Minecraft Dungeons Tips – 20 Strategies for Beginners to Level Up Faster and Defeat Bosses Easier with the Best Weapons!

After a long wait, Minecraft Dungeons was released on May 26, 2020. In this article we’ll give you 20 Minecraft Dungeons tips beginners can use immediately to level up faster and do so with the best weapons so you can defeat the bosses easier and have a blast playing this awesome new Minecraft game!

Minecraft Dungeons Tips
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Minecraft Dungeons – 20 Tips for Beginners

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Who Needs These Minecraft Dungeons Tips?

Although you may be a pro at regular Minecraft, right now we are all noobs when it comes to Minecraft Dungeons and NOBODY knows everything yet.

That said, for those of us who’ve already logged many hours on Minecraft Dungeons there are definitely some key strategies beginners can use to make the learning curve on Minecraft Dungeons shorter. Sure, you can slog your way blindly thru the game and learn as you go, but if you do that you may risk carelessly tossing out a ‘unique’ piece of loot you may never see again and you’ll take longer to figure things out. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Use the following Minecraft Dungeons tips, and they will help you play the game better from the get-go because you’ll KNOW what loot to keep and what to get rid of. The end result is that you’ll level up faster, find and keep the best weapons, defeat the bosses easier, and ultimately ‘win’ the game (at least as it exists now).

Minecraft Dungeons – 20 Tips for Beginners

Please note, that this article is NOT a complete ‘Guide’ to Minecraft Dungeons – plenty of websites have already published some comprehensive guides to the game and we’ve linked to some our favorites, below. Instead this article IS a list of quick actionable tips that you can immediately use to play the game better from the start – even if you are a new player. Use our tips now and then supplement your knowledge by reading through the more detailed strategy guides as you go.

Let’s get started with a BIG one…

Tip #1 – What are the Different Classes of Loot in Minecraft Dungeons?

All items (weapons, armor, & artifacts) in Minecraft Dungeons come in three classes: Common, Rare, and Unique.

The classes of the item is important because it not only determines the overall quality of that piece of loot but it also gives you an idea of its ‘rarity’ (i.e. how often you might find it).

What’s the Difference between Common, Rare, and Unique Items?

Common and Rare items can be found all the time and when you start running out of space in your inventory there is no real risk in getting rid of these types of items because you’ll likely to come across them a lot and and you’ll get more powerful versions of them later as you level up. (See Tip #10 below for more on Salvaging Items).

Unique items are different – think twice before tossing out a Unique item because it could be a looooong time before you see it again.

I love this Crossbow!

Not only are Unique items ultra rare, but they also include extra abilities (a de facto ‘free’ enchantment) vs their more common relatives.

Additionally, Unique Items are the Coolest Items in the Game – Venom Glaives are deadly melee weapons, Spider Armor looks amazing, and Fangs of Frost are deadly fast. My Lightning Harp Crossbow (like u see in the pic above) in combo with the Torment Quiver Artifact is my go-to weapon of choice in the game – it fires 3 arrows that can go through walls and knock back mobs giving you room to breath when mobs try to ambush you…AND it plays music every time I shoot it! What could be better?

For more on the different classes of weapons see this comprehensive article.

Tip #2 – Do NOT Save Your Emeralds

Besides collecting loot (armor, weapons, and artifacts), you get rewarded in Minecraft Dungeons with Emeralds.

How to you use Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons?

Emeralds are what you use to buy things with in the game. Not only can you get emeralds from chests within the levels of the game, but you can also find them in chests hidden around your camp so be sure to look around the camp map between your battles.

You’ll spend your emeralds by trading with various villagers in camp – namely a Blacksmith and a Wandering Trader.

The blacksmith offers you random weapons and armor, while the wandering trader gives you random artifacts. All the items they provide are at a ‘power’ level similar to your current level (thus the importance of trying to level up faster).

There is really no reason to save your emeralds – you can’t buy specific ‘high priced’ items because trading is random so it’s best to just spend your emeralds early and often without fear – by doing so you’ll be able to acquire more weapons, armor, and artifacts that you can immediately use in battle during the game. And since you’ll get more emeralds when battling, you’ll always get more money to spend.

Tip #3 – Learn WHERE to Find SPECIFIC Items

Perhaps the most fun thing about Minecraft Dungeons is the quest to find cool loot. You want an Evocation Robe because you like being a Wizard or perhaps a Totem of Regeneration to protect you? You MIGHT be able to get them from the Wandering Trader or Blacksmith back in camp, but those trades are so random it’s a crap shoot. But you can DEFINITELY find them if you play the right level.

If you want specific gear, play the level where they are located at and find them easier.

How to you know what gear is on each level?

You’ll know what gear is in each level when you look at the level summary before playing it. Here is an example – specifically I want you to notice the GEAR DROPS and ARTIFACTS section on the left (above the Start Mission button) – that what tells you what types of loot are most likely to be found on this level.

For a complete list of loot tables for every level, see this totally awesome article.

Tip #4 – Enchant Early and Often WITHOUT Risk

How do Enchantments work in Minecraft Dungeons?

As in regular Minecraft, Enchantments help you add power & abilities to your weapons and armor. In Minecraft Dungeons, enchantments are easy (no Enchantment Table is required) and you can start enchanting right away. The process is simple – for every level you get an enchantment point and you apply those enchantment points to your weapons and armor to add various abilities to them.

The entire list of enchantments can be seen in this article, but the point of my tip is this…

Don’t worry about wasting Enchantments early in the game – apply your enchantments to whatever your best gear is immediately and when you later get better gear, you can salvage that old gear AND get all your enchantments back!

Bottom line: you never lose enchantments, the amount of enchantment you have is based on your level, and you should be applying all your enchantments at all times because it makes your weapons and armor better, which in turns makes it easier to defeat the levels, which in turn makes it easier for you to level up, which in turn means you get better gear faster and more enchantments faster, which keeps the cycle going!

Tip #5 – Get Comfortable Using Melee, Ranged, AND Artifacts During Combat

How does combat work in Minecraft Dungeons?

If you think you’re just going to rampage your way through Minecraft Dungeons using a single battle style, think again. Yes, you might eventually be able to just grind your way through the game as a warrior using a war hammer but it won’t be easy. Instead you’d be better served to learn how to use each TYPE of weapon (melee, range, and artifact) and what they do or don’t do in battle. (To be clear, I’m NOT saying you have to learn EVERY SINGLE weapon, just the various types – swords, axes, daggers, bows, etc).

It goes without saying that melee weapons like swords, axes, and daggers work well in close quarters, while ranged weapons are great for long range mobs. But all weapons (even those of the same type) are not created equal in terms of their function or ability.

How are Melee Weapons Ranked?

For melee weapons, in addition to their class (common, rare, unique), the amount of damage they do, and any enchantments you may add, they are ranked in terms of their Power, Speed, and Area covered. They are the right choice if you want to battle up close with mobs.

How do ranged weapons work in Minecraft Dungeons?

Use your ranged weapons too! No matter how much fun you’re having rushing into the middle of mobs with your Poisoned Venom Glaive that has a Freeze Enchantment, you’re life would be a lot easier if you (or at least your teammate) used your ranged weapons first (and during the battle). This is critical during the harder levels when Bosses will send large groups of mobs to try to swarm you – if you only use melee weapons there is a big change you’ll be overwhelmed. Instead use your ranged weapons to thin out the enemy ranks and make it easier to melee against fewer mobs. (This is especially true when you start getting to levels which have Enchanters and similar mobs that hang in the background and use their spells to make the melee mobs fighting you more powerful – use your bow or similar ranged weapon to take out those Enchanters, etc early in the battle!).

How are Ranged Weapons Ranked?

In addition to their in addition to their class (common, rare, unique), the amount of damage they do, and any enchantments you may add, Range Weapons are ranked by their Power, Speed, and Ammo.

Finally, don’t forget to use your artifacts! Yes, if you are ‘buttoned-challenged’ it may be difficult enough to just try using your melee and ranged weapons, but you’ll do better in the long run if you remember to use those artifacts.

Using your artifacts IN BATTLE is critical because they will either make your melee or ranged weapons more powerful, or they will feature a totally separate power in their own right.

Artifacts in combat is such an important topic, we’ll talk more about later (Tip #16), for now the point is that, if you want to win battles in Minecraft Dungeons you need to be able to use melee, ranged, AND artifacts during the right.

Tip #6 – The Best Weapons & Artifacts are often in CAMP

How do you find the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons?

It’s not always during level play. Tip #3 is important because playing specific levels is the best way to find specific types of gear, however that does NOT necessarily mean that levels are the only place to find the best gear.

We’ve actually found the most UNIQUE weapons in the CAMP – specifically by trading with the Blacksmith.

Is it better to trade with Blacksmith or Wandering Trader?

Not only is the Blacksmith more economical than the Wandering trader (Blacksmith’s trades are about 1/2 the cost of the Wandering Traders) but he’s given us UNIQUE items a number of times. Specifically we’ve been able to get Spider Armor, Doomsday Crossbows, Fangs of Frost, Nitemare’s Bite, and Venom Glaives from the Blacksmith, as well as that Lightning Harp Crossbow I talked about in Tip #1.

I’m not saying you’ll get unique items from every blacksmith trade, and quite often you just get a lot of junk you end up immediately salvaging. But we’ve found that sticking with the blacksmith over time yields better results.

Our strategy: between each level we do 1-3 trades with the Wandering Trader, and spend the rest of our money with the Blacksmith – it works wonders!

Tip #7 – The MAP is your Friend

How does the Map work in Minecraft Dungeons?

If you really want find chests and secrets in the levels faster then you’ll need to get used to using your map. There are two versions of the map – the overlay you can use while moving around and a more detailed map that pops up by itself.

The overlay map is great for finding all the areas you can possibly get to while playing the game – many of which are easy to overlook until you follow the nooks & crannies of the overlay map. It looks like this…

Overlay Map showing chest location and all accessible blocks

We recommend you keep your map overlaid on the screen at all times except when you are facing Bosses or large swarms of mobs.

The popup map is what you’ll use to find out how many secret locations and total chests are available to find. It also shows you where you have been so far (see the green area on the map below). We recommend you occasionally check the popup map as you play through the level. It looks like this…

Notice the Secrets Found & Chests Opened

It’s important to note that if a block is showing on the map, then there IS a way to get to it.

If there is no easy way to access the block, then you may have to use your ‘fast roll’ ability to ‘jump’ to it (for example if the blocks are separated by water) or you may need to find a hidden doorway or you may need to replay the level when you reach a higher rank, but if the block is on the map, it’s there for a reason and you should try to reach it because a Secret or Chest or an entirely new area could be waiting for you!

Tip #8 – How to Get More Powerful Gear in Minecraft Dungeons

As we said above, the way to get gear in general is by playing through the levels and trading back in camp. As you do those things and as you level up you’ll inevitably get more and better gear, BUT there is another way to get more POWERFUL gear too – especially if you want something specific.

Remember Tip #3 (If you want specific gear, play the level where they are located at and find them easier). you can apply that same tip to getting more POWERFUL gear too.

If you want a higher power version of a specific item, go back and replay the level where it is likely to be found but do it on a higher DIFFICULTY level.

How do you change the Difficulty Level in Minecraft Dungeons?

YOU get to choose the Difficulty Level Setting for each level you play and the higher the Difficulty Level Setting you choose, the more powerful the gear you’ll receive.

The system will give you a Default Setting, but you can elect to move that setting up for down.

  • Lower the Difficulty Level if you want to practice a level – but get lower value gear.
  • Raise the Difficulty Level if you want to get more powerful gear – but it will be harder to complete.

We’re not suggesting you increase the Difficulty Level to something far above your current skill level (because you probably won’t get far enough to any loot), but don’t be afraid to try one Difficulty Level above your current skill level because the risk-reward for better gear is worth it, especially because…

Tip #9 – Die WITHOUT Fear of Losing Your Loot

What happens when you die in Minecraft Dungeons?

In regular Minecraft, we’re all scared to die because we fear losing the gear in our inventory, but one of the great things about Minecraft Dungeons is…

When you die in Minecraft Dungeons you do NOT lose your gear – even if you die in the middle of a level!

Additionally, there are a couple more things to know about dying in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • If you play with friends, so long as one friend is still alive, they can REVIVE you an unlimited amount of times.
  • Your team gets 3 lives each level AND you get an additional “Last Chance” life – that means the ENTIRE team has to die 4 times before you ‘lose’ that level. This is really helpful in difficult boss battles (see Tip #20)

IMPORTANT – if you are playing with a team and 1 or more people have died, try to revive them as soon as you safely can, otherwise, “Night” will come.

What is Night in Minecraft Dungeons?

Additional mobs form all around you and AND worst of all a terrifying bat creature repeatedly swoops down and attacks you – savaging your health again and again until you die too!

How do you avoid Night in Minecraft Dungeons?

Revive your friends – so long as everyone is alive, Night will stop.

Tip #10 – Salvage Your Unwanted Gear Quickly

How does Salvage work in Minecraft Dungeons?

You only have so many slots in your inventory and you can’t expand that in Minecraft Dungeons. Because of this it’s important to get rid of your unwanted items quickly. For right or wrong, Minecraft Dungeons does NOT allow trading between players so if you no longer want an item, the only option is to “SALVAGE” it.

  • Salvaging an item in Minecraft Dungeons gets you a certain number of Emeralds – you can then spend that money back in Camp.
  • Salvaging an items also gets you back any enchantments you applied to that weapon (see Tip #4).
  • Salvaging items clears up space in your inventory – don’t be afraid to salvage items you acquire during levels but don’t want even while playing that level. This ensure that you have space to keep new loot you find that you really DO want.

Tip #11 – How to Build Your Character – Experiment

If you read anything about Minecraft Dungeons during the pre-release phase you probably heard a lot of people talking about ‘building’ characters like a Soul Mage, Berserker Warriors, and Frosty Archers (to name a few).

Archer, Warrior, Thief, Mage – It’s YOUR Choice

How do you build a character in Minecraft Dungeons?

The process of ‘building’ a character is neither difficult nor restrictive.

You ‘Build’ your character by equipping it with specific types of weapons, armor, and artifacts AND you can change that as you play the game WITHOUT losing your Level Rank!

Yes, it’s a good idea to know what build you want to play with (warrior, archer, thief, or wizard), because that gives you a plan for what equipment to keep as you acquire it or what levels to replay (Tip #3), HOWEVER you are NOT locked in to a specific build – you can easily change your character as you play the game if you decide you want to.

Tired of playing as a warrior and want to switch to a wizard? Then get an Evocation Robe, some Soul-focused Artifacts & weapons and start casting spells. You just found some Spider Armor and now want to be an Ultra Thief? You can do that too.

One of the best things about Minecraft Dungeons is the ability to create the Custom Character Build of YOUR choice AND to be able to change that as you go WITHOUT creating a new profile and starting over. It’s addictive and fun!

Tip #12 – Pay Attention to Your Health Meter

If you die (and run out of all your lives), then you lose in Minecraft Dungeons and get transported back to camp. If you don’t want to die, then you need to pay attention to your Health Meter – and if you are in the thick of battle it can drain…QUICKLY.

Can you just retreat and regain health in a safe place? No. Unlike in regular Minecraft, (as it stands now) in Minecraft Dungeons you do not get a Health buff just for being idle and resting. Instead, if you lose health, you have to actively DO something in Minecraft Dungeons get it back.

How do you regain Health in Minecraft Dungeons?

Here are the current known ways to regain your health in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Use your healing potion (limited by timer)
  • Eat Food (from animals, chests, or mob drops)
  • Activate an artifact (such as a Soul Healer or Totem of Regeneration) – doing this may also help your friends.
  • Have an active enchantment on some of your gear (such as Leeching, Health Synergy or) Explorer

In addition to taking action to REGAIN your health, it’s also a good idea to use a battle strategy that will limit the damage (see Tip #20) and to use artifacts to PROTECT your health. Iron Hide Amulets, Totem of Shielding, and Ghost Cloaks are great for protecting you (and the 1st too help your friends too).

Tip #13 – Choose the Right Weapon for the Job

What are the most powerful weapons in Minecraft Dungeons? Are powerful weapons the best weapons in the game?

That Doomsday Crossbow is cool, but used in the wrong situation it may get your killed. Same goes for the Heartstealer Sword, or the Sun’s Grace Mace.

The higher “power” weapon is not always the best – it depends on the enemy.

If you try to use a high powered, but slow weapon like a Great Hammer against a swarm of Enchanted Baby Zombies, those undead toddlers will eat you alive (literally) – in this case, daggers or another fast weapon (even if it’s low powered) is a better choice.

Just like with the melee weapons, the highest ‘power’ bow may not always be the best choice – particularly if it’s very slow to re-fire like a Heavy Crossbow.

Mob Swarms can Overwhelm you if u have a SLOW weapon

How to Choose the Right Weapon in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • During level play, when you are NOT facing a boss, you’re better served using faster weapons (even if they are lower powered) so you can withstand the inevitable swarms. When battling zombie, creepers, spiders – sickles, daggers, and multi or rapid fire crossbows are a great choice.
  • During level play, when you DO face a boss or other stronger enemies, then one or more members of your team would be wise to have a more powerful weapon – because you’ll need that heavy firepower to take down the stronger opponent.
  • If you need/want to switch weapons, retreat to a safe area and make the change and you’ll be all set.

Tip #14 – Chests are not always visible

How do you find hidden chests in Minecraft Dungeons?

As noted in Tip #7, the map will show you how many Secrets and Chests you’ve found so far. SOMETIMES (but not always) the map will show you where a chest is when you are near it, however there are numerous times where chests and secrets are NOT visible on the map.

In these cases you will have to do one of the following:

  • Trigger the chest to appear by moving near it;
  • Open a hidden doorway to find a new area of the map
  • Defeat a mini-boss or boss mob.

Tip #15 – You Don’t Have to Fight EVERY Battle

When you’re in the thick of combat in Minecraft Dungeons, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to defeat every mob – that’s also a great way to die. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

So long as it’s not a required boss you must defeat for that level, then you can run away from the fight and save your health if need be.

Don’t lose a team life unnecessarily if you are having trouble versus low-level enemy swarms. If you can’t beat them, then simply run through them and move on to the next objective.

Don’t just take my word for it, the Bible says so too! “Anyone who is among the living has hope –even a live dog is better off than a dead lion!” (Eccl 9:4)

Tip #16 – Artifacts are your Best Friends

What are artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons?

In Tip #5 we talked about the importance of using your melee, range, and artifacts in combat and I said we’d revisit the Artifacts later. Well it’s high time we did that.

Learning how to use Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons is absolutely critical if you want to survive and win the game.

Additionally, artifacts are FUN to use!

Check out that cool WOLF companion

How to use Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Combo a Death Cap Mushroom to savage faster with a melee weapon.
  • Enable Fireworks Arrows or (my fav) Torment Quiver with a multi-fire Crossbow and wipe out vast swaths of mobs before they reach you.
  • Increase your ranks by using the Tasty Bone to call in a wolf companion or the Wonderful Wheat to bring in a Llama to spit on the mobs.
  • Protect yourself with a Totem of Shielding, Iron Hide Amulet, or Totem of Regeneration.
  • Clear some space with a Wind Horn.
  • Run through Crowds with Boots of Swiftness.
  • Heal yourself and others with the Soul Healer.
  • And the list of artifacts goes on. To learn more, see this article.

What’s the bottom line – ranged weapons give you room to breathe, melee weapons are your bread and butter, but artifacts are the key to winning the battle!

Tip #17 – The More People You Play With the Harder the Difficulty

Did you know – you CAN play Minecraft Dungeons alone? It’s true, you can play Minecraft Dungeons Solo and do just fine. In fact, sometimes it may be a wise move to play alone for a bit. Why?

Minecraft Dungeons adjusts the game’s Difficulty Level based on the number of people you play with and the players skill level.

Yes, it’s more fun to play Minecraft Dungeons with friends, however if you are a lower level than the friends you are playing with, and you don’t want to let them do all the work, you can play for awhile by yourself and level up on your own – then rejoin the party when you are at or above their level (and ready to show off some of your fancy new gear!)

Tip #18 – There are Secret LEVELS that don’t appear until you play more.

Although this isn’t necessarily something for Beginners, it’s important to know that one of the early complaints about Minecraft Dungeons is that some players feel the game is too short because they think there are only 10 levels. However, what they don’t realize is that…

Minecraft Dungeons has numerous Secret Levels that don’t appear on the map and some are not accessible until you complete the game one-time through.

The Secret Moo Level of Minecraft Dungeons

Additionally, we know that Mojang already has plans to add more levels in by mid-late 2020 and given the fact that they continually added updates to regular Minecraft, it’s a good bet they will do the same with Minecraft Dungeons.

For more on the Secret Levels, see this article.

Tip #19 – Understand the Power of Souls

How do Souls work in Minecraft Dungeons?

One of the trickiest things for beginners of Minecraft Dungeons to understand is the concept of using “Soul Power” – in reality it’s not very complicated and it’s worth your while to understand because souls are a powerful weapon in Minecraft Dungeons.

The basic gist is this – some very powerful artifacts use the collected souls of dead mobs to perform their ability.

The Powerful Corrupted Beacon destroys Mobs

What are the best Artifacts that use Souls?

  • Soul Harvester uses souls to create an explosion
  • Corrupted Beacon fires a powerful death ray
  • Soul Healer uses souls to regain your health (and your nearby friends)
  • Torment Quiver fire slow moving ‘soul arrows’ that knocks back mobs (even behind walls)
  • Lightning Rod shoots down lightning to destroy mobs

How do you gather souls in Minecraft Dungeons?

The process to gather the souls is easy – you just destroy mobs!

That being said, there are certain things you can do to gather MORE souls. Here are some ideas:

  • Numerous weapons are designed to collect souls (examples include Soul Knife, Soul Bow, etc).
  • Certain Armor is better for collecting souls too (Grim Armor, Phantom Armor, Soul Robes, etc)
  • Using the soul-powered artifacts listed above also generates a small soul collecting ability too.

How do you know how many souls you have?

You’ll know you are collecting souls because you’ll SEE the souls (tiny white circle heads) floating to you after you destroy a mob AND you can look at your Soul Meter (the light blue line beneath your artifacts) to see how full it is.

Soul Meter

For more on the topic of how souls work in Minecraft Dungeons, see this article.

Tip #20 -How to Defeat the Mini-Bosses in Minecraft Dungeons

There are already plenty of guides on how to defeat the big bosses from the Corrupted Cauldron to the Arch Illager, but for players just beginning Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll want to focus on strategies for how to defeat the mini-bosses so you can survive long enough to reach the bigger bosses.

Mini Bosses like Evokers, Enderman, Skeleton Horsemen, and the dreaded Redstone Golem can wreak absolute havoc on new players who aren’t prepared to face them. You think 4 team lives is enough when you’re getting swarmed by mobs AND the mini-boss? Think again.

So what can you do to survive these fights if your new to the game?

It’s simple – find a place to catch your breath and come up with a plan. Just like in life, when you have a plan, good things happen.

When you enter an area that has a mini-boss or boss, before rushing in and losing one or more lives in a flash, stay back, and observe the situation. If need be, retreat to an area of safety and think of a plan. Only then should you enter the battle – this will ensure you save your team lives and don’t end up losing the game and having to start over.

Best Strategies to Defeat Bosses in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Clear out the trash first – if the mini-boss is surrounded by lesser mobs, use ranged weapons to thin their ranks, otherwise, that large group may overwhelm you before you get to the mini-boss or they may harass you while you are focusing on the bigger opponent and drain your health while you are not paying attention.
  • Don’t be afraid to HIDE – nobody said you have to stand toe-to-toe with a larger opponent and let them hit you. If you know the Redstone Golem is on his rampage or the Nameless One is about to attack, run away from them and hide behind something, until things calm down. This is especially important if you are low on health and need time to recover.
  • Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee – like a good boxer, strike with a purpose, then back away. For example, after hiding vs the Nameless One, send a few Fireworks Arrows his way then hide again. For the Redstone Golem, wait till he punches himself out and stops and then attack from behind. Repeat again and again until you defeat them.
  • Use those Artifacts – at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll say it again – artifacts are your friend. More than anything else they will help you defeat the mobs (big or small) in Minecraft Dungeons.
    • Totem of Shielding works wonders against missiles coming your way. Totems of Regeneration are a massive help to restore health when you’re low on health potions.
    • Iron Hide Amulets give you (and your nearby friends) a nice defense buff.
    • Wind Horns clear out space.
    • Anything involving Souls is a huge!
    • And the list goes on
  • When in doubt, use Ranged Weapons – nobody said you have to make the game harder than it already is. Nobody said you have to get close to the mini-bosses and use melee weapons. If you like fighting hand-to-hand, that’s fine, but it’s far easier to stay away and use crossbows and power bows to defeat mini-bosses in Minecraft Dungeons. It’s a LOT easier this way.
  • Be Patient – it takes time to bring down a boss or mini-boss. You’ll need to fight wave after wave of lesser mobs, wait for the mini-boss to go through all this attacks, and then be selective in your attacks to remain safe. Let the cycle play itself out, do your part and you’ll be fine.

Minecraft Dungeons – Our Favorite Guides

This website is all about seeking wisdom and sharing wisdom. As I’ve said many times, I don’t know everything and don’t pretend to. I’m just an Average Joe like you and I like playing video games with my family. When I find helpful articles I like to share them with friends. In the case of Minecraft Dungeons, here are the Strategy Guides on other sites we have found to be the most helpful so far.

Do you have a helpful tip or site to share for Minecraft Dungeons? If so let us know in the comments below.

There’s only one thing left to say – GO FORTH AND DEFEAT THE ARCH-ILLAGER!

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