Battle of the Kamados: Big Green Egg vs. Kamado Joe. Who wins in 2024?

If you follow my blog you know I love kamado-style cooking, and who doesn’t? Kamado-style grills have revolutionized outdoor cooking, offering versatility, efficiency, and unparalleled flavor. Among the titans of this market stand two behemoths: the Big Green Egg and the Kamado Joe. Both have earned fervent followings and boast impressive features, but which one reigns supreme? I’ve talked about this before in years past and now it’s time to revisit the challenge so let’s dissect these iconic grills and crown a winner.

Big Green Egg: The O.G. Kamado

For decades, the Big Green Egg has been the gold standard of kamado grills. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, it’s renowned for its durability and heat retention. Here are some of its standout features:


  1. Legendary Durability: The Big Green Egg’s thick ceramic construction not only retains heat exceptionally well but also ensures longevity. It’s built to last a lifetime.
  2. Temperature Control: Precise temperature management is a breeze with the Big Green Egg. Its top and bottom vents allow for effortless adjustment, giving you full control over cooking temperatures.
  3. Versatility: From low-and-slow smoking to high-heat grilling and even baking, the Big Green Egg excels across the board. Its versatility makes it a true all-in-one outdoor cooking solution.
  4. Warranty: While warranties may vary by region, the Big Green Egg typically offers a generous warranty, providing peace of mind to its users.


  1. Price: Quality comes at a cost, and the Big Green Egg is no exception. It’s often one of the pricier options on the market, which can be a deterrent for budget-conscious buyers.
  2. Limited Accessories: While the Big Green Egg does offer a range of accessories, some users find the selection to be more limited compared to competitors like Kamado Joe.
  3. More expensive Accessories – not only does the BGE offer fewer original accessories but they are more expensive generally than the Kamado Joe comparable offerings.

Kamado Joe: The Challenger

In recent years, Kamado Joe has emerged as a formidable competitor to the Big Green Egg. With innovative features and a loyal fanbase, it offers a compelling alternative.

Readers of my blog know about my long love for the Kamado Joe – I’ve been cooking on it for years and it’s never let me down. The brand continues to innovate. Here’s what sets it apart…


  1. Divide & Conquer Cooking System: Kamado Joe’s Divide & Conquer cooking system allows for multi-level cooking, providing flexibility and maximizing grill space. It’s a game-changer for those who like to cook different foods simultaneously.
  2. Air Lift Hinge: One of Kamado Joe’s standout features is its Air Lift Hinge, which makes opening and closing the heavy ceramic lid effortless. It’s a small detail that greatly enhances user experience.
  3. Accessories Galore: Kamado Joe boasts an extensive lineup of accessories, ranging from grill grates to rotisserie kits. Many of them are made specifically for the Kamado Joe but can also be used with the BGE. Also, the KJ accessories tend to cost less on average than the BGE versions. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned grill master, there’s something to enhance your cooking experience. Check out the MANY KJ accessories here.
  4. Value for Money: While still an investment, Kamado Joe often offers more features at a comparable or even lower price point than the Big Green Egg, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.


  1. Ceramic Quality: Some users have reported issues with the quality of Kamado Joe’s ceramic, citing concerns about cracking or chipping over time. While not widespread, it’s worth considering, especially given the investment.
  2. Learning Curve: The Kamado Joe’s Air Lift Hinge and other features may take some getting used to for those accustomed to traditional grills. While not necessarily a con, it’s something to be aware of for newcomers.

The Verdict: And the Winner Is…

Choosing between the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe ultimately comes down to personal preference and priorities. Both are exceptional grills that deliver outstanding results, but there can only be one winner in this battle of the kamados.

Drumroll, please…

The winner, by a narrow margin, is (still) the Kamado Joe!

While the Big Green Egg holds the crown as the original kamado grill and offers unparalleled durability, temperature control and quality, Kamado Joe’s innovative features, extensive accessory lineup, and overall value for money give it the edge in this showdown in my opinion. The Divide & Conquer cooking system and Air Lift Hinge are standout features that enhance usability and cooking versatility, while the lower price point makes it a more accessible option for many consumers – and who doesn’t want to pay less for more value?

That said, both grills are fantastic choices that will undoubtedly elevate your outdoor cooking game. Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or a weekend warrior, you can’t go wrong with either the Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe. Happy grilling!

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