Keto Questions: What to Ask a Waiter When Dining Out

Are you planning to go to a restaurant in the evening? Wonderful! This guide will help you ask proper questions before ordering a delicious and nutritious keto dinner. 

These tips will help you in choosing the right meals before the first order. Whether you’re heading out to meet friends, dine with coworkers, or have a BBQ with family, we’ve got ideas for how to stay on a keto diet. In any restaurant, you can find and order low-carb meals. Try to follow our tips and learn everything you need to ask before in order to stay in ketosis.

Restaurant Meal

Plan ahead

Give up bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, choose starch-free dishes:

  • If you order a main course in a restaurant, you can ask a waiter to substitute starchy foods with salad or additional vegetables.
  • When ordering a sandwich or burger, ask for the salad to replace the bread bun. Maybe they have ezekiel bread keto.
  • If they refuse to make a replacement, choose another dish from the menu.

If your meal does contain starchy foods, you can do one of the following: leave the meal intact (if possible), or carefully separate the carbohydrates from the entire meal before you start eating.

If you feel uncomfortable and others (the waiter, friends, or colleagues) seem to be asking for an explanation, refer to stomach problems, food allergies, or a special diet. We often depend on others’ opinions and want to match our environment, but health should come first. Always choose the dishes you feel are right and do not give in to pressure from those who have accompanied you for lunch or dinner.

Add healthy fats

Dishes in a restaurant may contain a small amount of fat, in which case it will be challenging satisfying hunger without eating carbohydrates. Solve the problem by merely adding fat to the ordered food:

  • Ask a waiter for an extra serving of butter and add it to vegetables or meat.
  • Ask for olive oil and vinegar for salad dressings and meat dishes.
  • Some restaurants serve cheaper, highly processed vegetable oils instead of olive oil. They are rich in omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which can be discreetly overused. To avoid this, many experienced low-carb dieters bring a small bottle of olive oil to their restaurant and ask for change before order.
  • Ask for heavy cream for coffee or tea.
Restaurant Salad

Watch out for sauces and seasonings

Choose sauces carefully, such as Béarnaise, which are mostly fatty, while ketchup is primarily carbohydrates.

If you doubt the correct sauce, ask about the ingredients that make it up before you order anything. Avoid sauces that contain sugar, flour, or other starch thickeners. You can ask to serve the sauce separately to decide how much to add to your meal. You should learn detailed information on what spices, oils, and fats you can eat on a keto diet before order.

Choose your drinks with care

Water, soda, tea, or coffee can be ordered at the restaurant if you are on a keto diet.

If you want to order alcohol, then choose champagne, dry wine, or spirits, neat or with soda. Try to learn any guide to alcohol on keto, and you’ll find detailed information on low-carb alcoholic drinks.

Think about dessert

Are you still hungry? If not, enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea while others get down to dessert. If you go to a restaurant in the evening, you can order herbal tea or decaf coffee instead of coffee.

If you’re hungry and want something else to eat, ask for a cheese platter or berries with whipped cream. Add cream or butter to your coffee; this may be enough to satisfy your hunger.

Satisfy your hunger beforehand

Eat something fatty before placing an order. Nuts, olives, or cheese are good choices. You will stay full and can easily avoid eating high-carb meals that are served earlier than others. Having a pre-snack before an order will help you stay on top of your keto diet at the party.


Feel free to ask! If you haven’t found any items on the menu that fit the keto diet, feel free to improvise, and ask for something that fits into the low-carb diet. Focus on healthy foods you can enjoy – sustainable-seafood, salads, cold cuts, and vegetable platters. Be sure to add healthy fats to your meal: olive oil, butter, sour cream, and cheese. After eating delicious low-carb foods, cravings for high-carb, unhealthy foods will noticeably decrease.

Do you have your perfect restaurant keto food? Do you ask the waiter about the ingredients before ordering? We would love to hear about your experience!

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