Tough Mudder – Full Race and Tips for each Obstacle

The Helpful Dad provides you with detailed tips about each obstacle at Tough Mudder…

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This is a FULL Tough Mudder Race with Commentary to provide tips and advice. If you are getting ready to do Tough Mudder this vid may help you. If you have a tip to share, please do so in comments section. We have tons of other Tough Mudder Vids on our Channel too.

0:36 Steeplechase (watch out for other side)

0:45 Arctic Enema (crazy cold!)

1:22 Underwater Tunnels (careful of barbed wire)

1:48 Kiss of Mud (Time to Get Muddy)

2:35 Tire Pendulum (Hanging Tires)

3:00 Spider’s Web (Careful at the Top)

3:18 Warrior Dash Dig at 3k Distance

3:24 Hay Bale Wall (Climb up and over)

3:37 Devil’s Beard (It Stinks in There!)

4:39 Ball Shrinker (Beware the Cold Water Effects)

4:55 Berlin Walls — Low Version (Easy up and over)

5:32 Rest Stations  (example)

5:47 The Trenches (Aka Mud Mile — Beware of Hidden Holes)

7:07 Dirty Holes (dark holes you crawl through)

7:45 Twinkle Toes (Balance Beam)

8:18 Boa Constrictor (Use Those Elbows)

9:34 Walk The Plank (Try a Flip)

9:54 Muddy Women (Always a Good Thing)

10:01 Cliff Hanger (Run Up the Sides)

10:39 Bale Bonds (Aka Jumpin Bales)

10:49 Gator Bait (missing the gators)

11:12 Eating PB&J Sandwiches

11:22 Fire Walker (avoid the smoke)

11:42 Berlin Walls — High Version (careful as you come down)

12:30 Carry Your Wood (careful of hidden holes in water)

12:43 Funky Munky (I like the 2-hand per bar method)

13:04 Just The Tip (kills your calves)

13:26 Turd’s Nest (roll across the middle)

13:41 Hay Pyramid (it’s higher than it looks)

14: 04 Captain America sighting

14:11 Everest Half-Pipe (run as fast as you can!)

14:27 ElectroShock Therapy (time to get electrocuted)

14:50 Finish and Congratulations!!

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