Life Lessons

One of the top legacy life goals I hold dear is sharing helpful wisdom with others that will help them make their lives better – that includes helping my children, my friends, and you too. One of my favorite ways to do this is by sharing life lessons – little tidbits about real life situations that includes a few nuggets of ‘practical’ wisdom.

Real Life Situations + Practical Wisdom = Life Lesson

On this page I’ll share some of my most popular life lessons. If you like them, I encourage you to share them with others too. And if you have a life lesson to share with me, by all means, please do so – I still thirst for knowledge myself and could always use helpful advice.

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There is Beauty Everywhere… If You Only Look

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4 Tips to Spend More Time on Your Legacy Life Goals

Are You Willing to Make a Fool of Yourself…And Become a Master?

Advice: How to Accept and Give Good Advice

NOW is the time to ENJOY LIFE

Being Disciplined Now Can Lead to Good Things Later — IF You Learn from it


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The Power of Your Perspective

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Fail Your Way to Success

The Power of Planning

Development Follows Demand – But Are You Demanding Enough of Yourself?

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Even More Life Lessons

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