Naked Oats + Whey – a great combo with variety of options to enjoy

When the company Naked Nutrition recently contacted me to review another one of their supplements, I was happy to help. I’ve worked with them in the past and appreciate the company’s focus on using pure ingredients vs marketing hype, so I was excited to try Naked Oats + Whey. What follows is my review and some ideas for how to get the most use out of this versatile product from Naked Nutrition.

Why Listen to Me?

Regular readers of my blog know I’m into all things healthy. Being over 50, I strive to live the 50+ Fitness lifestyle and as such not only do I regularly work out, but I also enjoy tracking everything I eat and drink. I hope me sharing my experiences with you will be helpful.

Naked Oats + Whey – What’s inside?

Naked Oats is basically a whey protein powder that’s combined with rolled oats. The oats used here are gluten free and the product itself is GMO Free and Soy Free. With 20 grams of protein and 40 carbs at 270 calories, the product also boasts a high quality Amino Acid profile (17 Amino Acids) – making it a powerful muscle building supplement when combined with your fitness routine.

Why I Like Naked Oats

In my opinion, Naked Oats is a great way to get a super food combo of two of the most common building block foods in your fitness program. Having them combined into one product makes it convenient and easy to get an energizing protein + healthy carb fix to prep you for your day and/or your workout. I find it to be a time saving product that fits in well with my routine.

How am I using Naked Oats?

My teenage son and I are both into working out and eating healthy. He and I have been using Naked Oats for about a month now and we’ve come up with a few ways of using the product.

Simple Protein Oat Drink for Breakfast – as part of his balanced breakfast, my son has taken a liking to mixing a scoop of Naked Oats with 8 oz of milk in the morning. The product mixes easily with just a few stirs of a fork in the milk and it gives him a great boost to his school day.

PreWorkout Boost – Me – I like mixing mine with water to save on the calories and just taking a quick drink of it about an hour before my workout so I have the protein ready for building muscle and the oats for the carb energy for the exercise routine.

A Key Ingredient in your Favorite Shake – if my son or I are making a ‘big shake’ in the Nutribullet, we love to add in a scoop of Naked Oats to the mix. My fav shake is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey + Banana + Naked Oats + Flaxseed + Kirkland Peanut Butter + Almond Milk. Sometimes I’ll add in some frozen coconut, other times I’ll skip the banana and peanut butter and add in frozen mango and/or frozen blueberries. As for Jax, he’s all about bulking at his age so he up’s the calories with two scoops of fun.

Post Workout Meal or Night time snack – my son Jax has come up with a version of a recipe from a fellow YouTuber where he makes a tasty little snack by mixing up 1 scoop of Naked Oats + 1 TB of Maple Syrup + 1 TB of Peanut Butter + 1 TB of Chocolate Chips. It’s addictive!

However you mix it, Naked Oats fits in well and it blends easily – AND IT TASTES GREAT!

How to Buy Naked Oats + Whey

You can find the product most easily by visiting Naked Nutrition’s website and visiting this page:

Why Trust Me?

If you read my blog, you’ve probably read my Trust Guarantee so you know I don’t endorse a company unless I use their products myself. When I recommend Naked Oats to you it’s because I have seen the results for myself – therefore I feel good about telling you to check it out too. I hope you find as much value from the product as my family and I do.

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