Best Snorkel Masks for Kids and Families

If you’re looking for honest reviews about the best snorkel masks for kids and families this article and video can help you. We’ll demo three different types of snorkel mask sets and give you our reviews and recommendations on the best snorkel mask sets for kids and families.

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Whether you live in Florida like us and can go swimming all year round or whether you’re looking for a snorkel mask set because you’ve got a beach vacation, cruise trip, or just planning to spend time in the backyard pool, this review can help you. In our video we’ll demo and review a snorkel mask with fins, a full face mask snorkel mask, and even a snorkel mask set for toddlers too.

Best Snorkel Mask Demo and Reviews

In this video you’ll see demos of 3 different kinds of snorkel masks. You’ll also get the perspective of Jax (9 years old), JeeHo (4 years old), and me (let’s just say 40+ years old – haha).

Video Table of Contents

Use these links to skip ahead in the vid

  1. Jax Demo of Full Face Snorkel Mask: 0:40
  2. Jax Demo of Toddlers Snorkel 01:40
  3. Jax Demo of Snorkel Set with Flippers 02:20
  4. Toddler Demo of Kids Snorkel mask 03:23
  5. Dad’s Demo of Full Snorkel Set with Fins 03:58
  6. Dad’s Demo of Full Face Snorkel Mask 05:00
  7. Dad’s choice of products and WHY 5:35
  8. Jax’s choice of products and WHY 06:40
  9. Dad’s further thoughts on the Full Face Mask 07:51

What Makes a Good Snorkel Mask?

Here’s what we looked for in deciding what type of snorkel mask to buy:

  1. Is it easy to breathe? One of the things I love about the US Divers Full Face Snorkel Mask is that you can breathe through your nose AND your mouth. This provides awesome flexibility and makes it more comfortable to snorkel underwater without coming up for a break longer. That means more underwater sights to see!
  2. Is it comfortable? If the snorkel mask straps are too tight or don’t feel right, or if the snorkel mask itself rubs your face the wrong way then you won’t want to wear it very long.
  3. Is it easy to adjust? Let’s face it, you WILL have to fiddle with strap on your snorkel mask. Knowing that, you’ll want to pick a snorkel mask whose straps are easy to move. This is especially true on snorkel masks for kids.
  4. Can you see good under water? Kind of important, right? I mean obviously you want a snorkel mask that allows you to see good – but that’s easier said than done. If you choose a mask that fogs up too easily or has a limited view, then you won’t see much. That’s another reason why I am a fan of the full face snorkel masks. You can see so much so clear!
  5. Is it a good value for the money? When we’re trying to find the best snorkel masks for kids and families, we’re clearly NOT looking for ‘professional’ models. With that in mind, we want something that is easy on the pocketbook. Pretty much everything you see on the page should be in the $25-50 price range.

Products seen in the video (or similar products)

1-Full Face Snorkel Mask

US Divers AirGo Full Face Snorkel System


  • 180° Panoramic Visibility
  • Easy Breathing – a dual chamber system that separates inhaled fresh air from exhaled CO2 and helps you only breathe the fresh air around you
  • Fog Free.
  • Silicone Skirt and Straps.

Did you know?

We used our US Divers Full Face snorkel masks on our Disney Cruise and had an awesome time with them!

2-Standard Snorkel Mask with FINS

U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set. Adult Snorkel Mask, Snorkel, Fins, and Travel Bag


  • 2-window mask
  • 3-Way Adjust straps
  • Fins with full foot pocket

3-Toddlers Snorkel Mask Set

U.S. Divers Youth Flare Jr Silicone Snorkeling Set Fun Blue Small 1-3


  • Silicone straps for maximum comfort
  • 3-way buckles for easy adjustments
  • Shaped for youth and small adults

Other Snorkel Masks to consider

We chose the US Divers Brand and we are really pleased with this brand. In my opinion the US Divers Brand offers some of the best snorkels masks for kids and family, however let’s face it, there are other options.

Here are some lists of highly rated snorkel sets currently selling on Amazon for you to check out.

Best Snorkel Masks – YOU Decide

Well, what’s it gonna be? Did you make a choice on the best snorkel masks for YOUR family? If so, let us know in the comments below – especially if there is a set you really liked.

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