How to Get What You Want in Life, Sales, and even the Dog World?

The Power of Persistence You can get what you want in life if you understand the Power of Persistence. Using the Power of Persistence is not hard — it starts with this simple formula:  ASK for what you want and don’t stop asking until you get it! In this article we’ll discuss tips and strategies … Read more

How to Make Homemade Dog Food – Recipe and Tips

Homemade Dog Food – It’s Not Hard If you’re like me, you love your pets like a member of the family. You want them to have only the best in their lives and that means you want them to have the best diet too, right? So why buy store bought dog food that sits on the … Read more

The Wisdom of Woof

The Wisdom of Woof teaches us that everything we need to know about life we can learn from our dogs. Meet Bella. Bella is a passionate Yorkie with more personality than she knows what to do with! We call her “The Commander” around the Helpful Dad house because Bella is always trying to orchestrate events … Read more