The Wisdom of Woof

The Wisdom of Woof teaches us that everything we need to know about life we can learn from our dogs.

Meet Bella.


Bella is a passionate Yorkie with more personality than she knows what to do with!

We call her “The Commander” around the Helpful Dad house because Bella is always trying to orchestrate events per her directions.

Bella is now 13 years old and she’s learned a lot during her life. She’s taught me so much that has improved my life and she can help you too.

Join Bella as she teaches you…

The Wisdom of Woof

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Did you Know?
Bella has Canine Diabetes but she hasn’t let that slow her down. If your dog suffers from Canine Diabetes, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. You CAN help your beloved dog live a wonderful life by just following a few simple strategies. For more, visit our Page on Canine Diabetes Tips.

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