Diary of a Minecraft Dad

Who knows more about Minecraft – YOU or Jackson’s Dad? 

Well, probably you, but in “Diary of a Minecraft Dad” you’ll get to learn a whole lot more – and as an added bonus you’ll be able to laugh as you read about the misadventures of Jackson’s 40-something-year-old dad trying to play the game.

Parents and gamers alike are enjoying “Diary of a Minecraft Dad” — a How-To Guide about Minecraft AND Life! In addition to laughing at Jackson’s dad, you’ll also get a chance to show off your own Minecraft knowledge. As you read about Jackson’s dad getting stuck in various Minecraft scenarios, you’ll get a chance to test YOUR own knowledge. Along the way, Jax and his YouTube friends will share over 240 tips about how to do specific things in Minecraft that you may not yet know. In addition, you’ll learn how to apply your Minecraft tips to the real world so that you can become a better person in life too. Who wouldn’t like that?

Here’s Some of What You Can Expect to Find Inside: 

  1. Minecraft Scenarios (called “What Would You Do?”) in which YOU get to help Jackson’s Dad know how he should handle one of the many Minecraft dilemmas he finds himself in. For example, should he eat Rotten Flesh if he’s hungry? How can he survive underwater indefinitely? How can he make animals spawn faster? What’s the very first thing he should do when he enters the Nether? And these are just a few. Think you’re up for the challenge? With each question, you’ll make a decision — and then we’ll then review the consequences of your choice… After all, anybody can make a choice, but can you handle the consequences?
  2. Over 200+ pages of tips from Minecraft Pro Jax — complete with pictures, bonus videos, links to learn more, and detailed explanations — about how to do specific things in Minecraft (for example, How to Creeper-Proof your Home, How to Defeat the NEW Underwater Monument Biome, 4 Different Ways to Obtain Enchanted Items, Which Pickaxe will Destroy a Mob Spawner the Fastest, How to Tame a Horse, How to Make Baby Villagers Play Tag, and so much more!)
  3. How to apply what you already know in Minecraft to make your real life better. For example, we’ll discuss: How the Difference between Victory and Defeat is so Small, Why You Should Change Your Perspective When Faced with a Problem, Why Fear of Failure is NOT Going to Stop YOU, the Importance of Knowing Your Craft, and more. Heck, I’ll even explain to you Why I Love Spaghetti! It’s a fun-filled, no-holds-barred look at life – through the prism of Minecraft.

200+ Tips about Minecraft and Life?

Can You Say “Awesome?”

So, are do you know more about Minecraft than Jax’s Dad? If so, then it’s time to prove it – join Jax and his dad and start crafting today.


Note on reading/downloading: 

1) No download required: You do not have to download this book to read it – when you click the link it will take you to a pdf file stored on our website and you can read it without downloading if you so desire.

2) Download & Share: You have our permission to download this book and share it with your friends so others can enjoy too.

3) Time to Download: This is a 215-page book with lots of pictures so give it a minute to pull up, especially if you have a slow internet speed.