Best Streaming TV Provider Sling, Hulu, YouTube TV, ATT TV Now, Fubo, Philo, Pluto

Which Streaming TV Provider is the best? We compare AT&T TV Now, Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, Philo TV, Pluto TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Amazon, & Netflix.

UPDATE: since this article was published there have been changes in the streaming tv app world so we have recorded a new video – you can watch the NEW VIDEO here or continue reading this article (the info is still valuable but may not be as current what’s in the new article).

Original Article…

Want to ditch cable tv and watch tv online? This article and video will help you. We’ll compare all the major streaming tv providers and talk about questions like:

  • What channel packages are available?
  • Is there a DVR?
  • Do they offer a Free Trial?
  • How many streams can you watch at once?
  • Do they have local news and sports?
  • Can you add on premium channels like HBO, Showtime, etc?
  • What about International programming?
  • We talk about all this and more!

That Helpful Dad

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Hi, I’m Mike, That Helpful Dad. I ditched cable a couple years ago and moved to watching TV online. My reviews and tips will help YOU learn how to stream tv online and save a lot of money. Enjoy!

Best Streaming TV Providers 2019-2020 Video

SKIP AHEAD in this video using this Table of contents:

  • 01:00 Website link for in-depth reviews of individual streaming apps:
  • 02:00 Article: Step-by-Step Guide to Watching TV Online WITHOUT Cable
  • 02:40 AT&T TV Now Review
  • 07:30 FuboTV Review
  • 10:30 Hulu with Live TV Review
  • 13:11 Article: 10 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Cut The Cord
  • 14:14 Philo TV Review
  • 15:00 PlayStation Vue Eulogy
  • 15:50 Pluto TV Review
  • 18:09 Roku Channel Review
  • 19:04 Sling TV Review
  • 23:30 YouTube TV Review
  • 26:15 Amazon Prime Video CHANNELS
  • 27:30 Netflix Review

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6 thoughts on “Best Streaming TV Provider Sling, Hulu, YouTube TV, ATT TV Now, Fubo, Philo, Pluto”

  1. Sounds great! My 80-yr old brain must ask…..what is meant 3 streams at once AND if I watch on another tv in another room must I have a Firestick on it to watch my programs while hubby watched his????

    • great question. So 3 streams at once means that 3 people in your house could all be watching different shows on different devices/tv at the same time. If u are watching from a tv, then you would either need to have the tv itself be a ‘smart’ tv that can download the streaming app you want to watch (for example Sling TV app) or you would need a device (like your firestick) on each tv. Initially that may sound like a bad deal but remember you only have to buy the firestick ONE time whereas with cable you are paying to rent a cable box for each tv every month. Does this help answer your questions?

  2. what do you recommend is closest to PlayStation vue. I loved the interface and price plus the channels. let me know. (must have fox news) thank you

    • It’s a great question, Patty.
      If you like PS Vue b/c of the ability to customize your plan…
      AND you like local channels, then go with ATT TV Now – it’s the most expensive but most similar to PS Vue
      AND you don’t care about locals, then go with Sling.

      If you don’t care about choosing between different plans, then go with YouTUbe TV – it’s got a lot of nice features and all the locals (in my area at least).

      Let me know what you decide. Good luck

  3. where is the spreadsheet with the streaming providers and channel lineups?

    • Hi, Michael, great to hear from you.
      you can get the cord cutting chart and step-by-step guide to cutting cord as free downloads when you subscribe to my free weekly email list.
      A signup link is on the top of my home page: where it says ‘download your free gifts”
      Enter your email and you’ll get a link to that page.
      Give it a shot and let me know if you have any troubles.

      Always glad to help.
      That Helpful Dad


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