Affirmations that will help you Lose Weight

If your goal is to lose weight and you are struggling to get the results you want with ‘only’ diet and exercise, you may benefit from using the power of your mind. Affirmations are a form of positive self-talk that has the power to change your habits. You can use affirmations for many things and achieve amazing results – this includes weight loss. When you use affirmations for weight loss, you are essentially engaging in a form of self-hypnosis for weight loss and the results are outstanding.

How do I know affirmations work for weight loss? Because they worked for me and I’m living proof of what you can achieve when you harness the power of affirmations and use them in your weight loss program. 

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Affirmations for Weight Loss

  1. I am a body mind master. I weigh XX lbs with awesome definition in my abs, chest, and arms. I am ripped and look great.
  2. I make wise decisions to eat healthy, I choose NOT to drink alcohol, and I choose to exercise at least once per day. I am bursting with vibrant health and energy. I will live to be a healthy & happy 100+ years old.
  3. My body IS a temple and I treat it like a precious gift.
  4. I am an efficient cardio machine. I know that cardio in the am = weight loss success in the pm.
  5. I am in control of my body and my mind. I only fill myself with Good, Healthy things.
  6. I am full of energy. I am healthy and strong. I am ready to GO, DO, ENJOY Life.
  7. I consistently choose to eat healthy, to do energy creating movement to exercise my body hardware, and to be mindful and meditate to expand my mind/software to become one with the Tao of Life. 
  8. I have an amazing body. It’s well defined and it inspires others my age to take care of their body too.
  9. I make wise choices when it comes to food. I care for my body hardwire like a fine automobile – it can last for 100+ years if I treat it right. 
  10. Energy overcomes depression. I create energy with healthy eating and active movement exercise and thereby bring happiness to my life.
  11. I am a body-mind master. I have a less than XX-inch waist with GREAT definition in my abs & arms.
  12. I am super fit. I have low blood pressure, low cholesterol, and I am eliminating my excess adipose tissue in my belly. I am full of energy and vitality!
  13. I am achieving my weight loss goals. I consistently DO energy-generating and fat-burning workout routines, I consciously CHOOSE to eat healthy, and I live in a state of NOW mindfulness.
  14. I am a workout god – I get ENERGY from workouts and it propels me forward to achieve my weight loss and body image goals. 
  15. My waist/belly are both less than XX inches. I have a toned body with clear muscle definition. People look at the definition of my arms and say ‘wow’ and compliment me often because it inspires them to be healthier too. My body is a model for others to strive to mimic and I help them by inspiring them. Inspiring others is part of my motivation to care for my body like a temple.
  16. I am vibrantly healthy, I smile a lot and I am passionate about being ALIVE!
  17. I can overcome. My mind controls my body. . Injury doesn’t slow me down, I find a way around this obstacle to still reach my weight loss goals.
  18. I achieve my weight loss goals because I understand the pro’s and con’s of food and I CHOOSE to eat healthy food in order to enjoy the positive results it provides to my weight loss results.
  19. I am achieving my body image goals. I consistently DO energy-generating and fat-burning workout routines, I consciously CHOOSE to eat healthy, and I live in a state of NOW mindfulness.
  20. I will destroy my belly fat and turn my body into a vision of defined beauty.
  21. My mind and body work in harmony together to help me achieve balance, serenity, and weight loss success. 
  22. I have a great body and I treat it like a temple. I put good healthy things into it and it performs well.
  23. I am strong. I am healthy. I will live to 100+ years of age with vibrant body, lucid mind, and a spirit connected to God.
  24. My body is a temple. I am careful to only put in good things that will keep the machine running smoothly and help me reach my weight loss goals. 
  25. I am full of vibrant energy! I am an energy god! I have so much energy and vitality I am glowing!
  26. I choose to live a healthy lifestyle. I choose to eat healthy and workout because I know it will make me feel good, be confident, and be happier.
  27. I enjoy working out – it fills me with energy, vitality, and confidence. I work out all the time, whenever and wherever possible.
  28. My body is a beautiful temple and I fulfill it by giving myself healthy gifts like good food, active workouts, med, yoga, and more.
  29.  I love to practice disciplined, healthy eating and I feel GREAT when I achieve this goal both during and after the process.
  30. I am vibrantly healthy. I am full of energy. I am alive with life and it’s contagious to others – when people are around me they feel alive too.
  31. I always make CONSCIOUS decisions about the things I do and/or put in my body/mind/spirit so that I can continue to BUILD it, not destroy it.
  32. I am the master of my body and my mind – I am disciplined and I achieve my weight loss goals. 
  33. I am consciously aware of my body goals at all times and I make decisions that allow me to always get closer to my goals not farther away.

Affirmations Work Best When you Combo them with other Weight Loss Programs

Let’s be clear – while affirmations are indeed powerful tools that really can help you deliver amazing results by harnessing the power of your mind to control your body, affirmations are not magic. If you eat poorly, don’t exercise, or don’t take care of yourself, then affirmations alone will probably not yield the weight loss results you are looking for.

HOWEVER, if you are using affirmations correctly and you make yourself believe that the affirmations are true, then over time, you will hardwire your mind into forcing your body to follow the path of the affirmations you are speaking to yourself. When this happens, then your mind and body will work together and look for ways to achieve your weight loss goals – you’ll likely find yourself wanting to eat healthier, wanting to put together a weight loss meal plan, wanting to get involved in a weight loss program, maybe even wanting to exercise more. All because you changed the way your mind thinks about your body image. Again I can tell you from first hand experience that this is true because it happened to me. 

While I don’t count calories, use diet pills, or use weight loss calculators in my personal program, I can tell you that when I use affirmations for weight loss and I speak them to myself in the morning, they are particularly effective at helping me make a mind-body connection that keeps me on the right path during the way for my weight loss goals. In addition to affirmations I also use intermittent fasting and regular workouts, however I pretty much still eat what I want every day (and that includes chicken wings, beer, and BBQ on weekends!)

But my weight loss success all starts with affirmations because affirmations make me focus on eating right, help me stick to my intermittent fasting routine, encourage me to work out more often, and overall help me achieve positive results in my weight loss program. 

Give them a try and see if they can do the same for you too. 

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2 thoughts on “Affirmations that will help you Lose Weight”

  1. That Helpful Dad – a great article, thank you. I take from this that the key is mindset and energy. It works. The problem for those of us who have aged to a point of maturity is that energy does not occur without also dieting well. I find that wise eating habits and avoiding satisfying but unhealthy food does indeed increase energy. – Michael

    • You are spot on, Michael. It’s a total mind-body mindset AND that includes make smart decisions about what you eat while enjoying the JOURNEY of life 🙂


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