Little Griddle Professional Griddle GQ230 Review

Little Griddle Review – this is the product that turned my expensive gas grill into a giant griddle. It’s amazing. It works. It’s easy to clean. And I use it all the time.

Why did I buy it? My family lives in Florida and we use our outdoor kitchen quite a bit. Even though my Cal-Flame came with a griddle attachment to replace 2 of the 4 grates, I’ve never been satisfied with it – mainly because all the griddle drippings fall down onto my burners and create flare-ups and a big mess. In addition, the grill griddle is small and I wanted something larger.

When I first saw the Little Griddle series I was originally looking at the Sizzle Q (SQ180), but thankfully I saw the LG website and discovered the GQ230 and I’m glad I did – the GQ230 is the size that I really wanted because it covers about 24 inches (which is 3 of my 4 grates), whereas the SQ180 only covers 18 inches and the GQ120 only 13. I got the largest size because I wanted to be able to cook for friends and family – that being said, it’s not like the GQ230 is giant and I’d venture to say it would fit most full size grills. Measure your grill and I’ll bet you’ll see this will be the right size for you. 

Did you know?
The Little Griddle is one of the top products on my 2018 Essential Guide to Awesomeness.


Little Griddle GQ230 Amazon Description

For the outdoor cook who demands professional quality results, we present our professional quality cookware. The Little Griddle Professional Series GQ230 griddle is the ultimate performer in outdoor cookware, and it is Little Griddle’s flagship product. Crafted from heavy gauge stainless steel and manufactured to the highest standards, the GQ230 turns your grill into an outdoor kitchen and makes a full range of cooking possibilities a reality. If you can saute it on your stove or bake it in your oven, you can cook it on your grill with your Professional Series griddle.

Built from 100% stainless steel, our Professional Series griddles feature a full-width grease well and generous sidewalls, as well as underside cross-bracing to promote even heating. Removable handles fasten securely and allow for easy movement, and remove quickly for cleaning.

Fun to cook on and simple to clean right on the grill, our Professional Series griddles deliver gourmet results to the serious outdoor cook.

Little Griddle GQ230

From the Manufacturer

“The Little Griddle GQ230 griddle is the perfect barbecue grilling accessory for your gas grill. The GQ230 allows you to cook complete meals at one time and is the perfect outdoor cookware for everything from pancakes and eggs at sunrise to a Mongolian barbecue in the evening. It makes a perfect BBQ gift. Take it camping, tailgating, to the park or just grilling outdoors. The GQ230 is made from 100% restaurant grade Stainless Steel, one of the safest outdoor cooking surfaces (unlike common steel which contains lead). The GQ230’s formed grease well makes cleanup a snap. Other great features include the two-inch sidewalls to keep food on the griddle, and removable handles for easy transport. This Professional Style Griddle comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, guaranteed not to chip, twist or bend.

Cook up breakfast, lunch or dinner in the fresh outdoors on this solid stainless steel grilling accessory. Keep the kitchen clean of frying pans and free from lingering odors. Cook big meals in a jiffy and be the hit of the next tailgate party. The GQ230 is great for Mexican or Japanese style parties or just to cook up some grilled cheese sandwiches in the backyard for a bunch of hungry kids.”

Did you Know?

Little Griddle offers Versatility – this will allow you to do so much more with your grill than before. So far I’ve made cheesesteaks, bacon/eggs/potatoes, fried pineapple, Korean chicken, and Cajun chicken. These are items that most people can’t do on a regular grill.

Little Griddle offers Easy Cleanup! Compared to the Cal Flame griddle attachment the Little Griddle is so much easier to clean – just sear/wipe/clean the griddle itself while the grill below stays clean!

Bonus: Little Griddle also makes a griddle for your Kamado too.

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