Spoonk Bed of Nails Accupressure Mat Review

Spoonk Bed of Nails Accupressure Mat Review

Spoonk Bed of Nails – this product goes by many names but it’s basically an acupressure mat. Lay on this thing (skin to mat) and you’ll experience a gamut of sensations.

Is there pain? Yes. It hurts — especially if you lay on the mat without a shirt and with a hard floor underneath – but seriously if you are gonna do it you gotta go ‘all in’ if you wanna get the highest ROI.

The good news? Get through the first 5 minutes and you’ll be over the hump – on the way to a state of bliss. After 20-30 minutes, you’ll reach a state of ‘gelatinous euphoria’ where the cares of the world melt away. I love my mat so much I have a small travel size I take with me.

That Helpful Dad’s Pro Tip: Combo this with your favorite meditation and it’s an out of body experience.

This is one of my Top 10 Favorite Products and it’s on my 2018 Essential Guide to Awesomeness.


Spoonk Bed of Nails Amazon Description

Spoonk Combo Acupressure Mat 3 Item Set: A revolution in pain relief & sleep induction

Acupressure has been used for centuries to promote self-healing by rejuvenating and rebalancing the body. Spoonk works on the simple principle of acupressure by pressing the stimulation points on the skin to increase circulation and aid relaxation in the inflamed and painful muscle area, relieving muscle, nerve, and back pain. Spoonk provides the benefits of a deep tissue massage that lowers the “stress hormone” cortisol while releasing endorphins (or “feel good hormones”), which help create an overall more positive and relaxed state of mind.

The Spoonk Bed of Nails is Clinically Tested:
94% Improved sleep quality
98% Muscle pain relief
96% Deep relaxation

Spoonk Bed of Nails

What makes our Spoonk brand of acupressure mats exceptional?

  • Production Cost: Spoonk Space Inc. believes in quality, offering products that will last. We have gone to extensive effort to source top quality materials and design. 
  • Stimulation Points: 6120 taller acupressure points, optimal for enhanced effect (more acupressure points tend to decrease the effect by lowering pressure).
  • Fabric Cover: Velcro panels for easy removal, fabric hanging loops for easy storage.
  • Environmental Wellness: Spoonk products are produced with the highest environmental criteria in mind and made with all natural materials.
Spoonk Travel

Spoonk Bed of Nails 3 Item Set Includes:

  • Regular Size Mat and carrying bag
  • Travel Size Mat and self-carry belt: roll it up, use it flat, or take it with you for a massage from head to toe, at home or on the go.
  • Groove Ball: roll the ball under your feet for instant energy, or to relieve foot pain and Planter Fasciitis.

How to Spoonk on a Bed of Nails

Spoonk Bed of NailsRegular Size:
Sleep Induction & Back Treatment:

  • Lie down on your back against the Spoonk mat in your bed. We recommend direct skin contact with the mat for 20-40 minutes for the best effect.
  • The initially strong sensation of the stimulation spikes will subside after 1-2 minutes as relaxation spreads throughout the body, reducing stiffness and pain. A tolerance can be built up by gradually increasing the time on the mat. Due to an increase in sensation, you may experience a pleasantly warm sensation.
  • Once you reach a deeper level of relaxation you are ready to remove the mat and go to sleep. Relaxation before sleep is crucial to achieve deeper and sounder sleep.
  • Deep sleep helps us produce the growth hormone which is needed to boost our immune system, help us look younger, and heal us in general.

Abdominal Massage:

  • Position the Spoonk mat under your abdomen for 20 minutes to relax the body and mind, as well as boost digestion and energy.

Rise & Shine Treatment:

  • Instead of the snooze button, try lying on the Spoonk mat for 10 minutes in the morning!
Travel Size:
Roll it up

  • Roll the mat up and use it for a neck and head massage, or for the small of your back.
  • Has velcro panels to keep it in place.

Use it flat

  • Lay the mat flat for a back massage or step on it (with socks on) for a reflexology foot massage.
  • Press any painful muscle areas against the stimulation points for a deep tissue massage whenever you need to soothe stiffness and reduce inflammation which causes muscle pain.

Take it with you

  • Spoonk Travel Mats are a small, convenient size and come with a self-carrying strap for easy transport.
  • On a plane, or a long car ride, nothing works as well for reducing Sciatica pain as the travel Spoonk rolled up and pressed against your lower back area.

After Yoga or Exercise:

  • Start and end your yoga routine with a 10 minute Spoonk massage to deepen the relaxation effects of yoga.
  • After any workout, wrap the mat around sore muscles to lessen stiffness.
Groove Ball:
Foot Massage & Reflexology:

  • Roll the Groove Ball under your feet or between your hands for 3-5 minutes when you feel fatigued.
  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our feet and hands have specific reflex areas that correspond to the body’s organs.
  • Reflexology foot and hand massage have a rejuvenating effect on the whole body.
  • Ideal for tired feed, Planter Fasciitis, and other foot ailments.

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