Medical Rep Sales Tips – How to Consistently Achieve Your Sales Goals

Medical Rep Sales Tips — If you’re involved in medical sales, this page can be a resource to help you. You’ll find tips for medical sales tips such as sale call best practices, contract negotiation tips, and business planning ideas. The articles and videos here can also help you learn how to identify and develop key opinion leaders, understand the importance of pre-call planning, achieve consistent success in hospital sales, and more. Whether you’re in pharma or biotech sales, medical device, capital equipment, mHealth, or more, we can help you.

Michael Stoppa, MBA

Hi, I’m Mike, AKA “That Helpful Dad. I don’t tout myself as a sales-guru and I haven’t written any best-selling books about sales (at least not yet), but I do live and breathe sales in the real-world every day and have done so for the last 25 years.  I’ve worked in the pharma and medical device industry for nearly 16 years. In spite of ever-increasing sales quotas, I’ve met or exceeded my goals 14 of 16 years, including 8 years in a row. These are the medical rep sales tips I’ve used personally, the same tips I’ve shared with my colleagues and cross-functional teams, and now I’m sharing them with you so that YOU can achieve YOUR goals too. Good luck.

Medical Rep Sales Tips Table of Contents

10 Tips for Hospital Sales Success

Click here to learn my 10 tips for achieving consistent success in hospital sales. We’ll discuss how to partner with medical directors, identifying key opinion leaders, working with the staff, breaking in with academic centers, and much more.

Pharmaceutical Sales Calls Best Practices

This vid is perfect for learning medical rep sales tips because it provides best practices for conducting pharmaceutical sales calls. In this video you’ll see a detailed example of a sales call – it’s a full road map from opening, to call goals, to closing, and beyond.

This vid is full of actual sales VERBIAGE your team can use on their own sales calls – including examples of questions to ask, setting up a clinical presentation, using the key opinion leader strategy, trial closes, objection handling, gaining agreement to use the product, and much more.

How to Partner with Key Opinion Leaders

This video will help you learn how to identify, recruit, develop, and partner with Key Opinion Leaders — this is the #1 strategy I use to achieve medical rep sales success! This video is breakout portion of the feature length “10 Tips for Hospital Sales” video.

Contract Negotiation Best Practices

This article and video can help you learn key tips to improve your contract negotiations with hospital systems, GPO’s, and more. I’ll talk about price to value discussions, relationship building through the supply chain, C-Suite, and-Suite, effective presentation methods, and numerous other ideas.

How to Create Win-Win-Win Partnerships with Medical Directors

In this video we’ll discuss best practices you can use to help your medical sales team learn how to partner with hospital medical directors. This video is breakout portion of the feature length “10 Tips for Hospital Sales” video.

The Importance of Creating Effective Business Plans

In this video we’ll discuss the importance of creating effective BUSINESS PLANS for medical sales. This video is breakout portion of the feature length “10 Tips for Hospital Sales” video.

How to Create a PSEUDO SALES FORCE out of the Staff at your Hospitals and Doc’s Offices

In this vid, let’s discuss the strategy of turning the medical staff at your hospitals and doc’s offices into your PSEUDO SALES FORCE – an army of advocates that can help identify potential new patients for your product.

How to Pre-Call Plan using the “PPAF” Method

Here’s a pre-call planning method you can use with your medical sales team to help them be more consistent with pre-call planning and to make the call more effective for everyone involved (that means you AND the client)…

Medical Sales Rep Career Paths

In this video we’ll discuss the many career paths available to medical sales reps who choose to remain in a field force role. We’ll discuss the pro’s and con’s of pharmaceutical sales, biotech companies, selling medical devices and capital equipment, office-based specialty vs hospital sales, and more.

Med Rep Career Paths

Related Productivity and Sales Tips

The following tips, although not specific to medical rep sales, may still be of great value to you. Check them out and let me know what you think…

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