Books by Michael Stoppa

Thanks for your interest in my publications. As you can see from the list below my books cover diverse topics.

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Fiction/Fantasy: The Apocrypha of Azazel

Azazel, The God of Death, reveals the secret history of our world by reading to us from his diary. Death’s journals are a campy mix of Tolkienesque fantasy, religion, and mythology. Often self-deprecating, always irreverent, & quite possibly true!

This book series is still on-going and it has it’s own website – You can also listen to it via Podcast or YouTube.

Fiction/Biblical Adventure: The Last Temptation of John Trilogy

What if the events detailed in The Book of Revelation were about to occur…this year? Could anyone save us?

Could anyone save us from certain death? The answer is YES. Hard as it may be to believe, St. John the Apostle is still alive today – having been blessed with the Gift of Immortality so that he could survive to fight against the coming of The Antichrist. Unfortunately, over the course of the last 2,000 years John has lost his faith!

Can John recover his faith in time to stop Armageddon or will Satan’s Son achieve Ultimate Victory? The answer to that question and many more will be revealed in the thrilling new book series The Last Temptation of John.

The Last Temptation of John also has it’s own website – You’ll also find it via Podcast and YouTube.

Non-Fiction/Gaming/Self-Help: Diary of a Minecraft Dad

Parents and gamers alike will enjoy “Diary of a Minecraft Dad” — a How-To Guide about Minecraft AND Life!

Read about Jackson’s dad getting stuck in various Minecraft scenarios & test YOUR own knowledge. Along the way, you’ll get 240 tips about how to do specific things in Minecraft & you’ll learn how to apply your Minecraft tips to the real world so that you can become a better person in life too. Who wouldn’t like that?

Non-Fiction/Self-Improvement/Pets: A Life Worth Living – The Story of Sassy

Laugh and cry as you witness Sassy muddle through the ups and downs of her life and discover what I learned from being her daddy — there was more to Sassy than just being the cliche heroine of another feel-good doggie tale. Sassychanged our lives in a profound way and, if you open your heart to her message, perhaps she could help change your life too.

Despite the diversity, the overall goal of each book I write is the same…

To share wisdom that you can apply to your own life so that you can make the world a better place for yourself and others.