25 Affirmations for Living a Legacy Life

As we continue our series on Affirmations, today we focus on using this positive self-talk to get you in the mindset of building a Legacy Life.

The concepts of building a “Legacy Life” to pass along your wisdom and/or creating “Now Moments” each day is something we’ve discussed on this site many times before and today we’ll review affirmations that you can use to create your personal legacy – based on whatever that means to you.

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Daily Affirmations & Positive Quotes that have the POWER to Transform YOUR Reality

Affirmations for a Legacy Life

  1. My legacy is my family. I am living a legacy life because I am living life with my family and I am fully present when I am with them.
  2. I am happy with my life – I don’t focus on my troubles, instead I focus on what’s good and actively try to cherish the NOW moments that I’m living.
  3. I am content in The Tao – I am where I need to be right now and I am well-equipped to live my Legacy Life.
  4. I am a focused finisher of important tasks related to my legacy goals. I run my race, actively work on my goals, and continue to build a lasting legacy that benefits the world.
  5. I am LIVING my Legacy Life. I recognize Now Moments each day and live them while they are happening.
  6. I am consciously aware of my life’s focus and I spend my time on MY Life’s Path – it brings me fulfillment.
  7. I eliminate all tasks that don’t relate to my legacy life goals.
  8. In spite of obstacles, I will continue to find a way forward on my Life’s journey. I will keep advancing, keep running the race, keep living in this moment because NOW is LIFE.
  9. I know that the more time I spend on legacy goals leads to life fulfillment.
  10. I am happy and content. I don’t need lots of money or possessions to be happy. I live in the NOW moments of life each and every day. I savor the NOW moments because they = Life.
  11. I make rational decisions about the use of my time, money, and opportunities – using a clear eye vision to choose wisely to take advantage of only those options that support my legacy life goals.
  12. I control my time and activities, they do not control me – I am consciously aware of my legacy goals and proactively make decisions about how I am spending my time – if I sense I’m not living in balance, I stop what I’m doing, think, and move forward to a legacy goal.
  13. My verse provides value to the world – I am meaningful and vital to The Great Play.
  14. I am living a legacy life. Everyday is a step in the right direction. If I make just a little progress each day on my legacy goals it’s a positive day.
  15. I live my Legacy Life every day. I am The Legacy. I inspire others to live their Legacy too.
  16. I religiously avoid low-ROI busywork. I am laser focused on my Legacy Life Goals. I do NOT waste time on non-Legacy Life Goals – I simply do NOT do it. Time & Life is too valuable.
  17. I am happy. I am content. I don’t need lots of money and possessions to be happy. I am happy because I am here, NOW, with people I love.
  18. I KNOW my legacy life goals. I FOCUS my time and attention on ‘living’ my legacy life goals.
  19. I am a DOER. I am a creator not a critic. I am a finisher. I am the artist of MY Legacy Life.
  20. All will work out as it should. We are part of the Play of Life and we are contributing our verse and it is good.
  21. I live a legacy life by spending QT with my loved ones, telling them how much they mean to me, and actively helping them achieve their desires.
  22. I am a winner. Things work out for me. God’s Force moves with/thru/in me and guides me thru my Legacy Life Journey.
  23. I am living my Legacy Life. I focus on my Legacy Life Goals by DOING and LIVING them every day.
  24. During periods of self-doubt, I focus on my legacy goals – I KNOW with conscious awareness that my legacy is my destiny, my purpose – doing legacy work is the work of life.
  25. I am successfully climbing the mountain of my Legacy Life every day. No matter how many times I stumble, I continue to get up and I always keep climbing. I KNOW I will reach my destiny.

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