Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Sale **Unadvertised 50% Off Sale** (Limited Time Only)

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Sale – There is an unadvertised 50% Off Sale on Amazon Firestick 4k that is running until Dec 31, 2019 or while supplies last.

If you read my blog you know that the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k is the #1 product I recommend for people who are trying to get rid of cable and learn how to stream tv online. I’ve written tons of articles about the Amazon Fire TV Stick and how I use it to watch tv online. This is a great sale because you can save 50% off the cost HOWEVER you have to use the PROMO CODE “4KFIRETV” to get the discount.

Here is a link to the product:

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K


  1. On the product page the price will show as $49.99
  2. You must use Promo Code “4KFIRETV” at in the PAYMENT PROMOTION CODE area at CHECKOUT to reduce price. The price will then reduce from $49.99 to $24.99

Successful use of the promo code will look like this:

Price with Promo Code

Nov 14 update to this article: Since the publication of this story on my site and others, there’s been reports of difficulties from people trying to get the discount. The problem appears to be on the Amazon side – although the code worked for me and numerous others, you can also see comments on Amazon that many others are having problems. The problem appears to be related to unclear ‘eligibility’ rules – you have to be a prime member, you can only buy 1, etc, however the “learn more” link from Amazon is no longer working to explain the rules. Doh!

Not sure why this has been so difficult, however I would keep a eye out on this deal – after all this is one of the premier deals on Black Friday and it’s actually supposed to run thru Dec 31 so surely Amazon will resolve this soon.

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4 thoughts on “Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Sale **Unadvertised 50% Off Sale** (Limited Time Only)”

    I get the news letter and emails and I am try to see if I can cut the cord
    thought this would be a great way to start, with the fire stick at 50% off

    • Give it a try again, Zoe. I used it successfully (the pic on this post is from my own purchase) and I just looked again to confirm the code is still active. Here is the official Amazon instructions “Use promo code 4KFIRETV at checkout.”

      The Fire TV 4k is a great way to cut the cord – especially if you are just starting out.

  2. As of 11/24/2019, the 4KFIRETV promotion code still doesn’t work at checkout.

    I’m only buying one, I’m a Prime member, they say it In Stock and we buy tons of stuff from Amazon. I just signed up for your newsletter, love to try to Cut the Cord but…. frankly I’m disappointed this didn’t work.

    • Hi, Jim, thanks for the feedback. I see your comment was from 11/23/19 and I would agree, this promotion has been quite a disappointment. A large number of people who’ve tried to use the promotion code haven’t been able to get it to work and the internet is filled with complaints on other sites as well from folks who’ve had trouble with this one. I’m going to keep this article up till 11/25 Monday of Thanksgiving Week when the Black Friday deals will be in full force and I suggest you try again then. If it’s still not working for most people I’ll remove this article since it’s no fun telling people about something that doesn’t work 🙁

      BTW, did you buy a Fire TV Stick recently? I’ve seen that be one of the ‘knock outs’ for the promotion.

      Most importantly, I hope this doesn’t sour you on moving away from cable and towards streaming tv. Even if you had to pay full price for a FireTV (for example) for all of your tvs, if you do the math over time, I still think you’ll save more money by cutting the cord vs continuing to pay for cable. Let me know what you discover in your case.


      PS – perhaps Sheriff Hopper from Stranger Things can investigate this for us and discover what’s really going on behind the scenes at Amazon? Maybe the Mindflayer is responsible for all this chaos?!? 🙂


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