8 Strategies to Improve Your website traffic

With the new year in full swing, you’ll want to improve your website traffic. But, how do you do it? What are some strategies to drive traffic to your website in droves? Read on to find out.  Here, we’ll give you some invaluable strategies you should be using to increase traffic to your website and get leads and conversions right away.

Why Traffic?

Traffic is very important for websites, and you should always consider working towards building traffic. 

With traffic, you get the following from it:

    • More interest in the site 

    • A higher ranking on Google and other search engines 

    • Conversions, which will give you money 

    • Leads, which can lead to conversions 

Remember, if you want people to show up, the best way to do it is to drive traffic. Granted, not every single one will convert, but if you want people to find it, you get that word out, and do it fast!

Performing On-Page SEO-friendly

If you’re not performing SEO tactics to get onto website pages and get more visitors, you’re going to not get traffic. This is actually one of the simplest ways to increase rank and get visitors to flock to you.  Some of the different actions you can use include the following:

    • Creating content that is of high quality 

    • Crete content the audience is looking for 

    • Using concise meta descriptions so that people can find the links and go to your site 

This alone will drive traffic to you. If you really want to get people to find your site, sometimes even just performing on-page SEO is the best way to do it, since ultimately it can help drive future traffic to the site, and get interest going.

on page seo

“Upside down” Guest Posting 

This is a different type of guest posting. Usually, when you look at a guest post, you see the author name, and maybe some info on them.  But, there is actually a different means to do this, and it does drive website traffic and increase it. it’s something that you should consider because it does build links, and get people interested. 

The steps to take this include the following:

    • Write the Guest post as you would 

    • Add “helpful resource sections throughout the post that will give resources to the topic just covered 

    • include your specific content in helpful resources 

    • Add the bio and author name at the top versus the bottom 

Creating links to your content throughout the posts is actually an awesome way to drive traffic. You can see an increase of about 80% on the traffic if you’re doing this right, and it does give you a lot more traffic to a site than what you’d expect. 

With guest posting, try to utilize this strategy, since it allows for more engagement, more people looking at your guest posts, and generally, more success. 

Social Media Success 

Social media is a great way to get content out there and to promote the content that you’ve got on your site. If you have a strong social media, you should start to utilize this. Social media is a big point of SEO, simply because you can generally put together an awesome campaign, and you can post it on different channels. That way, even people who may have not heard of your blog or content before can find you, which is what’s pretty awesome. 

To really get a social media campaign going, you need to do the following:

    • Promote the content on your social media site 

    • Create links that the followers can use to see and share your content 

    • Encourage content sharing at the bottom of the content 

    • Use hashtags to promote pages 

The final one is really what you should be working towards. If you use hashtags, you’ll get more traffic. Why is that? Well, with a hashtag, people will search for it, so fi they search for that keyword, they’ll find your content. it’s that simple, and that’s the main reason why people encourage hashtag use so much, simply because it gets people interested in the topic, and can help new users find out more information. 

Overhauling Guest Posts 

This is another very simple strategy, but your traffic will increase by manifold super fast.  

Old guest posts are good, but if you really want to get traffic to them, you should consider overhauling them.  they’re already out there, and usually, if there is something wrong with them, the traffic could decrease.  The best part about this is if you already have this type of content out there, you can literally change this in about an hour. 

How you do it is simple:

    • Find your old guest posts 

    • Look through to see what needs t be changed 

    • From there, add either more content, screenshots, or the like 

    • Change any strategies that are old and shouldn’t be used anymore 

    • If there are current strategies that are correct, work to improve these 

    • Choose to update them 

And from there, you’ll see the difference. If you didn’t have pictures of screenshots already, you’ll want to implement these, because it’s one of the best ways to really get people interested in this site, and it will help especially if you’re looking to change the guest posts that you currently have, and don’t want to pay any extra to publish new content 

guest posting for seo

Landing Pages 

If you don’t have landing pages already, put those in. they’re really the best source of traffic to websites, since many times, people don’t want to have to sift through a ton of content in order to get what they need.  Landing pages that have discount codes, a free guide, or even free trials will get interest, and people will choose to click on these. Plus, if you do have free offers, and people redeem these, they’re more likely to convert and from there, move even more forward. it’s very important to consider this since landing pages are really the best way to drive traffic to websites. 

“Click to Tweet” links 

If you want to increase social media, consider adding a click to tweet link. This is because people use Twitter a lot to share content. It’s where a lot of opinions and voices are, and people love to share links and content. The best thing to do is to find content that you currently have, create a click to tweet link, which you can easily google and create, and from there, you hyperlink it at the bottom of your content, or wherever you want to really get traffic going. 

Click to tweet is something that’s super easy, and you should definitely consider trying to implement this, especially if you haven’t already. Even just putting a twitter or Facebook sharing function into your content can change the way it is shared, and the overall result of this as well. 

Transform the content!

You want a simple means to increase traffic/ well, why not transform it.  Essentially, the way to do this is simple:

    • Choose a post 

    • Convert it into another format, such as an eBook, infographic, podcast, or even videos 

    • Share it wherever 

You can do this with so much content, and if you really want to get your name out there, and get hundreds of website visitors, a ton of views, and conversions galore, it is the way to go. The best thing about this is that if you want to, you can do this with older posts, and they will keep exploding as well with just this simple change. 

Join Podcasts 

Finally, let’s talk about podcasts. If you’re not using this already, you should consider doing so.  About 24% of Americans listen to podcasts, so that’s literally a quarter of the people. 

Now, I wouldn’t suggest starting your own, for a few reasons. 

    • It takes time and money you may not have 

    • It takes a while for the podcast to get popular 

    • It may not reach new people 

Instead, join others.  Joining podcasts is really the easiest way to drive traffic forward, since you can put together a bit of information, appear on there, and most people are decent enough to backlink to your site, so if they want more information on you, or even just more content, this is how. 

Driving traffic forward is a key part of Digital Marketing, and there is a reason why people are using driving traffic as the new means forward.  These ways allow you to put together new content and get more people interested, which in turn can get more people to your site. Traffic is power, and with these simple techniques, you can explode the traffic by so much, it’s not even funny, and it’s amazing just what it can do not only for yourself, but for your website, and for all of the sweet conversions you will make as a result of these efforts. 

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