The Best Saltwater Inshore Fishing Reels

If you’re a saltwater inshore fishing fan like me, you know one of the most important pieces of equipment is your fishing REEL. I fish the flats and barrier islands of the Gulf Coast of Florida and my reel can mean the difference between netting that redfish or losing him. To help you navigate the … Read more

Top 5 Saltwater Inshore Fishing Rods

If you’re a saltwater inshore fishing fan like me, then you know that saltwater inshore fishing presents its own set of challenges (and opportunities!), requiring specialized gear to tackle the diverse species and conditions found in coastal waters – especially here in Florida and the Gulf Coast. One of the most important pieces of equipment … Read more

5 Best Saltwater Inshore Fishing Rod and Reel Combos – Save Money with these combos

If you’re a fan of saltwater inshore fishing, you know the importance of having a good rod and reel – especially if you fish the flats in Florida like me. If you’ve been at it for awhile, you’re likely to purchase your rod and reel separately so you can fine tune the specs to your … Read more

Embracing Nature’s Pace: Non-Motorized Kayaks by Old Town – 5 Great Finds

For those who prefer the simplicity and tranquility of traditional kayaking, Old Town offers a selection of non-motorized kayaks that excel in performance and reliability. In this article, we’ll explore the top five non-motorized Old Town kayaks, each crafted to enhance your connection with nature and provide unforgettable on-water experiences. Old Town Castine 140: The … Read more

What I love (and hate) about my Old Town Sportsman 106 Powered by Minn Kota Motorized Fishing Kayak

In the world of fishing kayaks there are a lot of options and I’ve explored them all. It’s clear that innovation continues to drive the market forward and that’s a good thing. Kayak anglers like myself are always on the lookout for the latest advancements that can enhance our fishing experience. One such innovation comes … Read more

Best PreWorkout Supplement – Nitro Surge – Focus, Power, and Energy all in one!

Wanted to share my new favorite preworkout supplement with you – Nitro Surge. If you follow my blog you’ll know I’m a big fan of living a health lifestyle – I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting for 5 years, I meditate daily, and I try to exercise 5-6 days a week. I’m over 50 and so … Read more

Amazing Product Alert – Wonderience Sauna Tank Top for Gym, Home, Office, and more

I recently discovered a great new product called the Wonderience Waist Trainer Vest which is a Hot Neoprene Sauna Suit in the form of a workout Tank Top. It’s a fantastic product that’s ridiculously inexpensive (I got it for under $20) and it really lives up to its claims. In this quick post I’ll tell … Read more

Tough Mudder Top 10 Training Tips

Tough Mudder Training AND Tips. This vid is filled with tips to help make YOUR Tough Mudder experience better. If you have a tip to share, please add a comment. See you at the next Tough Mudder! Check out more of our favorite vids:Tough Mudder Race + Tips: Mudder 2012 Obstacles: Mudder SHOES: … Read more