Google Wifi Mesh Network – My Personal Experience

Summary: In a word the Google Wifi System is Fantastic!

This article is a review of my personal experience with the product.

Why you might want a mesh wifi system

Do you have wifi dead spots in some areas of your house? Do you suffer from the dreaded ‘buffering’ when streaming video? If you have these and other wifi frustrations then you should look into getting a wifi mesh – especially if you have a large house.

We has Fios high speed internet and our house is 3200sf inside and we have about 3000 more SF outside that we want to have covered by wifi in order to stream outdoor tvs, watch movies outside, listen to streaming music, etc. The problem is that even with wifi extenders, there’s always been a bit of a problem in the far reaches of the house and outside. As you know Verizon/Frontier is of little help for this or ANY issue so if you want better wifi coverage in the house you’re on your own to figure it out.

What are your Wifi Mesh Options?

Lots of companies make wifi mesh products: Google, Orbi, Linksys, TP-Link, AmpliFi, and more. After lots of analysis paralysis, comparing lots of options, and making spreadsheets, I narrowed it down to Google Wifi and Orbi. You can usually buy a wifi mesh with just one unit or in packs of three. For the size of our home (3k+ Sf and 2 floors) we needed a 3 pack.

Since I have a long history of using Google products and we’ve always been satisfied with them, and since the price for a 3-pack from Google was lower as well (Google $280 vs Orbi $300), we went the Google route. Yes, $300 is a bit of an outlay, but I’m telling you that this product is worth it. Also remember, if you don’t have a large home you might be able to get by with just a single unit (which run closer to $125/unit). Yes, it’s a shame we can’t get the service we are paying for from our internet service provider, but that’s life and the Google Wifi Mesh IS a solution that works.

How did Google Wifi Mesh Perform?

The setup could not have been easier — it was essentially plug-and-play.

The results were instant – great coverage everywhere!

We’re paying for 100/100 speeds from Frontier but prior to using the mesh, it was hard to get them at any distance away from the router. Now with the Google Wifi Mesh we’re consistently around 95/95 up/down speeds anywhere in the house. Streaming is now fast and instant – no more buffering!

The additional features of the system via the Google Wifi App for your phone are really EASY to use and offer great options. You can…

  • Prioritizing a device.
  • Use family mode to control kid’s devices.
  • Have a separate code for guests.
  • Running a network check to see if/where you may have problems.
  • You can even control other devices on the Google Home network if you add those as well (for example the Nest Therm, etc).

How to Buy Google Wifi

You can buy Google Wifi from lots of places: The Google Store, Best Buy, and more.

Here are a helpful link to find Google Wifi on Amazon:

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What’s the Bottom Line?

The Google Wifi Mesh is a great price for getting wireless coverage for your entire house.

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  1. I have the same system, have for about a year. Not only works great inside but we have a large yard and the coverage is excellent outside also.


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