Gifts for Dad – 10 Great Gifts Ideas for Men for Fathers Day, Christmas, Birthdays, and more

Gifts for Dad – Article Summary

Here’s a quick article to help you get some great ideas if you are looking for gifts to men. Whether it be Father’s day gifts, Christmas present ideas for men, or gift ideas for valentines, birthdays, or anniversaries – these will all work. 

 If you have Dad in your life and you want to get him a great gift he will actually use, then this page is for you.

I’ll recommend gifts for men that are great for all of the following Dad Themes…

How do I know these are great gift ideas for dads?

Because I’m a dad myself and I can honestly tell you that I personally use every single one of the gift ideas for men on this page and can personally vouch for them – as I do with every product I recommend.

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Gifts for Dad – Coffee Lover Gift Ideas

1-The Aeropress

If your dad is a coffee lover, delight him with an Aeropress.

The Aeropress is a simple tool, inexpensive device but trust me when I tell you that will change his coffee life forever.

Not only will Dad enjoy a great cup of coffee, but he can treat himself to it anytime, anywhere.

Bonus Coffee Gifts He May Also Like

This is the coffee grinder I use for grinding fresh beans. Sure there are $300+ dollar machines that may offer a finer cut but for  the Epica Grinder is an inexpensive grinder that will work just fine for all the but most snobby coffee connoisseur men. 

Speaking of a fine grind. You’ll find no better ceramic burr grinder for the price than the JavaPresse. It produces grains as fine as some of the most expensive grinders – the only problem is that it’s a manual device. If Dad doesn’t mind grinding his own beans by hand, then the JavaPress is the grinder for him. 

If Dad is going to use the Aeropress then he’s going to need a way to boil water quickly and consistently AND he’ll likely want to be able to control the temperature to get his perfect cup of coffee. For that I use the Epica Tea Kettle. In fact I use it multiple times every day — for coffee, tea, or any time I want hot water. The ability to easily control the temperature of my water AND the great price make this a must-have gift for Aeropress Dads. 

A great all around blend of coffee beans that most men will enjoy. 

One of the most popular coffee options on Amazon now. 

If your Dad likes to camp or do outdoor sports but still wants to use his Aeropress, then consider the JetBoil. It’s a convenient way to boil water on the go. 

Gifts for Men – Fitness and Meditation Gift Ideas

2-SPOONK Accupressure Mat

Does your dad deal with a lot of stress. Get him the single best thing I use to bust through my stress – an acupressure mat!

I use this ‘bed of nails’ every day and it works awesome. There are many to choose from and if you search for ‘accupressure mat’ on Amazon you’ll be able to browse quite a few.

The one I use the one is called Spoonk and I swear by it. 

Get the Spoonk!

3. Bowflex Fitness Products

Is your dad into fitness and looking for ways to build his home gym? You can’t go wrong with Bowflex fitness products.

The Bowflex brand has been around for years, they make quality products, and I’ve personally always had a great experience with them.

Here are a few choices that could work well as gifts for Dads. 

First option – Get him the Bowflex SelectTech Bench. It’s affordable and made of good quality materials. 

I have multiple reviews of the Bowflex SelecTech Bench because I’ve been using it for YEARS…


If he already has the bench, check out the BOWFLEX ADJUSTABLE DUMBBELLS instead – these are the exact same ones as I use.

Video Review SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

In the 552 Series, each dumbbell goes from 5 to 52.5 lbs. Perfect for the majority of men who do home workouts. 

Here are some variations on the Bowflex theme…

For heavy lifters, the 1090 Series goes up to 9o lbs for each dumbell – that’s a lot of weight per dumbell. 

If you want both the 552 DB’s I use and the workout bench I have, this is a great combo deal. 

This bundle gives you the DB’s I use and the official stand to hold them. 

Gift Ideas for Men who like to Cook and Outdoor Grill

4-The Little Griddle

Don’t overlook this one. If you have a dad who likes to grill then this is the #1 Must-Have grilling appliance to get him. Dad’s will LOVE this gift. 

I use mine pretty much every week, multiple times a week. It is the #1 way I grill now. 

See the Little Griddle on Amazon

Little Griddle GQ230 Professional Series Griddle

5-Grilling Cookbooks

If your Dad is always looking to up his grilling game so he can rule the neighborhood like me, then get him one of these cookbooks. Any one of them is sure to make a great gift for dad. 

This one is great if Dad likes to smoke or do slow cooking. It’s also one of the best manuals for BBQ SAUCE RECIPES!

An all-time classic and a must-own for any Dad serious about grilling. 

Here’s a cookbook specific to the Franklin Barbeque – a hot spot in Austin, Tx that you often see on tv. 

BONUS SECTION – does your dad have a Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, or other ceramic style cooker? If so, this section is for you…

First off, if Dad is in the market for a kamado style cooker help him save time. 

  1. Recommend he read my article about Why I chose the Kamado Joe. 
  2. Buy him a Kamado Joe and put a GIANT SMILE on his face. 

Big Spender Alert – if you have the funds and you want to get him his first Kamado Joe, this is the one you want. It’s the latest model, the most popular one with the most accessories, and the one I personally have!

NOTE – this is the “Joe JUNIOR” – this is great for Dad’s who already have a Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe but want a SMALL TRAVEL VERSION. This one is perfect for camping, tailgating, and other dads who grill on the go!


If your dad already has the gril he wants but you want to get him some great ACCESSORIES, then check out my other article

Gifts for Men who Like to Read

7 – Books by Tim Ferriss

You may not know who Tim Ferrris is, but I’ll bet your Dad does.

Tim Ferriss is this generation’s Tony Robbins.

His books are wildly popular – and with good reason – they make people’s live easier and more productive and more fun. 

Here are 3 of his most popular books. Any one of these would make a great gift for Dad. 

If I could only recommend ONE book for your dad to read this year and guarantee you he will love it (because it will make his life easier) it’s Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans book. 

If he doesn’t already have a Tim Ferriss book, this is the classic that started the Tim Ferriss revolution. 

This is Tim Ferriss’ latest book. It’s a follow-up to The Tools of Titans. 

Gifts for Men who like to read – Must Have Gear

There are LOTS of different versions of the Kindle Reader. Thee reason you want the PAPERWHITE edition is because Dad can take it anywhere with him – even to the beach or outside and the ‘paper’ appearance  of the device makes it readable even under bright light conditions where other e-readers and tablets wouldn’t work. 

Gift Ideas for Dads who like Tech Products

8- WiFi Mesh System

If Dad is always complaining that the WiFi signal in your house is never strong enough – especially in areas farther way from your internet router – then get him a wifi mesh system.

These are super easy to set up and they make a BIG difference!

Ever since we got the Google Wifi System we’ve never had connection problems – no  matter how many devices and tv’s we are streaming video on. 

9- Cord Cutting Tools

Is your Dad always complaining about the cost of cable tv? Does he want to cut the cord and ditch cable forever? Then get him one of these cord cutting items…

This is a FREE Step-by Step Guide that will help your dad understand how to cut the cord in no time. It’s a 35-page ebook that you can download immediately when you visit my home page. This is one of the many free gifts I give away to my readers – enjoy. 

The simplest device Dad can use to cut the cord. 

The uber-popular echo series speakers. 

Gifts for Men who Like Tools


Let’s face it, every dad loves tools right? Here are a few unique tools he may not have yet that will make him happy and yet won’t break the bank for you.

Finally a TOOL for your dad’s tool box. This little gizmo is called the Eteckcity LaserGrip Thermometer and while it looks and sounds kooky for under $20 you can get your dad a tool that he’ll use over and over again for so many different things.

This magnetic stud finder is under $10 and yet it’s incredibly useful when Dad is trying to hang up pictures or tv mounts or anything he has to drill into the wall for. 

Super popular and with good reason – this laser distance measure is like having a tape measure that goes up to 65 feet!

What’s on YOUR list of Must Have Gifts for Men?

If you have any ideas, please share them with me in the comments below. 

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  1. Helpful Dad – thanks for the great article. At one time, I was prepared for the inevitable loud tie … now I am just grateful for a Father’s Day phone call. It makes my day more than any gift. So if you dads out there have grown children, cherish the phone call!

    • That’s funny, Mike, but very true. As we get older, our lives slow down, but as the kids get older theirs speeds up. Having them hit the Pause button long enough to give us a call really is a gift – and one to be cherished indeed!
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