15 Tips for Tough Mudder – with actual race footage

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Lots of good Tough Mudder footage on this video including:
00:30 Ambulance!
00:35 ARCTIC ENEMA – hanging out in the ice bath
01:10 Will you MARRY Me? (Proposal)
01:13 SMURF Sighting
01:18 Boa Constrictor Tunnels
02:03 BATMAN Lives
02:35 Electric Eel – shock on the rocks
02:46 Man Carrying a BABY
03:00 Man changing BABY
03:02 Todd’s Trash Compactor Idea
03:15 Hello, Kitty
03:20 Mud Mile – time to get SUPER MUDDY!
03:48 Ball Shrinker relaxing
03:58 Todd gets IN the trash compactor!
04:11 Monkey Bar Pullups
04:42 Walk the Plank – High Jump
05:15 SUPERMAN Crew
05:38 Wounded Warrior Carry Part 1
05:52 Wounded Warrior Carry part 2
06:04 Mexicans invade Trench Warfare
07:03 Balls to the Wall Climb and Repel
07:25 EVEREST Half Pipe Attack
07:41 Electroshock therapy – normal
07:51 Electroshock therapy – man needs to be rescued
08:05 Man TRIES to get electrocuted on Shock Therapy – ouch!
08:15 Electroshock Therapy – the SMART way
08:17 The Finish Line and Headbands

See you next year.

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