PlayStation Vue Reviews, Tips, and FAQs

PlayStation Vue Reviews, Tips, and FAQs

Are you considering making a switch to cut the cord and use PlayStation Vue as your live tv streaming service? If so, this article is for you. We’ll tell you the pro’s and con’s of using PlayStation Vue from a point of view of an actual user.

PlayStation Vue Review

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Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series devoted to helping people cut the cord called “2018 Essential Guide to Cord Cutting” – be sure to read that article for more tips about Direct TV Now as well as other streaming options. That article also has an in-depth video discussion as well. You can watch the video on Youtube here:

Credibility Notice: I am an average consumer just like you. This is an honest review. I am a real life cord cutter not a paid endorser.

PlayStation Vue FAQs for Cord Cutters

What is PlayStation Vue’s Website?

Do I need to have a PlayStation to Watch PlayStation Vue?

NO you do NOT need a PlayStation box to watch Playstation Vue!

You can watch PlayStation Vue with many of the normal tv streaming devices such as Roku® players, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV®, Android TV, a web browser, Google Chromecast, and on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices. Learn more here:

This is such a big misconception that it’s actually hurt PlayStation Vue’s chances of survival! Various reports have surfaced that Sony may discontinue PlayStation Vue because of it’s poor sales – that’s a shame because PlayStation Vue really is a good service. Personally I think it’s the best overall service of ANY current live tv streaming service because of all the great features it offers and how easy it is to use. It would be a shame to see PlayStation Vue go away.

What Channel Packages are offered on PlayStation Vue?

PlayStation Vue offers LOTS of variety and there is something for everybody. There are FOUR main plans available:

  1. Access: $40/month for 45-50 local broadcast channels and favorite cable networks like AMC, ESPN, HGTV and more, depending on your area.
  2. Core: $45/month gets you all the Access channels PLUS NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network and more regional sports networks.
  3. Elite: $50/month gets you the Core channels PLUS select ‘movie’ speciality channels like MGM, FXX, Sony Movie Channel, Universal Kids, etc.
  4. Ultra: $75/month gets you the Elite package PLUS premium networks HBO® and SHOWTIME® included. There are over 90+ networks to enjoy on this plan!

To learn more use this link:

To see what’s available in YOUR area you need to look for the box in the upper right hand corner and enter you zip code. See this pic…

PlayStation Vue Local Channels

Is there a Limit on the Number of Screens I can Watch PlayStation Vue on at one time?

What’s great about PlayStation Vue is that you can watch up to FIVE (5) live tv streams at one time on with any of their plans. That’s the most of any tv streaming service. 

You can also watch away from home on up to 3 devices.

BONUS COOL FEATURE: If you do happen to own a PS4console, you can choose up to three live programs to watch on the SAME screen — you can put any live game, news, TV show, or movie in a split-screen setup to watch two or three live programs at once.

Does PlayStation Vue have a DVR?

Another great feature of the PlayStation Vue Service is there DVR. All plans include a DVR with UNLIMITED Storage of shows for up to 28 days. In most cases you can also fast forward through your DVR recordings – which is NOT always the case with other streaming service providers.

Does PlayStation Vue have On-Demand TV Shows and Movies?

Yes but the content library doesn’t seem to be as robust as other tv streaming services and you can’t fast forward through commercials on most of the on-demand content.

What Local Channels does PlayStation Vue Offer? Can I get Regional Sports Networks too?

It depends on your area. In my area (Tampa, FL) PlayStation Vue is one of the best streaming services available for local channels and regional sports networks. Basically we can get every local channel we want (except for our local NBC which no streaming service offers in our area).

To see the local channels available in YOUR area use the instructions I provided above in the “Channel Packages” section.

Does PlayStation Vue offer Premium Channels like HBO and Showtime?

Yes, PlayStation offers a number of premium channels and combo packages. Check it out…

PlayStation Vue Premium Channels

Does PlayStation Vue offer other channel add-ons?

Yes, PlayStation Vue has some great customizable channel add-on packages. This includes the NFL RED ZONE Channel – a network that PlayStation Vue is one of the only streaming service provides to offer. Check it out…

PlayStation Vue Add On Channels

What is the User Interface and Channel Guide like on PlayStation Vue?

While perhaps not as user friendly as a traditional channel guide offered by cable tv providers, the channel guide on PlayStation Vue is at least as good as that offered by other good streaming services such as Direct TV Now, it’s superior to Sling TV, and worlds better than Hulu Plus (which doesn’t even have a channel guide!). Here is a screenshot…

PlayStation Vue UI

Does PlayStation Vue offer Promotions for New Subscribers?

Yes, the normal offer is a 5-7 day free trial on their website.

TIP: PlayStation Vue regularly offers promo codes at places like Groupon and Best Buy. If you have a promo code here’s an example how to use it on PlayStation Vue:

What’s the Bottom Line on PlayStation Vue?

I love PlayStation Vue. If they offered Nick Jr I would still be using PlayStation Vue but unfortunately they don’t have that channel so we’re going with Direct TV Now. I do plan to return to PlayStation Vue during the NFL season so I can have NFL Red Zone for fantasy football and that’s one of the great things about cutting the cord – you’re never locked in to a contract with streaming tv service provider and you can switch back and forth between them as you desire.

I consider PlayStation Vue and Direct TV Now as the best options for older people (40+) who want to cut the cord and move to a live tv streaming service without having to use an antennae for local channels and who want an easy to use streaming service.

I really hope Sony doesn’t take PlayStation Vue away because it’s a quality cord cutting option for many people. I guess time will tell.

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