Foto Friday Quiz – What Am I?

It’s Foto Friday again and today I’ve got a quiz to toss your way: do you know what this is a picture of?

I’ll be impressed if you can guess this one without any hints.

Go ahead, give it a try…

Need some help?

Here are a few hints:

  1. This pic was taken in the same country as last week’s Foto Friday.
  2. These pots are used to make a special kind of food.
  3. The food ferments in these pots – sometimes for months.
  4. The food product is often spicy.
  5. The food is considered a superfood – especially in certain Asian countries where it’s used as a condiment with almost every meal.
  6. The primary ingredients are cabbage and mix of garlic, salt, vinegar, chile peppers.
  7. Both the food and the country where this pic was taken begin with a “K.”

Think you know it?

And the answer is…
It’s a pic of Kimchi Pots!

How did you do on the quiz?
It was a tough one. If you got it, I”m impressed. If you missed it, try again next time.

Did you know?

Travel to Korea and you’ll see kimchi pots quite often. The pic above was taken during one of my visits to the ancient ‘palaces’ of Seoul, but here’s another pic that I snapped of some kimchi pots on the roof of an apartment building.

Koreans love their kimchi and I have to say that a good kimchi does wonders for the digestive system- spend a week in South Korea eating this stuff and you’ll feel energized and ready to take on the world. If you get the chance, try some good kimchi today — you’ll be glad you did!

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Let’s talk again soon!

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