Netflix Dark – Worth Watching? What’s it about?

Netflix Dark – what’s this show about? Is it worth watching? In this video and text review, I’ll tell you about the Netflix series Dark and why I consider Dark to be one of the best Netflix Original Series – especially if you like science fiction and/or time travel stories. Have you watched Dark yet? Are you ready for Dark Season 3? Let’s get to it!

Netflix Dark Video Review

Netflix Dark Video Review

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About Dark on Netflix

Netflix Dark is a mystery inside a riddle wrapped in an enigma – and that’s what makes it awesome.

Netflix Show Synopsis: Throughout the series, Dark explores the existential implications of TIME and its effects upon human nature.

Netflix Storyline: “When two children go missing in then small German town of Winden, its sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and fractured relationships that exist among four families as they search for the kids. The mystery-drama series introduces an intricate puzzle filled with twists that includes a web of curious characters, all of whom have a connection to the town’s troubled history — whether they know it or not. The story includes supernatural elements that tie back to the same town in both the past and the future.

Did you know? Dark represents the first German original series produced for Netflix.

Dark is not a show you can watch casually in the background!

Because of the time-travel aspect and it’s affect on the characters, you have to pay attention when you’re watching. Personally I love this aspect of the show – it’s definitely a thinking person’s kind of show.

Dark The Family Tree – Spoiler Alert

STOP READING or SKIP this section if you don’t want any potential spoilers.

The pic below is a “Family Tree” of the Dark Characters. Although you don’t necessarily need it to watch the show, if you get into the series, you’ll eventually find yourself wondering about the characters in their past, present, and future forms.

The Dark Wikipedia Page and the Dark Family Tree image below may be helpful to you…

Dark Family Tree

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