YouTube TV Review, Tips, and FAQs – 2020 Editor’s Choice Award

Are you considering making a switch to cut the cord and use YouTube TV as your streaming service? If so, this article is for you. We’ll tell you the pro’s and con’s of using YouTube TV from a point of view of an actual user.

Great News: Because of it’s industry leading ease of use and great feature set, YouTube TV has earned our 2020 Helpful Dad Editor’s Choice Award as the Best Streaming Service!

Credibility Notice: I am an average consumer just like you. This is an honest review. I am a real life cord cutter and I’m happy to share my tips with you. Read all about my Cord Cutting experience and get loads of valuable tips. 

I. YouTube TV Video Review

II. YouTube TV FAQs

What is the website for YouTube TV?

It’s critically important to check if YouTube TV is available in your area because this tv streaming service is NOT currently available throughout the US. Use this link to check your area:

How Do I Watch YouTube TV?

Stream with Google Chromecast or download our app on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One and supported Samsung and LG TVs. More details here.

Great News – prior to 2019 the Google vs Amazon feud made it impossible to watch YouTube TV on an Amazon Firestick – but that is no longer the case. People like me who use an Amazon Firestick can now watch YouTube TV too. Can you say “Awesome?!””

BONUS – you can also watch YouTube while you’re traveling if you download the YouTube TV app on your mobile device. 

Does YouTube TV offer Different Channel Packages? What Channels are on YouTube TV?

Similar to Hulu Plus, there is only ONE channel package on YouTube TV currently. For $40/month you get 60+ channels DEPENDING ON YOUR AREA.

Here is the current channel lineup for YouTube TV:

YouTube TV Channels

This lack of customization may or may not be a problem for you. If these channels are what you are looking for then YouTube TV is a great option. If you need to be able to customize your tv package then better options may be AT&T Now or Sling TV.

How many screens can I stream on YouTube TV simultaneously?

You can stream YouTube TV on up to 6 devices at the same time. This is far superior to other providers like DirecTV Now, Sling, and Hulu. 

Does YouTube TV have a DVR?

Yes and it’s great!

The DVR on YouTube TV offers UNLIMITED Storage (which is far superior to most other providers) and will save recordings for up to 9 months (which is one of the longest options offered by any online streaming tv provider). You can also fast forward through commercials on your DVR recordings (other tv streaming providers do not always let you do this) – but see the On-Demand problem about this below. Additionally, you can watch your DVR content anywhere in the US.

Does YouTube TV offer On-Demand TV Shows and Movies?

Yes. The content library is ok. You can’t fast forward through on-demand commercials in most cases. And if there is a on-demand recording of a show you recorded on your DVR it will play over your recording which means you may NOT be able fast forward through commercials! This protects Google’s ad revenue which is the lifeblood of their business. 

Does YouTube TV offer Local Channels and Regional Sports Networks?

In the past the major problem with YouTube TV was their local channel availability was not good BUT all that has changed for the better! 

YouTube TV is now one of the best online streaming tv providers for LOCAL news, weather, and sports.

That being said, it is still very important to check the channels that are actually available in YOUR area before you sign up for YouTube TV and find yourself disappointed that your local channels are not there.

Use this link to check in your area:

Does YouTube TV offer Add-on and Premium Channels like HBO and Showtime?

Currently YouTube TV only offers a few add-on or premium channels and HBO is NOT one of them.

Here is what YouTube TV offers for premium channel add-ons…

TIP: you can get HBO and other premiums as a stand-alone channels on Amazon Prime TV.

What is the User Interface like on YouTube TV? Does YouTube TV have a Channel Guide?

YouTube TV offers a traditional channel guide that most cable tv users will be used to. It is similar to ones offered by Direct TV Now and PlayStation Vue. Here are some screenshots…

Does YouTube TV Offer Promotions for New Subscribers?

You can try YouTube TV Free for 7-14 days on their website depending on their current specials. 

TIP: YouTube TV offers lots of promotions tied in with the purchase of other Google products (Remember Google owns YouTube). Here’s an example of a 2-MONTH Free Trial!

What’s the difference between YouTube TV and YouTube Red?

YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service with major broadcast and popular cable networks. YouTube Red gives you a premium music experience and uninterrupted YouTube—ad free, offline, and in the background.

Both memberships give you access to YouTube Red Originals, but YouTube Red isn’t included in your YouTube TV membership. However, if you are a YouTube Red member, you can watch the YouTube content on YouTube TV without ads.

III. YouTube TV vs Other Streaming TV Options

Are Looking for Comparisons of YouTube vs Sling, ATT Now, Hulu Plus, and other online streaming tv providers? 

Be sure to watch my latest video on this topic:

IV. YouTube TV – The Bottom Line

A year ago we said that YouTube TV was still too raw for most cord cutters in my opinion, however all that has changed. Because of the updates to their local coverage and all the many benefits that YouTube TV offers like their amazing DVR, great user interface, 6 user accounts, and ease of you, we now that that…

YouTube TV is one of the BEST options for online tv streaming. It should be a TOP CHOICE for people looking to cut the cord and ditch cable tv. 

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