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Dalstrong Knives? If you’ve shopped for knives online then you’ve seen the advertising for Dalstrong on Amazon and elsewhere. Yes the ads are compelling, but are Dalstrong knives any good? In this article I’ll share a Dalstrong Knife Review in the form of my personal experience with these knives and explain why I give them a big THUMBS UP! I’ll also share a link to the Dalstrong VIP Club where you can get alerts to unadvertised special deals.

Why did I buy a Dalstrong Knife?

I’ve been in the market for some good knives for years but could never pull the trigger (mostly because the sets I had on my wishlist from WÜSTHOF, Zwilling, and Shun are so darn expensive). Because of their advertising and consistently high ratings, my friends and I have been watching the Dalstrong knives for a few years and after some additional research (and a great sale from Dalstrong), I finally decided to pull the trigger – buying the Dalstrong Knife Block Set you see in the pic along with a couple other knives noted below.

After my cooking buddies and I tried them out, we all came away with the same opinion…

Wow – Dalstrong knives are incredible – sharp, durable, high quality, and great in appearance!

Although I always tell my readers I’m just an Average Joe, I sure do feel like a chef when I’m using a Dalstrong knife!

Which Dalstrong Knives Should You Buy First?

If you’re like I was and need a full set of knives then I highly recommend the Dalstrong Knife Block Set because it pretty much has everything you need from a kitchen knife perspective. This includes:

(1)Carving/Slicer (9″), (1)Bread Knife (9″), (1)Kiritsuke Chef Knife (8.5″), (1)Chef Knife (8″), (1)Santoku Knife (7″), (1)Nakiri Knife (7″), (1)Boning Knife (6″), (1)Utility Knife (6.5″), (1) Serrated Utility Knife (6″), (6) Straight Edge Steak Knives (5″), (1) Paring Knife (3.5″), (1)Bird’s Beak Paring Knife (2.75″), (1)Gladiator Series Honing Steel (10″), and (1)Handmade Walnut Wood Block as shown here…

IMPORTANT NOTE: By itself the set is a fantastic value but the fact that it also includes a set of SIX Steak Knives makes it even more valuable. If you like steak knives that have a great weight/feel in your hand, you’ll love the Dalstrong Steak Knives. Not only are they hefty but they also include granton edges for smooth slicing through any meat on your plate.

On top of that the knife block itself is a work of art and looks fantastic in your kitchen!

What if I Don’t Need the Full Set?

If you don’t need a full set, you can get any of the knives individually but be sure to pick up a just a set of streak knives because they are that awesome and everyone I know who’s bought them has loved them.

Other Dalstrong knives I recommend include…

The 6″ Shogun Filet Knife, the incredibly useful 3″ Bird’s Beak Paring Knife, the 4.5″ Mini Cleaver (great for cheese tray party displays), the 6″ Shogun Chef’s Knife (my #1 favorite all-time knife!), and if you wanna be like Salt Bae pick up a 10″ Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar!

Here’s a little showcase for you…

QUICK TIP – Sign Up for Dalstrong Sales

Dalstrong’s Marketing Machine often runs special sales – including some amazing unadvertised sales that provide 25%, 50% off or more!

You can find out about these sales by signing up for the free Dalstrong VIP email club

Click Here to Join the Dalstrong VIP Club

What about the Different Styles of Dalstrong Knives?

Dalstrong makes quite a number of different knife styles – they have them classified by ‘series’. These include the following:

My friends and I use the Gladiator Series for our everyday cutting needs and have a few Shogun blades for special occasions.

Any Cool Dalstrong Accessories to Consider?

Dalstrong has a number of knife maintenance items and accessories, here are three of my favorites…

Teak Cutting Board
1 of many apron styles
Knife Roll

Dalstrong Knives Review – The Bottom Line

Believe the hype – Dalstrong Knives live up to every expectation we have of them – they are strong, sharp, and beautiful to work with. Buy one or more Dalstrong knives today and you won’t regret it.

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