Review Epica Electric Kettle – I use it everyday

If you want an electric kettle that will quickly boil water for tea or coffee, then I recommend the Epica Electric Kettle. I use this product every day when I make tea or when I use my Aeropress Coffee Maker. The Epica Electric Kettle is a great value for the money, it’s easy to use, and I am very satisfied with this purchase. For about $40 you’ll get an electric tea kettle that has over 2,000 reviews on Amazon with 75% of these being 5-star ratings. The Epica Electric Kettle also compares nicely to other electric kettles that cost twice as much.

You really can’t go wrong with the Epica Electic Kettle and that’s why it’s on the Helpful Dad Recommended Products List.


Epica Electric Kettle Amazon Product Description

Epica Electric Kettle Features


An inviting cup of tea or coffee is a sensitive balance. From the delicate, subtle flavors of white tea… to the sweet, earthy aroma of green… to the warmth of a strong, fruity blend….there’s an ideal water temperature for steeping each of these varieties to bring out their best flavor without bitterness or scorching.

Unfortunately, most kettles boil water too hot, scalding the delicate leaves. But, luckily, there’s also the Epica Cordless Electric Kettle – a kettle designed with you in mind.

The Epica Cordless Electric Kettle is built with 6 variable temperatures to coax the very best flavors from your favorite hot beverage.

  • FOR BETTER TASTING TEA AND COFFEE | 100% BPA FREE: If you’re using the same-temp water for green tea as you are for your coffee, you’re missing out: Finding an ideal water temperature brings out the best flavors. With the Epica 6-temperature kettle, every drink you make can be a little closer to perfection. It even advises which temps to use for which beverage!
  • FASTEST BOILING | FOR WHEN YOU NEED A QUICK CUP: Only have a few minutes for break? Have someone drop by unexpectedly? Stop waiting 10+ minutes for water on the stove to get hot. This Epica kettle brings the heat quicker than any stove-top kettle. And with our Cooltouch handle and automatic shut-off, it’s perfect for offices or homes.
  • SLEEK NEW DESIGN | BRING BEAUTY TO ANY COUNTERTOP: Designed with beautiful stainless steel design paired with an excellent build quality—this kettle is an attractive addition to any kitchen. At Epica, we know that it you can’t just be the best—you also have to look good doing it.
  • PROGRAM WITH EASE: The Epica kettle has a two hour keep-warm button. It also has a two-minute setting memory that’s lightning fast to use, so your water is ready at the temperature you want whenever you need it.
  • TWO YEAR WARRANTY: This kettle is made with the highest quality materials. If you have any problems in the first two years, we’ll replace it free of charge.

 From the Manufacturer – Epica

Epica Tea Kettle Features

We worked hand-in-hand with a team of product engineers and interface specialists to create a variable kettle that is as easy to use as it is convenient.
Features include:

  • 6 Programmable Presets – program the custom temps for your go-to beverages
  • Memory-Recall – 90-second memory recall for quick reboils
  • One-Touch Stay-Hot Setting – keeps water freshly hot for up to 2 hours
  • Clear Level Gauge – check water levels at a glance

The Epica Cordless Electric Kettle’s modern, stainless steel finish will suit any kitchen or office decor. And thanks to its concealed heating element, there is never any unsightly mineral build-up, keeping your kettle looking as clean and new as the day you bought it.

The Epica Cordless Electric Kettle is perfect for morning rushes and busy evenings. 1500 Powerful watts bring your water to a rolling boil in minutes, and a 30 minute keep-warm button delivers your water piping hot whenever you’re ready for it. A 360 ° detachable base means you can easily lift and pour one-handed.

Life can be distracting. That’s why the Epica Cordless Electric Kettle is designed with auto-off. If your water begins to boil out, the heat element shuts off, keeping you safe. Plus, the handle is designed with Cooltouch, keeping hands safe from unexpected burns.

Epica is a small company obsessed with bringing you the comforts of home through advanced technology. We concentrate on taking what works well, improving it, and giving you something better, so you can capture and experience the magic of home in every cupful.

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