Best Computer Google Pixelbook |2020 Editor’s Choice Award

It’s time for our next edition of That Helpful Dad’s Editor’s Choice Awards! Today’s category is best computer and the winner is the Google Pixelbook. In this article I’ll tell you why I chose the Google Pixelbook and give you a few more tips.

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Mike, That Helpful Dad

Hi, I’m Mike, That Helpful Dad. As noted in my Trust Guarantee, when you see a product mentioned on my site, please know that these are products that I personally use and enjoy (many of them are ones I use every single day). I’m sharing them with you because they make a positive difference in my life and I’m hoping they will help YOU live a better life too! Additionally, Editor’s Choice Award winners are not necessarily newly released products and some of them have received awards from us in the past, however they are on our list today because we firmly believe these particular products are the BEST products in their class and so long as they remain the best we will continue to recognize them for their efforts.

Best Computer – Google Pixelbook

Why did it win?

I’ve written about Chromebooks in the past and in that article I talked extensively about the many benefits of the Google Pixelbook, including it being lightning fast, lightweight, not full of bloatware, always up to date, and more.

Nothing has changed since I wrote that article – I still use my Google Pixelbook every day.

In a house full of far more expensive PC’s and Macs, the Google Pixelbook remains my Go-To Laptop of choice – by far!

Pixelbook GIF

The Pixelbook is ultra fast, has a battery that lasts all day, is super light weight, and is high powered enough to replace most any laptop. I use my Pixelbook every day to manage 4 blogs, my numerous YouTube channels, and run my sales business. See the full specs here.

For the money, I firmly believe the Google Pixelbook offers the best value for a laptop today. Do yourself a favor and check them out on Amazon or visit a Best Buy and play around with some – I think you’ll like what you find.

Want Another Tip?

Best Gaming Monitor: ASUS ROG Strix 27” Curved Gaming Monitor

Once you try a larger monitor you will never go back! The ASUS Rog 27″ is the perfect size for me – not just for gaming but even more for PRODUCTIVITY – it easily allows me to keep 2+ BIG windows open at a time and do work reports, write my books, record vids while seeing my script, podcast, etc, etc. Best of all it’s a GREAT PRICE too – See it on Amazon.

Best Gaming PC Maker: CyberPowerPC Custom Computers

When my boys and I wanted a new gaming computer to play STEAM and Minecraft games I happened to come across a promotion from CyberPowerPC – the ability to customize a new PC AND get it for a great price was unbeatable. The only problem is that my 5-year JeeHo has claimed this ‘powerful computer’ as his own! Visit CyberPowerPC to learn more.

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