The Options Alchemist

What are the 10 Secrets of Options Trading?

The Options Alchemist answers that question. Read it and use the secrets within and you too may learn how to generate DOUBLE-DIGIT ANNUAL RETURNS with minimal (and manageable) risk using a wide-variety of options strategies.

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Book Description:

Options traders like to make lists. Sometimes they contain 3 items, at other times more. Imagine equating options secrets to the ancient art of alchemy. In doing this, you come up with 10 specific strategies and “rules” for smart options trading.

Michael Thomsett has been trading options for over 35 years. He is the best-selling author of educational books on investing with options and he’s already helped millions of investors all over the world learn the craft. You can follow Michael Thomsett on his blog Thomsett’s Investment Guide.

Meanwhile, he and his apprentice Michael Stoppa bring you a fascinating book — one filled with secrets about how to improve your own options trading. And it all begins with…Alchemy?

The Options Alchemist – a story and more…

We’d like to tell you a little tale – it’s the story of a novice trader named Thurston Marley who was given an amazing gift – the chance to learn 10 Secrets of Options Investing from an options master (who it just so happens was also an alchemist). Now learning the secrets of successful options investing was a gift that could surely change Thurston’s life (and perhaps yours too!). However, Thurston didn’t understand how a medieval science that was allegedly focused on the impossible task of trying to turn lead into gold could be related in any way to modern-day options trading. Luckily for him (and for you), Thurston was willing to accept his mentor’s advice and therefore he learned a little about alchemy… and a lot about successful options trading.

So, are alchemy and options related? Can you really turn lead into gold?

Well if you consider options “gold” to be the ability to generate double-digit annual returns with minimal (and manageable) risk, then Thurston would now tell you the answer is YES – you can turn investment lead into gold by becoming an Options Alchemist.

Are you curious to know more?

Well, put on your alchemy robes and let’s get started…

Find it on Amazon today – best of all Kindle Unlimited members can read it for Free!