What I learned about myself after 1,000 days of using the DAYLIO Micro Diary Mood Tracker app

Daylio App – have you heard of the DAYLIO Micro Diary and Mood Tracker app? I’m in love with this little app – and you should be too. In this article I tell you what Daylio is and how I use it to improve my life. My goal in doing so is to introduce you what I believe is a great product (and best of all it’s FREE) – my hope is that Daylio can make a real difference in your life too.

Daylio App

What is Daylio?

Daylio is an easy to use mobile app that allows you to track your moods and daily activities. With regular use (as little as 5 days) you’ll start getting feedback reports that reveal trends.

Daylio App
Daylio Screenshots

Daylio’s trends help you identify the connection between what activities you do when you feel great and what’s happening in your life when you have bad days.

What I love about Daylio is…

Daylio is one of my favorite apps because it’s easy to use, it’s free, and you can modify the activities to fit your needs.

What I love about this app is that is shows me trends – for the day, month, and even the year. This allows me to VISUALLY SEE if I am living a life that’s in balance or if I’m too heavy in one area vs another. I’ve used this app every single day for over 1000 days and the feedback it’s providing is invaluable!

Daylio makes it so easy to keep a mobile life journal because it takes just a few seconds to toggle on/off what you did that day and/or add/modify activities to suit your own system. Because Daylio is so easy/quick to use, it provides an efficient way for me to keep an on-the-go de facto daily journal about life. Add to that the fact that you can also include free text notes for each day (if you want to) and now you’re talking.

Here’s how I use Daylio

I’ve been using Daylio for over 1000 days continuously as you can see here…

I use the Daylio app to track my daily moods and activities. My goal in using the app is to have a quick and easy way to journal my life AND to be able to see trends in terms of what’s working well for me and what isn’t.

The knowledge I get from Daylio allows me to KNOW what I should be doing more of and what I should be nixing from my life.

Daylio allows me to rate how I felt each day (awesome, good, average, not good, awful) AND it lets me get granular with specific activities – would you believe I’m currently tracking 80+ different daily activities? Ha, if you know me at all, this probably does’t surprise you.

Here is are my mood charts and activity counts for the last 1000+ days. My goal is to have more Awesome + Good days than Just OK + Not Good/Awful Days.

Daylio 2017
Daylio 2018
Daylio 2019

As you can see I’ve been able to improve this over time and the reason WHY I’ve been able to do this is by using Daylio to help me identify the activities that help me achieve a Good Day or better.

What Others are saying about Daylio

Don’t just take my word for it, check out what the Nat’l Institute of Health said about Daylio — here’s an article about Daylio from the NIH.

How to Get the Free Daylio App

You can find the Daylio App on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Daylio’s website.

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