Best Kamado Grill Tables

Best Kamado Grill Tables – Unless you built a custom kitchen and had a stand-alone kamado installed, I’m guessing that when you first bought your Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo, or similar kamado-style grill you probably got it ‘in the nest.’ That was fine for awhile, but now I’m guessing you’ve discovered the nest just doesn’t give you enough work space to grill like you want to. Am I right? You probably also want something that looks a bit cooler too. Are we on the same page yet? And maybe you want something that has a bottle opener so you can drink a few brews while you’re grillin’. Sound about right?

In short, you want a custom table for your kamado so you can go from this…

The nest is convenient but has no space

To this!

@ Posh Patios – Gotta love those waterfall additions!

OK, so maybe you don’t need the waterfalls, but you get the idea…

Why do you want a Kamado Grill Table?

A table for your kamado will give more space to cook, more space for your accessories, more space for everything!

We’re Here to Help

On this page we’re going to recommend kamado grill tables for every budget.

You don’t have to spend thousands to get a great table for your kamado – you just have to know what you want.

Here’s how we’re gonna break it down.

All of the tables on this page are high quality items, but there is one caveat…

Be sure that you confirm that the kamado you have (ex. Big Green Egg Large or Kamado Joe Big Joe II) will actually fit the table you order. You’ll usually see this in the product description or else in the Q&A with the manufacturer. It’s not hard to verify – just take the extra 5 minutes and do it so you can buy with confidence.

I. Best Kamado Tables for < $750

Let’s face it, owning a kamado and being able to afford all the accessories you want is enough to bankrupt anybody, right? So if money is a bit tight, you might think you can’t afford a kamado table – think again. Here are some great options for really affordable prices.

In fact, our #1 most-recommended option is actually in this price range!

If you want a metal or stainless steel cart…

If money is really tight, you might consider the Titan Great Outdoors kamado table – if your kamado fits, this could be a nice option to get more space. This table is made from aluminum.

Meanwhile, the Only Fire Stainless Steel Table Top Kamado Cart is a regular fan favorite – it fits a wide variety of standard size kamado’s (with the big exception of the post-2017 Kamado Joe’s that have the airlift hinge). Only Fire is a well-known BBQ grilling brand with a quality reputation for third-party grilling items. Check out the Only Fire Amazon Storefront here.

If you want a kamado grill table made from wood…

Most custom kamado grill tables are made from wood (usually cypress, pine, or cedar). Prices go way up depending on how you want to customize things, but for most people (especially if this is your first kamado table), we think the JJ George Kamado Tables are a cut above the rest. Most of the JJ George kamado tables are:

  1. Made from red cedar wood;
  2. Already coated with clear spar-urethane coat so they’re ready for years of outdoor use.
  3. Come equipped with caster/wheels so you can still move them around.
  4. Consistently highly rated on Amazon.
  5. Made in the USA

These 5 features are sometimes hard to find on kamado tables for twice the price – yet JJ George kamado tables include them standard. Better yet, JJ George has custom kamado tables pre-cut for most major kamado brands. And some of their tables even include a free cover – that’s about a $50-100 value depending on the size of the table and one less thing you have to worry about.

Because of all these features, we believe the JJ George Kamado Tables are the best value for most people who don’t need a lot of customizations.

Here are some examples our favorite JJ George kamado tables…

Click the pic to learn about the Big Green Egg Kamado Table by JJ George

Heck JJ George even makes a table for the Kamado Joe JUNIOR edition….

If you have a Kamado Joe Junior….

Kamado Joe Junior

Now you can finally have a custom table for your KJ Junior!

JJ George Kamado Joe Junior Cart

II. Best Kamado Tables for $750 – $1500

In this price range we’re now talking about tables that are sometimes more costly than the kamado grill itself. That’s a problem for most people, however if you have the money, the benefit of spending a bit more is you’ll usually be able to…

  1. Get more customization options (doors, handles, logos, inlays, etc)
  2. Get a larger size table
  3. Have a wider variety of woods to choose from.
  4. Have it delivered already fully-built.
  5. Get that bottle cap opener!

Up in this range, you may benefit from checking Etsy – you’ll find a lot of woodworkers there who are doing some cool things with kamado tables. The three big names on Etsy for kamado tables are RusticWoodWorx, Mr2WoodWorking, and McVeyMadeWoodWorx.

I’ve personally purchased from RusticWoodWorx and I can tell you they do quality work. Ask for Janet and tell them “Mike Stoppa sent you.” Here’s one of the tables they did for me…

kamado grill table from Etsy
Mike’s KJ Table

The great thing about buying on Etsy is that you can do LOTS of customization. The bad thing is that it will cost you quite a bit, it will take a bit of time, and you’ll also probably have to pay $200-500 in shipping or more. But, if you can afford it, you’ll likely love it.

Meanwhile, if you don’t need something quite as macked out as Etsy offered and/or you don’t want to wait a month to get it, then consider these options from Amazon…

If you want a Stainless Steel Table…

RMP has a couple in this category. They are as follows (with the main difference being the upper work space)…

They are the…

  1. RMP Universal Stainless Steel Cart for Kamado’s
  2. RMP Deluxe Stainless Steel Cart for Kamado’s

Alternatively, if you are looking for something a bit more permanent and perhaps designing a BBQ Island, you may want a kamado sleeve. If so, the Blaze Brand kamado sleeve is a quality option.

Blaze Kamado Sleeve

Blaze Kamado Sleeve

Or get the Blaze Kamado AND Table like this…

You can get the Blaze Stainless Steel table AND Blaze kamado

Or you could look at the 4 Life Outdoor Kamado Cabinet.

If you want a wooden kamado table…

I’d be checking Etsy for a wooden table because of the great variety in this price range, but here’s a few on Amazon too…

J S Designs makes a beautiful Big Green Egg Cabinet that includes a drop leaf shelf on the side.

Primo Grills makes a cypress counter top table perfect for oval kamado’s like the Primo’s.

III. Best Kamado Grill Tables > $1500

If you’re a big spender and/or want lots of customizations and/or you just have a larger grill (read Kamado Joe Big Joe, Big Green Egg XL, Kamado Kamodo, etc) then this is the category for you.

I’m going to again refer you to Etsy because you’ll find some great work in this price range, but if you wanna buy something faster here’s one from Amazon…

Castle Stove makes a fairly big stainless steel kamado table

Outside of that, if you’re going to spend this much money, you may want to just design an outdoor kitchen and/or island grill station. Check out our giant selection of Island Outdoor Kitchens here…

More Kamado Accessories

Well, that about wraps up this article. If there’s a custom kamado table we missed that YOU really like, let us know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, here’s a couple more articles you may enjoy…

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