Guest Post Opportunities

Do you have an idea for a guest post on That Helpful Dad?

If so, we are happy to consider a guest post about a topic relevant to our site. If you have an idea, we recommend you contact us in advance to agree on a topic(s). After that, the process is simple.

How to Submit a Guest Post

Once a topic is agreed upon, then…

  • Send the article via google doc and any pics in a separate file.
  • Feel free to an author bio/pic as well.

Can you include Links in your Guest Post?

We DO accept the following links in guest posts:

  • A link back to your website;
  • Links to 3rd party sites that may act as a reference to your story (for example Wikipedia, related articles, news sites).

We do NOT accept articles with affiliate links or promotional links.

  • If you have a product you’d like us to consider endorsing, you can contact us to arrange for our review and if we believe the product/service is valuable, we will consider endorsing it on our site with a post by That Helpful Dad. This complies with our Trust Guarantee policy.

Is there a charge for a Guest Post?

We do NOT charge authors for a guest post since we believe it’s a win-win proposition for all.