Minecraft Tips: More TNT Recipes | Let’s Make my Dad Explode!

10 NEW Minecraft TNT recipes that you can craft in Minecraft 1.14. Learn how to make Seismic TNT, Split TNT, Arctic TNT, Chain Reaction TNT, Nuclear TNT, and more.

“Hi, I’m Jax and today I’m using the More TNT datapack to see how many times I can blow up my dad. Which one is YOUR Fav TNT? Look below to see how you can play this data pack and get all the TNT crafting recipes in the vid.”

“Will my dad survive getting blown up? Who’ll win this challenge?”

Editor’s Note: This content is from my son Jackson’s YouTube Channel “Jackson’s Toy Box” – a family friendly gaming channel where Jax and his friends play games like Minecraft, Roblox, Lego games, and more. As you may recall, Jax & I previously wrote a book of Minecraft tips and with the re-emergence of Minecraft into popularity and the many life lessons the game provides, we’re pleased to be able to share Jax’s vids with you. Enjoy!

Minecraft More TNT Recipes Video

Minecraft MoreTNT Datapack Table of Contents for Video

Use these links to skip ahead in the video

  • Arctic TNT crafting recipe 01:25
    • Arctic TNT Explosion 02:15
  • Nether TNT crafting recipe 02:55
    • Nether TNT Explosion 03:29
  • Sponge TNT crafting recipe 03:51
    • Sponge TNT Explosion 05:04
    • #SavetheFish 05:20
  • Anvil TNT crafting recipe 05:55
    • Anvil TNT Explosions 06:40, 06:55, 07:12
    • #It’s raining anvils 07:15
  • Seismic TNT crafting recipe 08:00
    • Seismic TNT Explosions 08:20 & 08:40
    • #WatchDadExplode 08:25
  • Split TNTcrafting recipe 09:38
    • Split TNT Explosions 10:00 & 10:35
    • #DadCheats 10:25
  • Volcano TNT crafting recipe 11:20
    • Volcano TNT Explosion 11:45
    • #Return to Anvil Mt 11:45
    • Meet my Beloved Horse 12:05 -can you NAME HIM?
  • Chain Reaction TNT crafting recipe
    • 12:35 Chain TNT Explosion 13:42
    • #BestReaction 13:52 aka I blew up my horse by mistake 🙁
    • Meet my new horse and dog 14:00
  • Void TNT crafting recipe 14:30
    • Void TNT Explosion 15:35
    • #LifeLessons 15:40
    • LovingAnvilMt 16:33
  • Nuclear TNT explosion 16:45
    • Nuclear crafting recipe 17:25
    • #OMGNuclear 17:00
    • Mysterious Creeper 17:10
    • My new dog is on the nuclear bomb site! 17:35
    • Let’s explode 4 Nuclear TNT 17:42
    • #I’m about to die 17:53
    • The world explodes 18:00
    • What happened to my new dog? 18:17
    • The world on fire 18:25
  • Jax wins 18:35

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Hi, I’m Jax from Jackson’s Toy Box. Join the Fun here at the JTB Channel and watch my brother JeeHo and I talk about our favorite toys, play video games like Minecraft, Roblox, and TABS, and get into other hilarious hi-jinks. All our vids are family friendly.

More TNT Datapack Acknowledgements

  • Thanks to Minecraft expert for BlueCommander for creating this data pack. You can get the MoreTNT datapack on his site: https://bluecommand.weebly.com/more-tnt.html
    • Note: All instructions for using the datapack are in his video – it’s really easy to do (even my dad can do it and he’s a noob).
  • Shout to @LogDOTzip for playing this data pack too.
  • YouTube Royalty Free Music in this video: “Apprehensive at Best” by Biz Baz Studio

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