Ultimate Guide to The Kamado Joe – Resources, Helpful Links, and More

Kamado Joe – One Page to Rule Them All?

Welcome, Kamado Joe Fans. The purpose of this page is to create a helpful resource you can use to improve your enjoyment with the Kamado Joe. This page is intended for Kamado Joe owners and wanna be owners of all abilities. 

1. Are you a prospective owner considering buying your first kamado grill and trying to decide between a Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg or other kamado-style grill? This page will help you. 

2. Are you already a Kamado Joe owner but trying to up your game? Maybe you need help deciding what accessories to buy? Or perhaps your looking for great kamado recipes to try? Or maybe you’re looking for links to online communities you can join with other like-minded Kamado Joe? We have all that for you and more.

3. Are you a Kamado Joe chef, online retailer, forum moderator? Be sure to contact us so we can help you connect to more fans and build the Kamado Joe community.

Whatever your situation, we’re here to help you so let’s get moving…

Kamado Joe Resources – Table to Contents

Kamado Joe – Getting Started

This section is for people who are considering a kamado grill but haven’t bought it yet. Here is where you will get information to help you decide whether a kamado grill is right for you and why the Kamado Joe is such a great option.

Kamado Grill Choices

Kamado Grill Basic Information

The “BIG” Debate – Kamado Joe vs. Big Green Egg

If you’re serious about shopping for a Kamado grill, then sooner or later you’ll be confronted with this question: “which is better – the Kamado Joe or the Big Green Egg?”

Google “Kamado Joe vs. Big Green Egg” and you’ll quickly discover that everyone and their brother has an opinion to share, but the fact of the matter is that BOTH are great options. You really can’t go wrong with a Kamado Joe or a Big Green Egg. Both are well made, have a large following, and have been around long enough to establish a respectable track record of quality and service. 

That being said, after I did my research I ended up choosing a Kamado Joe. In this section I’ll share with you my reasons for choosing the Kamado Joe as well as the perspective of others in the hopes that having this info will make you a more informed consumer so you can make the decision that is best for YOUR situation. 

Here are TWO helpful articles on this topic…

Big Green Egg vs Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe – What Makes a KJ Different?

There are some key differences that (in my mind) make the Kamado Joe superior to the Big Green Egg:

  1. Divide and Conquer System (greater flexibility in cooking)
  2. A boatload of Accessories included (cost savings)
  3. Air-Lift Hinge (safety issue)
  4. The new SloRoller Low and Slow cooking insert. 

In addition, here are a few more links to read as you do your research…

Here are some helpful videos for you…


Kamado Joe vs. Big Green Egg – What Others are Saying

Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg – Multiple Perspectives

Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg – Video Discussions


Kamado Joe – Current Models, Reviews, and How to Choose

You’re in this section because you are now pretty sure you want a Kamado Joe but first you want to see some reviews, check out the latest models, and get a bit more technical info about why the Kamado Joe is right for you. 

Kamado Joe – Current Models

Kamado Joe “Classic III”

Kamado Joe Classic III

Kamado Joe “Big Joe III”

Kamado Joe “Pro Joe”

Kamado Joe “Joe Junior”

Kamado Joe III

Kamado Joe Classic vs Big Joe vs Joe Junior – How to Choose?

Once you know you want a Kamado Joe, the big question is which model is the best for you? There are some important considerations to keep in mind. 

First off, let’s take the Joe Junior off the table – because of it’s small size it’s not likely to be your first KJ. Instead the ‘travel size’ Joe Junior is perfect for KJ owners who want to take their kamado grilling on the road. The Joe Junior is thus an excellent choice for camping, tailgating, and similar on-the-go situations.

That leaves us with the Kamado Joe Classsic II vs Big Joe II as the most popular choices. 

If you’re trying to decide between the Kamado Joe Classic vs the Kamado Joe Big Joe here’s what I recommend you keep in mind…

  1. COST – there’s a large difference in price between the models, usually several hundred dollars. 
  2. GRILLING SPACE NEEDS – If you’re generally cooking for 4-6 people at a time, the KJ Classic is ideal, but if you often cook for large groups, then you may want the Big Joe. 
  3. SIZE – do you have the space in your outdoor kitchen for the model you want? 
  4. ACCESSORIES – This one is often overlooked but I think it’s kind of important. The Classic KJ is the most popular model and as a result the Classic KJ has the most accessories for the best cost. This is not to say that you won’t be able to get most/if not all of the main accessories for the Big Joe too, just that they may be harder to find and they will definitely be more expensive. It may be just $5-10 more for lower cost items or it may be $50-100 more for higher end items. Want to learn more about accessories for your KJ? Read “Best Accessories for your Kamado Joe – A Must Have List”

More Resources to help you decide between the Kamado Joe Classic vs Big Joe 

Kamado Guru Forum Discussion

Spec Chart KJ Classic vs Big Joe

Kamado Joe Website Comparison

Best Accessories for Kamado Joe **HOT TOPIC**

This topic is so important and so big that I have a separate article devoted to it. Check it out here…

Kamado Joe Helpful Links

A set of links that can make life easier for you regarding warranty registration, care, cleaning, customer service, and more.

Kamado Joe Main Website

Kamado Joe Email Page

Find a Kamado Joe Dealer in YOUR Area. 

Kamado Joe Official Manuals (PDFs)

Kamado Joe SPEC Sheets

Kamado Joe Warranty Info

Kamado Joe Registration

Kamado Joe Replacement Parts (gaskets, side tables, etc)

Kamado Joe Product Brochures

Kamado Joe Contact Info

3400 Rivergreen Court, Suite 600
Duluth, Georgia 30096

Phone (Toll-Free): (877) 215-6299

Phone (Metro Atlanta): (678) 866-0642

Fax: (678) 866-0643

Kamado Joe Setup, Care, and Maintenance

General Info about How to Care for your Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe Unboxing and Assembly

Kamado Joe Setup before first cook

How to control the temperature on your Kamado Joe.

Another great reference on this topic is the book HOT COALS

How to light lump charcoal

How to light your Kamado Joe

How to light your Kamado Joe for HIGH HEAT cooks quickly

How to cool down your kamado grill

Kamado Joe Basic Care and Maintenance Tips

How to care for your Kamado Joe Cast Iron Griddle and Cast Iron Grates (See Best Accessories for your Kamado Joe for more on this cooking surfaces)

How to replace the GASKET on your Kamado Joe

How to calibrate the Temperature Gauge on your Kamado Joe

How to tighten the hinges and bands on our Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe Forums and Groups

Links to some great Kamado Joe Groups so you can connect with other KJ owners…

Kamado Joe Official Facebook Page

Facebook Group – Kamado Joe Nation

Facebook Group – Kamado Joe Grilling and Smoking

Facebook Group – Kamado Joe Grilling and Smoking Too

Facebook Group: iKamand Owners

Reddit – Kamado Joe Threads

Kamado Guru – Kamado Joe Threads

Kamado Joe Recipes

Coming soon – we are building separate pages for the recipe matrix so you can find your favorite recipes quickly.