Thanks for your interest in my publications. As you can see from the list below my books cover diverse topics, including…

  • Fiction/Fantasy Novels: War of The Ghast, Genesis Revisited – both part of the series A Grim Future?
  • Fiction/Biblical Adventure: The Last Temptation of John
  • Non-Fiction/Gaming/Self-Help: Diary of a Minecraft Dad (co-author Jackson Stoppa)
  • Non-Fiction/Investment: The Options Alchemist (co-author Michael Thomsett)
  • Non-Fiction/Self-Improvement/Pets: A Life Worth Living – The Story of Sassy

Despite the diversity, the overall goal of each book I write is the same: to share wisdom that you can apply to your own life so that you can make the world a better place for yourself and others.

Michael’s Books include:

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