Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipe – How to Make Crispy, Juicy Hot Wings Full of Flavor!

This weekend I made my dad’s world-famous Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipe again – and man was it good! If you like Buffalo Wings that are crispy, juicy, and full of flavor, you’ll want to try this Buffalo Wing recipe for yourself – it’s got a secret ingredient that adds so much flavor you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of using it before.

I’m cooked my Buffalo wings in an Ooni Pizza Oven for a wood-fired effect but u can make this buffalo chicken wing recipe on any grill or oven. Best of all this Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipe is EASY to make, easy to customize to your tastes, and so much fun to eat!

Give it a try & let me know what tips YOU have to share.

Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipe – The Video

SKIP AHEAD in the video with these timestamps:

  • 00:38 Kamado & Ooni Pizza Oven views
  • 01:10 Fuel Source (lump charcoal + cooking wood)
  • 01:20 Wings in Marinade
  • 01:50 Getting the Ooni Oven up to temp (watch the temp gauge climb!) 02:20 FIRE – it’s a beautiful thing!
  • 02:35 Wings are ready to cook WITHOUT sauce
  • 03:30 Buffalo Sauce Recipe Ingredients. Discussion on Hot Sauce to Butter Ratio
  • 06:40 Buffalo Sauce Mixed (see below for recipe itself)
  • 07:10 Wings at 10 Minutes
  • 07:30 Wings at 20 Minutes
  • 07:38 Wings IN SAUCE
  • 07:55 Sauced Wings ready to CRISP
  • 08:09: Wings back in oven to CRISP
  • 08:37 Wings DONE
  • 09:00 Let’s Eat!
  • 10:00 Bonus: The Drippins!
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Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipe – Step by Step

I have the full text version of the Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipe – including a step-by-step – on my grilling website called LordoftheGrills.com. Here’s a link you can use to go to that page…

Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipe
Click this pic for the text version of the recipe.

About the Products used:

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, chicken wings are in short supply so I could only find I Costco Party wings – normally I’d cook the whole wing with all 3 sections (drumstick, wing, and tips).

Here are the other products I cooked with if you are interested…

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