Kamado Joe Accessories – 10 Best Accessories for your Kamado Joe!

Are you a Kamado Joe owner like me? Whether you’re a long-time owner of a KJ or a newbie, this article can help. We’ll discuss which accessories are the best to buy for your Kamado Joe and why. You’ll find reviews, tips, and recommendations for over 200 Kamado Joe accessories that will take your cooks to the next level. 

Kamado Joe Accessories – Top 10 List

There are 200+ recommended accessories for your Kamado Joe on this page, but if you don’t have time to read all the reviews, watch the vids, and fully engage with this page, then here’s a quick ‘Top 10’ List to get your started.

1-Kamado specific Cookbook

Don’t overlook this item if you are new to kamado cooking – there is a learning curve with your KJ and these two books are great ‘user manuals’ that will help you learn the craft faster.

Seriously if you only get 1 item from this entire page, get one of these books and read the section about ‘how to use a kamado’ so you can overcome the learning curve faster. The tips in these books are invaluable and I wish I would have read them when I first started. 

Here are 3 great kamado cookbooks to get you started:

2-Hand Protection

Your kamado will get HOT. You need hand protection!

This could be welding gloves or high heat rubber-style gloves. Here are a few to consider…

Shop our store to see more glove options.

3 – The JoeTisserie

Accept no substitute for the most awesome kamado rotisserie unit for your Kamado Joe – The JoeTisserie!

It add so much flexibility to your cooking repertoire – check out this video to learn more…

4- Kamado Pizza Accessories

Because you know you want to make pizzas in your KJ, right? Try one of these pizza stones or get the new Kamado Joe DoJoe to get a real wood-fired pizza oven experience!

Check out this vid to see the Kamado Joe DoJoe in action…

Here are some more pizza accessories to consider for your Kamado Joe…

5-Cast-iron Cookware.

Cast-iron + Kamado Joe = perfect match. 

The Kamado Joe cast iron inserts for your Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System are a great start. Other options are a dutch oven (with a wire handle for easier lifting) or highly functional plancha pan. 

Learn more about cast-iron under Cooking Surfaces below.

You’ll want to add these to your list…

  1. Kamado Joe Cast Iron Griddle
  2. Kamado Joe Cast Iron Grates
  3. Lodge Dutch Oven
  4. Lodge Plancha Pan

6-Good Remote Thermometer

As fun as it is to cook on the Kamado Joe nobody wants to sit by the fire all day. You want be with friends, drink a few brews, and relax without always wondering about the temps of your meats. Having a good remote thermometer allows you to do that. The top two brands (in my opinion) ThermoPro or Maverick. 

Ones I personally own are the ThermoPro TP20 and the Maverick ET732.

7-Electric Charcoal Lighter

Stop with the blow torches and the tumbleweed, just get an electric charcoal lighter – it’s easier. End of story. You’ll thank me for this one. Kamado Joe makes a good electric lighter and so does Grill Dome:

8-Ash Basket 

Why do you want an ash basket for your kamado?

Because it will increase your airflow and get more from your lump. The classic option is the Kick Ash Basket but Kamado Joe now has their own version too. 

9-Quality Lump Charcoal & Smoking Wood Chunks

No matter what accessories you buy for your Kamado Joe or how well you manage your fire, if you don’t have quality lump charcoal and/or quality smoking wood chunks to cook with, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. There’s nothing like doing everything right and then having the food taste bad because the lump charcoal you used was made with poor quality wood or too much of a particularly strong wood (like hickory). I’d recommend you buy good quality lump charcoal that has a mix of hardwoods that work with all types of foods for your basic cooks and then buy smoking wood chunks for particular flavor profiles you want to add in later (such as hickory for chicken, fruit woods for fish, etc). 

Lump Charcoal brands I like:

Smoking Wood Chunks to consider include:

10- Quality Grilling Basket

Do you need it?

I think so. Particularly when you get a grilling basket with a removable handle it allows you to turn fish, veggies, and delicate items easily – saving time, hassle, AND protecting your food. Here are a few I like…

Obviously you’re gonna need some quality meat and plenty of friends and family to enjoy your KJ cooks with, but for now these 10 “Must Have” accessories are the basics that will get you fast-tracked for success with your Kamado Joe. Once you have these in your arsenal, then move on to the full list below. 

THE FULL LIST – 200+ Best Accessories for your Kamado Joe

I. Cooking Surfaces

Before we get started on discussing the best cooking surfaces for Kamado Joe we’d be remiss if we didn’t pay homage to the fact that even though Kamado Joe wasn’t the first kamado to the party, KJ has revolutionized the kamado industry – not just with the quality of the Kamado Joe in general but with their continued commitment to INNOVATION. There is perhaps no greater example of this than Kamado Joe’s world-famous “Divide and Conquer” Flexible Cooking System. Since many of the cooking surfaces we’re about to recommend utilize the amazing Divide and Conquer system, let’s just make sure you understand the advantages it offers you…

A picture tells a 1,000 words in this case right?

You can use the Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System in your Kamado Joe to…

  • Cook High
  • Cook Low
  • Cook both Direct AND Indirect at the same time
  • And gain a world of flexibility.

And best of all the Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System comes standard in your new Kamado Joe! 

Now that we understand what the Divide and Conquer system is, let’s look at some great cooking surfaces that you can use in it…

Must Have Surface – Kamado Joe Cast Iron GRIDDLE

Why you need the Cast Iron Griddle.

The Kamado Joe Cast Iron Griddle is the #1 “Must Have” Cooking Surface according to most KJ Owners I’ve talked to and I would agree – it’s just so versatile.

Click Pic to check price on Amazon

Check out my full review to learn more about the Kamado Joe Cast Iron Griddle. Meanwhile doesn’t this vid look good?

If for some reason you want a stainless steel griddle, you do have an option – Little Griddle makes a nice half-moon griddle specifically for the Kamado. It’s super easy to clean and has a convenient grease trough. 

Regardless of what griddle you get, you’ll definitely want some griddle tools – Blackstone is the brand you want there and the Blackstone Signature Griddle tools are a great value. 

Nice to Have Surface – Kamado Joe Cast-Iron GRATES

Although the cast-iron griddle is very versatile and I believe should be your first ‘cast iron’ choice, the grates are also useful – you’ll allow more flames thru the grates vs the griddle and you’ll also get those beautiful grill marks too. For the money, the Kamado Joe Cast Iron grates are a good value. Here’s the latest Amazon pricing…

Kamado Joe Cast Iron

Chef’s Surface – Kamado Joe Soapstone Surface

Although I think it’s a nice to have item, others disagree. In fact, this is a bit of a controversial choice because many KJ owners on Facebook consider the Kamado Joe Soapstone cooking surface even more of a must-have than the cast iron griddle.  

The Kamado Joe Soapstone is great for cooking more delicate items like fish and veggies that you don’t want to use on a cedar plank or in a basket and Chef Eric Gephart with Kamado Joe the alleged master of cooking with surface.

Let’s see the Kamado Joe Soapstone in action…

Must-HAVE – The JoeTisserie

We already talked about the Kamado Joe JoeTisserie as one of your Top 10 Must Have items. 

Remember, the JoeTisserie will turn your kamado into a rotisserie-style cooker and take your Kamado Joe to the next level.

But the JoeTisserie is not just for cooking chicken, you can also use it for some great Brazilian-style steak, pork, and more.

Big Green Egg Owner? Have no fear, the JoeTisserie will work for you too!

Check out the versatility of the JoeTisserie…

Add a grilling basket to the JoeTisserie

Why? Because if you combo a quality grilling basket onto your JoeTisserie then you can cook chicken wings, veggies, and expand your game even further!

Here are a few rotisserie grilling basket attachments to consider…

II – Making wood-fired PIZZA on your Kamado Joe

One of my family and friends’ favorite things to make in our Kamado Joe is wood-fired pizzas. They’re fun to make, taste great, and easy to do. See for yourself…

So now that you’re ready to make some pies on your KJ, what are the best pizza accessories? Here’s a few to add to your shopping list:

And I highly recommend the cookbook “The Elements of Pizza” if you really want to learn how to make a great pie. 

III. Don’t Overlook these Helpful Items

A Good Dutch Oven for Your Kamado

Do you need it?

Definitely! With a Dutch Oven you can expand your recipe list extensively. BAKE and FRY to your heart’s content with a Dutch Oven in your Kamado. 

Yes I said FRY! You can do it safely if you follow the directions of Eric Mitchell in the Smoke it Like a Pro cookbook. 

There’s two dutch ovens I like best…

Both have the wire grip handle that makes it easier to manage on your KJ (in my opinion). 

A WOK for your Kamado?

Imagine being able to do  stir-fry’s and other wok-style cooking on your KJ!

You can do that with the Kamado Joe Wok – it’s big, heavy, and quality construction!

Doesn’t this cook look good? 

Kamado Joe Chicken Stand

If you like making ‘beer can’ chicken, this may be fore you.

FYI, lots of KJ Owners on FB don’t like this item and many do NOT think this is even a nice-to-have, but I really do like mine and thinks it’s a convenient way to cook beer can chicken.

Click here to see the Kamado Joe Chicken Stand on Amazon

Cedar Plank Cooking

You can’t go wrong with cooking fish on cedar plank in your Kamado Joe – but cedar can be used for veggies and meats too.

You’ll find a wide variety of 4-star rated cedar planks on this page.

Cooking and Drip Pans

An assortment of useful cooking pans that sit on the grates and/or fit into the Kamado Joe Accessory Rack. Item #1 (The Plancha) is super popular and highly useful.  

IV. Kamado Joe Accessories – BOOKS

There’s no denying that there IS a learning curve when it comes to kamado grill cooking. Do yourself a favor and don’t try to figure it all out on your own – you’ll just end up burning a lot of food and getting frustrated. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are a number of good books out there that can help you master kamado cooking and speed up your learning curve. Here are two of my favorites books – they provide some awesome kamado grill recipes as well as MANY helpful tips.

As I said above, the top two books you must get are…

Hot Coals and Smoke It Like a Pro are basically ‘user manuals’ for your kamado grill and that alone would be reason to purchase them. But on top of that, both of these books also have some great kamado recipes I use all the time. Can you say “Bonus!” 

These two titles are truly must-have books for all new kamado owners so be sure to pick them up.

Here are a few more kamado and smoking meat cookbooks – these are from the biggest names in the industry…

V. All about ASH BASKETS

What is an Ash Basket and why might you want one for your kamado?

An Ash Basket lets you simply lift out used charcoal and ash before every cook and it is reported to increase air flow around your lump charcoal.

When you use an ash basket you can dispose of ashes and be ready for your next cook in seconds—no muss, no fuss. Just lift the ash basket out and give it a few shakes in your grill or over a trash can (make sure the fire is completely out!), then set the ash basket back in place, add some fresh charcoal, and you’re ready to go in seconds.

Spaces between the ash basket’s rings allow the small particles to fall through when you shake the ashes out. You can start each cook with an ideal fuel load, whether you’re searing steaks or going low and slow. You get easier starts and more even burning for ultimate temperature control. 

The most popular choices for ash baskets are the Kick Ash Basket and the new Kamado Joe Ash Basket.

The Kick Ash Basket

The most popular Kamado Joe accessory that is not a cooking surface that’s recommended by Kamado Joe owners on Facebook is the Kick Ash Basket.

Click pic to check price on Amazon

The Kick Ash Basket’s wire construction also allows much freer airflow than the stock grate. Open up the vents and you can achieve high temperatures faster than you’ve been able to reach them before. Create perfectly-seared steaks and chops, incredible “brick oven” pizza, and more. You can use the Kick Ash Basket with or without your lower charcoal grate underneath it. If you travel with your grill for tailgating, competition or just showing off for Thanksgiving, it takes a long time for your cooker to cool down and prevents you from loading up the Kamado in your vehicle right away. The Kick Ash Basket lets you lift out the hot remaining charcoal and dispose of it properly.

Kamado Joe Ash Basket

Did you know Kamado Joe now makes it’s own stainless steel ash basket?

It’s pretty sweet and even has a divider in the middle AND it also hooks onto your Divide and Conquer Cooking System. Check it out…

Check out these pics of this new item courtesy of KJ Facebooker Brian Richardson…

VI. Temperature Controls, Thermometers, & Remote Temp Probes

The Kamado Joe iKamand Temperature Controller

The Kamado Joe iKamand is now available on our website LordoftheGrills and on Amazon.

A Remote Thermometer.

Grab a beer, watch the game, and relax – you can do all of that and more with a good remote thermometer – another must have accessory for kamado grills in my book.

Here are the two most popular choices are the ThermoPro TP20 and the Maverick ET732.

More Helpful Thermometers…

You’ll need a quality instant thermometer as well as a “Candy” thermometer if you want to monitor frying oils, etc. And don’t overlook the Temperature “Gun” for checking surfacetemps accurately on your grill cooking surfaces and so much more (I use it all the time).

VII. Tips for Charcoal, Fire Starters, Gloves, and more…

An Electric Charcoal Lighter

C’mon man, it’s just easier! Who wants to waste time and money trying to light your Kamado Joe? Not me, that’s why I consider an electric charcoal lighter to be a must-have kamado grill accessory. You have LOTS of other things to worry about – getting the fire started with your lump should not be one of them!

Quality Lump Charcoal

Personally I use the KJ-Char. Now I know there are a lot of charcoal options out there when it comes to kamado grilling and there’s even a list of quality options on the Naked Whiz Database, but for my money, I believe in the Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal brand – specifically the Big Block XL version. Why? Because not only is the bag filled with really big lumps of charcoal, but even more importantly, the type of wood used is a combination of various hardwoods so you get a great flavor but not an overpowering flavor. (If you’ve ever used lump charcoal that is primarily made with hickory then you know what I mean). The KJ-Char is great for kamado grill cooking because you can use it for all types of food – from pizza, to chicken, to beefs, to pork, and fish. It works for all of it and it compliments it all well. Using KJ-Char as your base also gives you the flexibility to then add your own wood chips to add additional specific flavors (cherry, pecan, apple, etc) depending on what you’re cooking.

Here are some options to consider…

Grilling GLOVES

Three good choices…

Shop our store to see more glove options.

VIII. What about a Custom Table?

Now if you’ve already put your Kamado Joe into a permanent place in your outdoor kitchen then just skip this part.

Sadly when I built my outdoor kitchen I didn’t take the builder’s advice and put in a kamado — then again he recommended a Big Green Egg so perhaps it’s good I waited?

Instead I put in a sink that I rarely use – boo hoo.

And a side-burner that I never use – boo hoo hoo!

But thankfully I did put in a fridge, it’s stocked with beer, and I use that ALL the time – whew!

So alas, my outdoor kitchen lacks a Kamado Joe station, but don’t feel too bad for me, I like to think my setup is still pretty sweet (anytime you can watch TV from the pool AND be grilling I call that a win)…

This was my setup before the KJ Table…


Assuming you don’t have the option to put in an outdoor kitchen (or you already built one like I did WITHOUT a KJ and you don’t want to modify it), AND assuming you don’t just want to keep your Kamado Joe in a nest, then there IS probably one more thing you’re gonna want pretty soon after you get your KJ.

Now if you are a handy man, there are lots of plans on the internet about how to make your own custom kamado grill table. Unfortunately I’m not crafty so I  purchased my table online. 

Here’s an article I wrote about the Best Kamado Grill Tables>>>

Don’t Forget the COVER…

BTW, if you want a COVER that will fit over BOTH the kamado grill AND the table, I found one of those too on Amazon:

(BTW if you shop around, you’ll see this is a great price for a heavy duty cover that is BIG ENOUGH to cover the table AND the KJ). 

For more kamado covers check out this page on LordoftheGrills.

Best Accessories for Kamado Joe – What do YOU Recommend?

Ok, friends, that’s my Top 10 List of Must-Have Accessories (and a few more) for your Kamado Joe, but what do YOU recommend? I’d be curious to know – is there anything I am overlooking? Drop you comments below and let me know. I’m always looking to up my game and appreciate the advice.
Here are some examples from my friends on Facebook in the Kamado Joe Grilling Group
Kamado Joe Accessories Courtesy of Lew Jansenkamado grill accessories Courtesy of BobandMilissa Keel

Wait, You Don’t Have a Kamado Joe Yet?

What are you waiting for, dude? If you are still not sure about the KJ, ready my article “Why I Chose the Kamado Joe” and then pick up the model that works best for you.

There’s never been a better time to buy a Kamado Joe – the release of the new Kamado Joe III that features the new SloRoller smoke chamber is a game changer. Buy yours today!

Kamado Joe III

This size is ideal for most people in my opinion, it also has the most accessories for best price.

Kamado Joe Classic III

Kamado Joe Big Joe III

If you entertain for large groups or have a big family the Big Joe is for you. But keep in mind that the accessories are 25-50% more in cost. 

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