Inspirational Quotes from Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead lived a Legacy Life.

Margaret Mead was an anthropologist… and a rebel. Quite a combination, huh? She lived between 1901 and 1978 and worked as an American cultural anthropologist, author, and speaker. Renowned for her anthropology contributions, she was controversial for the way she expressed her views during the 1960’s sexual revolution.

Margaret Mead perservered in spite of those who trolled her at the time and she went on to build a lasting legacy. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Jimmy Carter, has numerous schools named after her in the northeast, and was even featured on a US Postal Stamp in the late 1990’s. 

The Wisdom of Margaret Mead in Pictures

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1 thought on “Inspirational Quotes from Margaret Mead”

  1. Mead was exceptional in many ways. Not only did she achieve great things and display wisdom and insight; but this was done in an era where women were not treated equally nor given the opportunities that men enjoyed. They were assumed to be suitable as secretaries, nurses, or housewives. Any woman who made her own way and refused to conform to these traditional roles was looked upon with disdain (fear) and rejection (denial). Imagine how much a woman like Mead would accomplish in a society where women enjoyed equal opportunity.


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