Battle of the Best: Ooni vs. Roccbox – The Ultimate Pizza Oven Showdown of 2024

In the world of outdoor cooking, pizza ovens have become a must-have for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Two prominent brands, Ooni and Roccbox, have dominated the market with their innovative designs and high-quality performance. But when it comes to choosing the best pizza oven in 2024, which brand reigns supreme? In this article, we’ll compare the top three pizza ovens from each brand and ultimately crown the overall winner!

Top 3 Ooni Pizza Ovens

1.1 Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven – Wood and Gas Fired Oven is a powerhouse, boasting a larger cooking surface compared to its predecessors. With a sleek stainless steel design, it reaches temperatures of up to 932°F (500°C) in just 15 minutes, ensuring quick and evenly cooked pizzas. Its versatility allows for wood, charcoal, or gas fuel options, giving users the flexibility they need.

The Ooni Karu’s new full glass oven door design lets you keep a watchful eye on your creations with ViewFlame technology and maintains oven temperatures thanks to improved insulation.

The Ooni Karu 16 oven has a new airflow engineering that regulates temperature control and fuel efficiency, and the carbon steel shell with a high temperature-resistant powder-coated finish offers improved insulation and weather resistance. This and more innovations make this oven the most advanced in its class.

1.2 Ooni Koda 16:

For those seeking simplicity without compromising performance, the Ooni Koda 16 is a top contender. This gas-powered oven heats up rapidly, reaching temperatures of 932°F (500°C) within 20 minutes.

Its compact size and lightweight design make it perfect for outdoor gatherings or impromptu pizza nights.

Best of all the Ooni Koda is o go straight out of the box! Simply unfold the legs, insert the pizza stone baking board, connect up to a gas tank and you’re ready to go.

1.3 Ooni Fyra 12:

The Ooni Fyra 12 is a favorite among pizza purists who prefer the authentic taste of wood-fired pizza. Made from powder-coated carbon steel, it’s durable and efficient, reaching temperatures of 950°F (500°C) in just 15 minutes. Its portable design and chimney clip make it easy to transport, making it ideal for camping trips or picnics.

Roccbox Pizza Ovens

    2.1 Roccbox by Gozney:

    Unlike Ooni’s numerous versions, Roccbox currently focused on one – the Roccbox by Gozney. It’s renowned for its premium build quality and exceptional performance. With a unique design that combines dense insulation and a stone floor, it retains heat efficiently, resulting in crispy pizzas with perfectly cooked crusts. It offers dual-fuel capability, allowing users to switch between wood and gas effortlessly.

    Additionally it’s designed for both home and outdoor use – Roccbox’s compact and low-profile design makes it perfect for any space. Take it on camping trips or set it up in your backyard. This portable kitchen companion is ready to serve up delicious pizzas whenever and wherever you desire.

    Finally, it gets super high ratings from users – a whopping 88% 5 stars on Amazon – which beats even Ooni’s top marks!

    2.2 Upgrade – Roccbox Wood Burner Attachment:

    For enthusiasts who appreciate the traditional flavor imparted by wood-fired cooking, the Roccbox Wood Burner Attachment is a game-changer. Compatible with the Roccbox oven, it elevates the cooking experience by providing an authentic wood-fired taste while maintaining consistent temperatures for even baking.

    Who Wins? Ooni or Roccbox?

    At the end of the day when we compare the top pizza ovens from Ooni and Roccbox, it’s clear that both brands offer exceptional products tailored to different preferences. Regardless of which one you choose, you’re sure to love it. However, in the battle of the best pizza oven in 2024, if I have to pick just one then the Ooni Karu 16 emerges as the overall winner!

    Why is the Ooni Karu 16 the Best Pizza Oven of 2024?

    The Ooni Karu 16’s larger cooking surface, versatile fuel options, and rapid heating capabilities make it a standout choice for pizza lovers seeking performance and flexibility. Its sleek design and durable construction ensure years of reliable use, making it a worthy investment for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

    While Roccbox by Gozney offers outstanding quality and innovative features, such as the Wood Burner and Gas Burner attachments, the Ooni Karu 16 edges ahead with its all-around performance and user-friendly design.


    Ultimately, whether you choose Ooni or Roccbox, you can’t go wrong with either brand. It ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and cooking style. So, fire up your oven of choice, gather your favorite toppings, and enjoy a slice of homemade perfection right in your backyard. Happy pizza-making!

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