Nest Hello vs Ring – How to Decide which Video Doorbell is Best for YOUR Family

Are you shopping for a video doorbell? Do you have it narrowed it down to either the Nest Hello or one of the Ring Video Doorbells? Are you stuck trying to decide which is the best video doorbell? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then this article is for you.  We’ll give you all the key tips you need to make a decision in the battle of Nest vs Ring!

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  • Video Doorbells from Nest and Ring – Available Options
  • Key Tips for Deciding between Nest vs Ring
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Current Options for Video Doorbells

We’re not going to spend a lot of time in this section describing all the features and benefits of the video doorbells from Nest and Ring because that info is readily available elsewhere and if you’re reading this article, it’s likely you already know all the basics about the products and instead are looking for the tips you need to make a buying decision. However, we still need to at least clarify the products being discussed in this article. 

Here are the video doorbells we’re talking about – click on the pics to learn more about each one. 

Ring Doorbell V1

Ring Doorbell V2

Ring Doorbell Pro

Nest Hello

Ring Doorbells vs Nest Hello – How to Decide?

This is the KEY section of this article. Use these questions to make a final decision as to which video doorbell is best for YOUR family.

Is PRICE your #1 deciding factor? 

If so, the decision is easy. Pick the Ring Video Doorbell V1 – it’s usually $99 or less which is far less than the other options. The Ring Video Doorbell V1 will give you most of the key features of the other options. 

Is VIDEO CLARITY important? 

Although the Ring Video Doorbell V2 and Ring Video Doorbell Pro offer 1080P HD Video, many reviewers and consumers have found that the Nest Hello’s HDR video is actually superior to the Ring Models. If Video Clarity is most important to you, then pick the Nest Hello. 

Do you need Easy Installation WITHOUT Hardwiring?

If your current doorbell is not hardwired (i.e. connected to electrical wires) and/or you don’t want to hardwire your video doorbell, then you will NOT want to choose the Nest Hello or Ring Doorbell Pro because both of these require hardwiring. If you’re looking for a simple plug and play option – choose the Ring Video Doorbell V1 or Ring Doorbell V2 – both offer the option to use either batteries or hardwiring. 


Is Night Vision Important?

Do a search for “Night Vision Nest vs Ring” and you’ll see lots of examples of how Nest offers superior night vision video. If this is important to you, pick the Nest Hello. 

Is a Video Cloud Storage Service Pricing Important?

Ring has the edge here in terms of price and storage. Ring starts at $3/month and gives you up to 2 months of storage, while Nest’s plan (called Nest Aware) starts at $5/mo and only 5 days of storage. Both can be upgraded for more cameras and longer times, but in general Ring is the lower cost option. In this case, choose any of the Ring options. 

Is Smart Home Connectivity Important?

This was the most important deciding factor for my family. Since we had multiple Google Products and the Nest Thermostat and other connected smart devices, the Nest Hello was the best choice for us. However if you are an Amazon family with Echos and Alexa devices then get one of the Ring devices. 

Yes it’s true that you can (currently) use Nest Hello with Alexa-enabled devices, and Ring video doorbells with Google Assistant devices, don’t forget the Nest is owned by Google and Ring is owned by Amazon and these two giant companies don’t get along.

You’ll get the easiest compatibility and most features if you pair your Nest with Google smart devices and your Ring with Amazon Alexa devices. 

Where to Buy the Nest Hello or Ring Video Doorbell

Because of the Amazon vs Google battle, you can’t get the Nest Hello from Amazon, but you can find it at the Google Store, Best Buy, Target, Walmart’s, and more. 

Here’s the link to the Walmart-owned

The Ring is even easier to find – all 3 Ring video doorbells are always available on Amazon. You can find them at Best Buy and other stores, too, however the best prices are on Amazon so check there first. 

Here’s a link to see ALL current Ring Video Doorbells on Amazon. 

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