affirmations for Dads on a google doc that is connected to all my mobile devices. Throughout the day, when I have downtime, I refer back to the doc, remind myself of the affirmations and repeat them to myself.

Use this process, or a version of it that works for you, and you’ll soon realize the true power that affirmations hold.

I wish you all the best.

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