Are You Missing the Now Moments of Your Life?

Now Moments are the very essence of life and the more you recognize when a Now Moment is happening in your life, the more you will enjoy life and create the Legacy Life you’ve always wanted.

In this this article we’ll talk about Now Moments – what they are and why they matter – and I’ll give you some ideas for how you can enjoy more Now Moments in your everyday life.

Now Moments

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What is a Now Moment?

A Now Moment is an instant in life when you pause and are consciously aware of what’s happening to you ‘in this moment’.

Ferdinand understood Now Moments!

You can also think of Now Moments as taking time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ or ‘enjoying the journey of life’ or any number of other cliches that help you appreciate the present moment. After all, when we recognize that all we have in life is ‘this moment’ then we can begin to appreciate why it’s so critically important to enjoy the special moments of life while you are living them – because they don’t last forever.

Do Now Moments Only Occur During Special Occasions?

It’s a common misconception to believe that only special occasions and big events are the triggers that create Now Moments. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Sure, special events like going on a Disney Cruise, enjoying an amazing dinner with friends and family, and similar situations can provide us with opportunities for Now Moments but that’s mainly because, when we are experiencing a special occasion, our minds are more attuned to paying attention to the fact that something important IS happening and therefore we are more apt to recognize Now Moments at those times.

HOWEVER, if we only ever look for Now Moments during the special occasions of life, we’ll miss out on 99% of the Now Moments that happen in our life because the fact is that each and every day there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Now Moments…

…but only IF you actually recognize them, pause, and take the time to savor them.

Examples of Now Moments in Every Day Life

The opportunity to experience a Now Moment is limited only by your ability to recognize them and take the time to enjoy them because Now Moments literally occur countless times every day.

Here are some examples of Now Moments from everyday life that I’ve savored recently – perhaps it will give you some ideas as well…

Now Moments
Jax learning to be a chef
  • Cooking a langostino pasta dinner with my son Jax;
  • Enjoying a relaxing glass of wine after dinner on the back patio with my wife Anne;
  • Sitting quietly with my 14-year old Yorkie Bella and speaking words of blessings over her;
  • Coaching a T-Ball game and witnessing one of my players who usually chases butterflies around actually pay attention and making a nice catch;
  • Helping my 5-year old JeeHo make a Minecraft YouTube video;
  • Watching my brother in law Eli create a beautiful painting of a country farm in just a few minutes – check it out…
Eli paints a country farm
  • Making our first fire of the year in the fireplace of our backyard barn;
  • Grilling with my friends Mark and Ben and arguing about who makes the best chicken wings (it’s obviously me!);
  • Watching Jax sand the wood on his shadow box creation at Cub Scouts;
  • Volunteering at my son’s school (the amazing North Tampa Christian Academy) and sharing tidbits of wisdom with the students;
  • Talking about our day as a family during our nightly bedtime ritual;

And the list goes on and on.

Does it give you any ideas for some of the Now Moments in YOUR life?

Keeping Track of Now Moments

Although you certainly don’t need to formally keep track of your Now Moments in order to enjoy them, I like doing this. As you may recall, I’m a big believer in Tony Robbin’s wisdom…

“If your life is worth living, it’s worth recording.”

Tony Robbins

As a result, I like to keep track of the Now Moments that occur in my life in my daily journal (BTW I use Google Docs for my journaling now because I can access my journals on any device and record them at any time).

I also like using the free mobile app called Daylio to make notes on my Now Moments. If you’re not familiar with Daylio read my article about it here.

Daylio Mobile Journal

Additionally I like talking about Now Moments with my family and teaching my children how to recognize them so they can better appreciate their lives from an early age.

What about you – how do you keep track of the Now Moments in YOUR life?

Don’t Just Take My Word for It

Far be it from me to expect you to simply listen to my words of advice when I realize you don’t know me that well. Instead let me recommend another wisdom guru to you – surely you’ve heard what the legendary savant Ferris Bueller had to say on this topic right?

Dr. Ferris Beuller, Esq.

Now Moments in YOUR Life

Perhaps reading this little bit of wisdom is one of the Now Moments in your life today – if so that would be awesome and be sure to let me know in the comments below.

I wonder what other Now Moments are waiting for you today?


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2 thoughts on “Are You Missing the Now Moments of Your Life?”

  1. this is extremely fascinating because I actually WAS reading this in the middle of my Now moment! just clicked on this article because I researched about Dailyo and your blog caught my eyes 👀

    • Hi, Laura, so glad to hear from you. Daylio is a great way to track the Now Moments of life…so long as you don’t let the process of the tracking interfere with the Now Moments itself 🙂
      God bless


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