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Hi, I’m Mike and I’m probably a lot like YOU. I’m a husband, father, worker bee, and friend. I enjoy writing, cooking, fitness, meditation, self-improvement, and striving to live a “Legacy Life.”

My goal is to help YOU live a better life by sharing practical tips, life lessons, honest product reviews, and action-oriented wisdom that you can use today to live your best life NOW. No BS, just real-world solutions that I can personally verify work. 

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If you want to dive in right away but you’re not sure where to go, you can learn more About Mike, read more about our goals for this site, or choose from a specific category in the top menu. But honestly the best way to get started is just to start reading our wisdom tips. You can read the blog to get our latest articles, check out our most popular articles (middle of this page), or go straight for the Best of the Best – 1 giant page that has all our best wisdom sorted by topic. Whatever you choose, please know that I’m glad your here and look forward to getting to know you more over time. 

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