The Antichrist Arrives, Apostle John is Still Alive, and the Vatican’s Secret Archives. Who Knew?

What if I told you that the Antichrist is here…now…in our world?

Or that the ‘beloved’ apostle St John is still alive today?

Or that the Vatican is aware that the horrors John described in the Book of Revelation are occurring today and that Pope Benedict shammed his ‘retirement’ in order to conspire behind the scenes or orchestrate would events?

Would you believe any of it?

I didn’t believe any of it either – until I heard from St John himself!

Editor’s Note: although this content is a bit different than most of what you’ll find on our site, I encourage you to give it a gander. I write lots of books – this is one of my favorites…

The End is Near?

The year is this year. The time is today. Doomsday Prophets again proclaim End of the World — yet this time they may be correct!

Like most people, you probably don’t know that the three nails used to crucify Jesus Christ still exist, or that they are guarded by three immortals from biblical times. One of these immortals is St. John The Apostle, a prophet who continues to be tormented by revelations he cannot escape.

Experience a Tale Unlike Any Other

Before you freak out, sell all your stuff, head to confession, and then on to Jerusalem for The Rapture – pause and take a breath. Then take me up on this cool offer…

Are you a fan of “End of the World” stories such as Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series, and other books of the religious fiction genre?

If so, I’d like to personally invite you to read an exciting new version of my book The Last Temptation of John.

Click the book pic to get FREE access to an ENHANCED MULTIMEDIA version of The Pawns of Prophecy – Book I of The Last Temptation of John that features exciting new content such as videos, art, music, & more!

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I hope you enjoy the experience – and if you do, please let me know because this is a format I’m looking to use for some of my other books as well.

Fair Warning

Before you read this book, please remember one thing…

This is a work of FICTION.

I’m not necessarily suggesting that that the Antichrist is really here among us, or that Apostle John is still alive today, or that Pope Benedict faked his retirement in order to conspire behind the scenes with underground secret societies…

Then again, perhaps I am… 🙂

What if the events detailed in The Book of Revelation were about to occur… this year?

Could anyone save us from certain death? The answer is YES. Hard as it may be to believe, St. John the Apostle is still alive today – having been blessed with the Gift of Immortality so that he could survive to fight against the coming of The Antichrist. Unfortunately, over the course of the last 2,000 years John has lost is faith!

Can John recover his faith in time to stop Armageddon or will Satan’s Son achieve Ultimate Victory? The answer to that question and many more will be revealed in the thrilling new book series The Last Temptation of John.

Read it the trilogy today…

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3 thoughts on “The Antichrist Arrives, Apostle John is Still Alive, and the Vatican’s Secret Archives. Who Knew?”

  1. A fascinating topic of good appeal. I have thought of writing a fiction piece claiming that Paul (Saul) was, in Fact, Jesus remade … the age and years would fit.

  2. I came here after watching the movie with Richard Harris as John.
    Regarding Paul, I always found it odd that he did not fellowship very much with the 12 apostles of the Lamb. I hear of no interaction between Paul, Mary Magdalene and John. If Paul had really wanted to hear the first hand account of the majesty of Jesus, surely he would have started with these two?
    When I was reading the story of how Saul tried to convince David to wear his armour, it reminded me of Paul telling us to “put on the armour of God”. Personally, I have found Paul’s doctrine to be clunky, overly religious and at odds with the words of Jesus.
    Nobody taught me this. I came to this conclusion by myself through study of the Word and prayer.
    I believe it is time for us to be free of the shackles of religion because we most certainly have a date with our own personal Goliath.
    May God bless his children with true shepherds and remove the hirelings.


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