10 Tips for Hospital Sales Success

If you’re involved in hospital sales this article and video is for you. These 10 sales tips can help you CONSISTENTLY achieve your goals in hospital sales whether you sell specialty pharmaceuticals, medical devices, disposables, or capital equipment.

Michael Stoppa, MBA

Hi, I’m Michael Stoppa, AKA “That Helpful Dad” and I’ve worked in the pharma and medical device industry for nearly 16 years – with 10+ of those years spent in hospital sales. In spite of ever-increasing sales quotas, I’ve met or exceeded my goals 14 of 16 years, including 8 years in a row. These are the tips I’ve used and I’m sharing them with you so that YOU can achieve YOUR goals too. Good luck.

10 Tips for Hospital Sales Success – The Video

10 Tips for Hospital Sales Video Table of Contents:

  • 00:24 List of 10 Tips for Hospital Sales Success
  • 01:03 Why listen to me?
  • 01:40 Goals & Limitations of this presentation
  • 02:22 The importance of Compliance
  • 1. 03:10 Tip 1: KOL Relationship Building
  • 2. 09:03 Tip 2: Creating Effective Business Plans
  • 3. 14:40 Tip 3: Create Win-Win-Win Partnerships with Medical Directors
  • 4. 21:15 Tip 4: Harness the Power of Academic Centers
  • 5. 24:35 Tip 5: Understand the Power of the Hospital Staff
  • 6. 30:45 Tip 6: Follow Through on Your Promises
  • 7. 34:30 Tip 7: Develop Relationships with Everybody in the IDN
  • 8. 36:33 Tip 8: Be a Chameleon
  • 9. 39:50 Tip 9: Provide Value-Added Services
  • 10. 42:18 Tip 10: Use the Challenger Sales Method (Teach, Tailor, and Take Control) & Go Beyond for next level success

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