Three to Thrive – Super Productivity Tips from Tony Robbins and Tim Ferris

Power Thru Your To Do List!

In the non-stop quest to ever improve productivity and make the most of the precious time we have in this world, I submit to you to the concept of “Three to Thrive” – an amazing tool that was developed by Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins.

Use this simple tool and watch your productivity increase by 300% or more.

Tony Robbins Three to Thrive
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Three to Thrive – Origins

I first heard of the Three to Thrive concept when I read Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans book – he was talking with Tony Robbins about Morning Routines and during the discussion Tony talked about something called ‘Three to Thrive – a technique he uses to improve his focus on what’s important each day. Tony’s Three to Thrive list is comprised of the “three things that he’s going to make happen each day.”

As Tony explained to Tim…

“It’s important to visualize the list to and see it as though it’s already been done.”

Tim Ferriss further expanded what makes the Three to Thrive concept so powerful…

“If you win the morning, you win the day.”

How to Create YOUR Three to Thrive List

Let’s not over-complicate things here. If you want to use the Three to Thrive technique is very simple — look at your To-Do List, identify 3 items that have a high ROI, and focus on completing these 3 tasks TODAY. Do this each day and watch your productivity (and results!) skyrocket. 

Tips about Three to Thrive:

  1. What’s a “High ROI” item? There are a number of ways to answer this question.
    •  I like to ask myself, “if I invest the time to do this task, will it give me a good return for the time I spent on it?”
    • Alternatively the famous time management book “The Time Trap” recommends you consider the relative Importance and Urgency of a Task to determine it’s priority.
    • Tim Ferriss takes this a step further and recommends you ask yourself the question, “If I do this task, will it make other tasks on my to-do list unimportant or no longer necessary?”
  2. Do your Three to Thrive tasks as soon as you can during the day. 
    • This isn’t rocket science – similar to the concept of “Eat That Frog” if you can focus on getting your Three to Thrive tasks done as early in the day as possible, you’ll increase your odds of winning the day. 
  3. Handy To Do List Cheat Sheet. 
    • If you want to see the time management cheat sheet I use to prioritize my tasks, head over to my home page and collect the cheat sheet as one of the cool freebies I give away to all my readers. Click my pic below…

More about Tony Robbin’s Morning Routine

If you like the Three to Thrive concept and want to expand it further, check out more about Tony Robbin’s Morning Routine.

Tony’s AM Ritual includes 3 parts – and the Three to Thrive concept is one of those parts. 

His full routine includes a focus on Gratefulness, God, and Three to Thrive list. Basically he spends about three minutes meditating on each of these bucket items.

Tony also recommends a Priming Exercise as part of his Morning Routine. Here’s a link to that discussion on his website:

More About Tim Ferriss’ Morning Routine

Tim’s AM Ritual is a bit longer than Tony’s. The basic gist is as follows:

  1. Make Your bed
  2. Meditate
  3. Drink Energy Tea
  4. Journal
  5. Eat Mindfully
  6. Exercise.

You can learn the details behind this here: Tim Ferriss explains his morning routine.

You can also listen to Tim’s podcast episode #253 where he talks about his morning routine and others from his friends (including Jocko Wilcox, Jaime Foxx, Seth Godin, and others).  

My S-M-A-R-T Morning Routine

I created a Morning Routine based on the concepts of Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss that not only incorporates the Three to Thrive tip, but also is focused specifically on helping ‘worker bee’ type people like me be able to incorporate an AM Ritual into our daily activities but do so in as little as 30 minutes. Read about it here:

The “SMART” Morning Routine – Built for Working Men and Women

Three to Thrive – Try It Today

If you are looking for a simple tool that is easy to apply to your daily life AND that will give you measurable improvements in your productivity, then start incorporating Three to Thrive into your daily routine. 

Give it a try and let me know if it helps you. 

If you have other ideas, please share them with us so we can all learn together. 

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  1. Helpful Dad – a great article. A variation of this is something I do every night. Before going to bed, I write a list of goals for the following day. It usually includes 3 items, sometimes more and sometimes less. When a task involves only 1 item, I try to break it down into three sub-sections. This practice sets up a positive mindset. I go to sleep thinking about the next day. When I wake up the next morning. I am super-motivated to tackle the list. The end result: exceptional productivity.

    • Great feedback, Michael. So what you are describing is what I do as part of my EVENING Routine – but that is a story for another time. haha 🙂


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